Sunday, December 30, 2007

A yummy treat! :D

-Peace, serenity, as he rest in the bus , the calmness in his heart to rest-

Just like us, we can be calm, we seek refuge with the Lord, ALways going back to him as your source...Thank GOd for moments like these(:
Having many things to juggle is challenging, sometimes stressful, I am going to do this not by myself, I will look to him for widsom as I do my daily things..

WE had dinner at Phebe's house, Thank the Yankaya family, Eoin, Phebe, Shadrach for hosting us
My Bro, Joel trying to eat the chilli crab, good effort, he's trying to crack the shell open, and kinda squirted the juices all over the place:P

After the dinner, packing up, 4 people gathered at the mahjong table to exercise their fingers...
-Yankaya Jr watching attentively, a pro in the making, out to beat my bro!:P-

-My Bro, Joel is Mahjong pro, cos you see he does things like these...
The 13th Wonder, shi san yao,, i'll just stand there and watch today(:-

And i have signed up for GEN 12 2008, I pray that GOd use me in his way that i will follow, Do I go to an overseas community project?or the local one?

Thank God for this day that we could fellowship and enjoy(:

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rejoice in all circumstances!

How true...In good times, Of course! What about the not so good times?the harder times?

When you fall down and only your left side is hurt, leaving your right side of your body functioning quite when you are 2 weeks from competition, Wow....God's GOod

When things don't go so well..God's still Good, better still he becomes your comfort(:

I almost signed up GEN 12, missions projects organised by Campus crusade just now.
as i read the whole form, i saw the last question,
"How did God lead you to sign up for this project?"
Wow, it's not Me who's going, i partner with GOD, Amen(:
Asked Ron, Docras
(1)Fun wasn't my 1st priority,(2) To bless the children that I meet, (3)to share the GOspel, that there's this person who really loves you and he's Jesus, (4)thinking of signing up to go malaysia, cos it' our neighbour, I didn't feel the need to go so far away, cos poeple who live quite near have not heared of it yet! "Your will to serve GOD" as shared by Docras, thank you oh Queen:D

Docras moves on to say, "He's brought you so far!"How true, this year has been a great year!tonight's not the night yet, for i have more pressing issues, my homework!

May everyone have a great holiday as we share this time with people close to our hearts! Take care(:

Friday, December 28, 2007


"I can do greatly more through HIM"....which part of the bible?I think it's 1st TIM thats' right...I ahve this thing with FOCUSING !oh my,...learning to be better at it...I pray for strength, courage and wisdom as I walk daily, looking to him as my listener, comfort...shall make an effort to focus, and a treat to trat myself is that dinner at Phebe's place on saturday for cell, for new year celebrations!:D

Just learnt this icon..makes me smilee more too:D

have a great day! and happy holidays to all!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas hapenings

Wow, I had this Conversation with my friend, i should say childhood friend, Bernice, well she's at Pasir Panjang Church of Christ now..reminise the time Josh, Li Min, Bernice and I were in teh class and the 'vampire' games that we play in the dark with josh being vampire...
I'm really confused by the deep thought that she shared with me about the whole thing about Christmas....Pray for wisdom as I ask GOd the questions in my heart about Christmas, that i speak to him and he will also speak to me(:

Couldn't wake up this morning to accompany my mum to the market, slept too late while trying to connect with Bernice on the discussion of Christmas, It's like I know what i want to tell her, but when i comes to explaining, I struggle a little. Had like lots of help from my friends, Ron, Veron, Henry...

After watching the final performance at the Fullerton hotel by Han and the Hwa Chong voices...Went for lunch at Swesens!Than you Phebe for blessing us with a great lunch!(:
I still owe her 2 cards!

Discussed things to be done for the year 2008 for children's worship, Listening to the goals, dreams, determination in the faces, I will do my best to lead and bless the children that we are teaching!(:

went on to pack the youth class, primarily was to pack music scores. My role as librarian not doing very well, haha...Thank God for people like Joel my younger bro, JOsh & Eoin who were all sorting out scores from those that we deemed rough paper...

Had dinner, steam boat! and the honour to have guest over at my house- Joshua, Shadrach, Phebe, Eoin....with Joshua eating 3 1/2 bowls of rice!

It was a great Christmas, with evening chats on MSN that were good time to fellewoship with brothers and sisters?(:

Thank God for the experience that i have in LIFE!

"you are child like, you have actually a lot of wisdom" an encouragement from my mentor(:


merry Christmas to all fore(for) Jesus was born!

It's Christmas Day...I went for 2 parties, One at the childcare centre-The Caterpillar's Cove & the other at Constance's church..

It was a great time interacting with the teachers, staff from RTRC to bond. we had this game " do yo love your neighbour?" simply hilarious if you said yes, people that are standing next to you will have to exchange places. During that ordeal, the person who was asking you that question in the middle of the circle will attempt to squeeze him/herself in so to sabotage the people who are swoping out of their places. An even higher level was if you said 'no!',which most did to make the game more interesting, the next question will be "then who's partner do you love?" then you mention someone's name and the 2 people standing beside that person will run over to your side and stand beside you and vice-versa, person will be attempting to squeeze in and sabotage the people exchanging!

and then we had to dramatise christmas songs. group that took '12 days of Christmas was hilarious' with "and the patriarch in a pear tree" with the principal,, carrying a board with a drawing of that, running up and down....

At constance's church party, there were games, the emcees were trying their best to crack jokes, which I think they did put in effort, haha....there was this slogan that they spray-painted with the snow effect thing on the mirror, "JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON". How true

The sermon, this guy called Pastor Glenn shared his testimony, about the purpose of christmas...that with the glitz and glamour of presents, why did we celebrate his birth? It was God's Grace, as he grew up, led a blameless life and died for our sins to redeem us.
How wonderful is he(:

Went to attend a carolling session at the Fullerton hotel where HAN was performing. Very blessed by the singing, makes me want to do better in choir and also understand why Han gets pissed at us during choir. Their 1st piece, joy to the World, made me jumped a little, the 'JOY" had this 'uhm' in it that made me jump/startle a!
The next few sets of songs were wonderful notes, her conductors funny, with smiley face on the performing scene, she actually changes expression as soon as she was away from the public eye for a while..haha, i manage to witness that after the testimonies from Han about that experience of which i always asked and wonder of.

Cool Quote from ym friend Henry:
Remember we are celebrating Christmas. Not Xmas

remind your frenz. not let them cross out jesus in the season

how wise my friend henry, Thank GOd for this brother of mine(:

Monday, December 24, 2007


A time to spread Joy and encouragement to all that are close and not that close to you...

Wow, apart from the presents that people have blessed me with-Thank you everyone at church who gave me a something to bless me even more greatly..

Joshua, Eoin, Phebe, Shadrach, Tab, Beverly, Han, Xiang, Yao, Kun, Cailin...I think i did not forget anyone...oh and there was sparkling wine where everyone had a great time 'yum-seng'ing! It really needs stamina to do that!

Besides the presents, shops having sales, What was actually the real meaning of Christmas? On this day, Jesus, a King, God sent his son to Earth to be born with Mary who was virgin at that point in time, and gonna married to Joseph. He was born in manger cos there was no room in the rest house in Bethlehem. Wow, a King to be born in the manger? How unfit it was for the King, but that was not the point. The point was that he was born and he gave us a gift, free for us, Salvation....Thank God(:

As we celebrate with Food, joy, laughter, It is in hope that we really draw out the very true, at it's origins of the point of Christmas!God bless!(:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am never alone-Young People's camp 2007 (PART 1)

WOW, i'm back from camp! and family chalet that my mum's side has every year...I can't really find my camera, but its' ok, make do with the best in every situation.

The morning of 14th dec started out quite well, I manage to wake up to sent my brothers off to camp.Belssing 1 of the day

In my heart I was having this conflict between going in the morning and going in the evening. Morning I go, there will be more time to interact with campers and not missing the afternoon of ice-breakers and evening lesson BUT there was the possibility of meeting for project.
My mistake, I did not confirm the night before...So i messaged Farhana, my classmate that morning to ask about the details of when and where we will be meeting. After I reached home shortly, Thank God she woke up to reply, there was NO meeting that day, means i will be kinda free and also not doing anything for school.

I called Phebe to check if i can squeeze into the with Eoin, herself, Shadrach and my brother,and also which i managed to cos they had to wait at the Immigrations and checkpoints Authority(ICA) to get joel's new passport before setting off to Seremban. blessing 2 of the day

Thank GOd for safe trip there and back-blessing 3

As i get really excited and overly enthusiastic at camps and from past experiences, I feel disappoint at camp cos of expectations. I remind myself to manage my expectations so I that i focus on the right things with right attitudes.

I shall continue with part 2 soon! I better rest because i want to adopt a healthier lifestyle with time management, something that I got reminded of on thursday having ice-cream(:

Merry Christmas Eve to all!(:
IT's one of the more special ocassions to tell the people you love and care for how much you appreciate them(:

Friday, December 14, 2007

Are you late today?:P

Yesterday was the last lecture for the year 2007!yay!Really Thank God for the week, Thank him for his strength, his wisdom, his love, his blessing that most classes start at 11am(:
Will be leaving for The Young People's Camp 2007 in Seremban, themed
" I am never alone"
May everyone have a great weekend as you are blessed with the weeekends to rest, to play, to hav fun!

Are you late today?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Work/ Rest/celebrate

Happy Birthday to Xiang, Han & TAB! to people in december!(:
To the someone who bought the cake, Thank you!It's a really yummy cake(:
-the 3 birthday ladies-

-From a friend a.k.a mum, Cheryl, from mission trip-
-looks quite at rest!:P-

":Dput it this way.u are abviously occupied,men weren't created to be superhumans who don't need rest.u're still going why feel bad about it?"

How true it is...just a snippet of what's I will be focused to do this week...there are many things to accomplish. My strength will never enough to do all the work, With so much I do so much, with God's strength, i do much more! After putting in effort, I will rest(:

Pray that as this week goes and nearing the Young People's camp, I will be focused and do my best in everything that i do! That God strengthen me with his wisdom and courage(:

May everyone be a light to others as they walk daily with GOD..Take care everyone..Have a blessed week

Friday, December 7, 2007


RED BUll gives you's a different one, cos this is made in as the lady said

Daniel, Mr woon, had too many at one time...into his 3rd bottle!

Going back for more?

what makes a person go back for more?not only red bull, thinking in terms of objects in the person's life, experiences ...

Thank God for the different experiences that he bless me with..
May everyone have the strength and courage as we walk with him. Sometimes, there are sad experiences, for a depend on HIM(:

Monday, December 3, 2007

Great Bible Reef_Vaction Bible School (30thNov- 1st Dec)

Here we are at teh Great Bible Reef, with ym sisters and brothers and the new friends that i'll meet, where Jesus Loves all of us as we love each other it's a G-R-E-A-T...B-I-B-L-E..
Great Bible!(:
Joel the song master, so now it's games time, he's free to cover anywhere he needs to be, so he joined the children who were 9-10 years old, the caring crabs!my group for 1/2 a day!

Say cheese!

what do you call this game? it had something to do with trust, caring for others...Naty and Sean partnered with Joel my 2nd brother who was walking around...i enjoy taking the pictures..

So now we switch roles, blindfolded person is now the i just had to take this shot after role reversal, it's only fair and it's really fun when you do this comparison of the 2 pictures...

Helping one another..
These games really build people up, simple but good and meaningful...every child tries really hard to make sure his/her friend don't get hurt and also to make it to the end....

Spectacles galore!haha..Buy 1 get one free1
when the children are blindfolded, as you see, many children watch too much TV, play too much computer, gameboy, PSP, Nitendo DS, name it they have it!..well, i think girls is more of reading too many books and the TV...haha, these specs were the girls, not many guys wearing specs in this group..
well, the guys were after this picture, I think they can be more participative, everytime girls are in front, then these boys grow up not taking initiative in daily activities that actually need their initiative...I see the need, no wonder more males for teachers and mentors(:

more happy faces!(:
I love this picture....They go well together, haha..okok, shall not matchmake children at such a tender young age...but they are so comfortable with one another, good buddies!hao peng you,haha..
I have more pictures!that's in uncle Alan's camera to share, from a DSLR!cool That's one thing i want!not a need?heh
I really enjoyed myself at VBS, though i went there on the 2nd day which was the 1/2 day only, now i really know why children's lives are transformed. I could see children singing after songs sooo well, just 2 days(not to forget the worship on sundays)
The food was great, I would have put on weight if i was there for the 2 days..haha& Joel said we should stay over at church...I was like that will be cool!(wonder what my mum says about this?haha
Thank God for being able to see the wonderful work that the childrne's ministry is doing(:
VBS 2008 anyone? Hearing people asking about it already!(:

Friday, November 30, 2007

Encouragement from a friend

"Hey jacob,may you con't to search and find out more abt God(:press on in finding out e answers to ur questions!"

This was a text message my friend, Sin Yi gave me...was like thinking about How we function and in relation to GOD. Questioned like "prayer being something that psychologically psyched you up?"
Well, i have worried in vain..God's still there to guide me(:
Have been asking GOd to guide me, to listen to him...What is prayer? have been learning to pray at every opporunity and keeping faithful to the pryaer, as in closing in, cos i have this tendency to doze into sleep during prayer before sleeping and while walking or on the bus praying, i get distracted..perhaps i allow it to distract me.(:

Thank God for prayer to seek him(:

Thursday, November 29, 2007

happy Birthday Jacob! part 1

This is one of the cakes that i had, from, the rum in this is high, I love it, Eoin and Phebe cited taht this is an Adult's birthday cake, that's why, well 18 already so yea,cool...haha Glad that eveyrone could share it and enjoy the taste(:
some of the messages who were sent by sms
Heyzslamat hari jadi! Semoga sukses slalu. Kamu istimewa! happy bdae boy!

It means all d best in ur future endevours. ure special n im glad our path crossed!happy bdae

"Happy birthday jacob korkor!(:
-Wynne MeiMei, My dear little cousin-

Blessed bday jacob biscuit!
-sin yi-

HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY Mr big w___! MAy u grow in stature n favour of the Lord n man...N children :)

Sheng ri kuai le PUTTU! Xi wang ni de wei lai neng dai ge ni kuai lexin fu! Don't pray pray ah. My mandrain damn pro =? HAHAHAHAHA
-1 piece...Yummy!-
There was Reuben, Yong Zheng, Tiac Woo, Azhar,Geraldine, Farahana, yenyi, My class of BO1, who else ar...I thank God for the people that he has placed in my life, not jsut because they wished happy birthday, but for who they are(:
I'm 19 already...haha, children at church calling me uncle Jacob, i'm fine with that.Enjoy te previlage to be their uncle that they can look up to(:
Anyone to call me Jacob korkor?haha

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Lord my Sherpherd

We were suppose to have cell group on saturday as usual...turns out josh messaged that we will proceed for Uncle Micheal's dad's funeral mind was like "why not?"

It's a little inappropriate for me, cos i was in like shorts, and a green shirt that remined people aobut cambodia having land mines..Of course you go there not to be concern about's to support the family, to gather as God' family and strengthen everyone..God use the weak to lead the strong, and Jesus comforts the weak too(:

Psalms 23 : The Lord's my sherpherd....

SAng and read it the song, these words are really meaningful..Thank GOd for his wise words..Speaking to people through his word

It was encouraging to hear the daughter, Sam and the daughter, Veronica sharing about their dad's life..I mean it's really brave to stand their and speak and keep your composure in front of people..he was person who sold bread at Hong Lim Park, waking up at 3am(which i think most people just goes to sleep) and sold till about 10 am before going home to rest...saving up money to start is own small business in dentistry...and saving up more money to buy a nice house...which he sold to let the daughter to go for further study..WOW, what an advocate for my Maternal side, where my Big Aunt went to take her degree in something that had to do with chemistry i think...I think they braved away from social stigma of females not able to go school, let alone till university...Taught me about being thankful for the opportunity to study! and the courage for the son, Sam to share his faith with the dad, i mean that's brave right...he said ," I mean, you want your love ones to join you in heaven right?" Yeah, you want the people that you love, care for, treasure to believe and be saved right?
Do we have to be afraid?NO!

Well, I also learnt and got reminded, why do people wait till the person leave the world and then you tell the person?Well, my mum says "then what do you call a memorial service for?" Cos i watched Tuesdays with Morrie...reminded me of his 'Live Funeral' before he got worse.
We need not wait for people to be going home to the Lord then we start to think about the nice things he/ she does...we can do it now(:

Well the wife, Ah MA, which i usually call grandmas that, she was a nice ah ma(:
i think she wil be quite sad,Your spouse, life partner for i think it was 66 years! i went over to talk to her, in my own Jaocb way, which was to take the sweet and give one to her, then just sit there and listen to her..well half of the time I'm like trying to understand what she's trying to say...I think Pamela said she's hainaniness....which i don't speak..and you know older generation, they can speak everything and anything, from hokkien, teochew(which i'm suppose to learn more,haha),malay, cantonese..hmm oh, chinese!

i think she was trying to speak hokkien, until she asked me waht dialect group i'm from..."wa xi teo chew nang" means 'I'm Teochew"
You teochew?nowadays young people can't speak ar!"
"yaaa, learning learning"
The conversation of chinese, teochew, hokien..Ah Ma's trying to impress me that most of her granchildren are in University, with Pamela observing how I use broken dialect and with my 'orrhh's and '"what did you say?"...I had a good laugh..haha(:

Which i have been, my paternal ah ma like going to go/:Should learn more and talk to her in that, sharing with her the good news?

It took place when Amanda just left for AME. Personally, I would be like scratching my head ovre this one...How will I react?Well , the decision lies in the heart, God speaks to your heart(:

Thank God for the Time spent to bless people and be blessed(:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

22 November 2007

-Gieraffas Glore!-
My classmate YuPei had a gieraffe!haha, this shirt is really quite appropriate I must say...
oh my i don't kno how to spell that animal!haha, anyone to help me?

I think i should be more off the internet(which i did!) Thank God for that. AM learning to focus better, me and getting distracted,haha..

Oh my my wrist hurts, was like loosening the joint, left side is silent, but the other I hear the sounds of me loosening the joints. Ouch,..hmm, need to look after it more, msut the way i rest the wrist while on the computer/:

-Learning early to drive a car!-
Shadrach's like sick too...haha he's like 10 months...shall read up on my infant/toddler book with insights from this lady called Magda Gerber. He's like 10 months old!so fast...Thank God for thsi marvellous creation and gift (:

Another great day that I had...I have a sister that just went to Cambodia,so exciting, and all the people that you meet when you are there! sorbets at the soup dragon, blue pumpkin bread, Fruit shakes from the stall, I ahve this favourite one that i went every night with the peeps at night(:

Received an email about someone's dad's sister's grandpa, remineded that I hve my ah mas and a grand dad...Should spend time with them..Should i one thing, are you willing?

Thank God for teh reminder..Praying!(:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November the 21st 2007

Today Daniel(Mr Woon), Farhana, Sarah and Mornique and myslef, helped out at the Red Camp for the seondary school people. Sure had fun laughing at Daniel's never ending antics that make everyone laugh...Peach tea, 2 for 2 dollars, looked out for the sale of that. Drank mine, nice, but i had to make this accident of drinking farhana's,'s like i drank it, i tasted peach tea, with my mind saying, wait a minute, this is not mine..oops,yep:p

KFC for lunch...FastFood has that salty taste that numbs my tongues, that tells me that the food seem to be salt fortified! Still have to Thank God for the food, not everyone gets to eat food yea(:
Well i went back to the stall that I got some free food,
Not more food, but to eat the tasty "lei cha fan" a.k.a grain tea rice.

Aunty not there, there's the son at the left hand side, with his son i think somewhere, whom is very fillial too-

- now you see it-

- now you don't:) -

These are yesterday, cos it's like 2am approaching 3am in the morning...oops

My Dear friend and friends should be sleeping...after a long day in Cambodia! Great to see that everyone is enjoying, blessing others, and being blessed by them(:

I Thank God for the time I had with the children from the Cove, they remembered my name!really touches my heart when someone remembers your name...

And i now have not 1, not 2 but 3 daughters!haha...Amazing, was like talking to this girl from P6, she's like going to receive her results today, so nervous, then i was there like an uncle, reminding her to sleep, to rest and felt that I, a christian should pray for people...the easiest and most meaningful way of helping she was like i sound like a dad, and many dads which she has in church, its' like people taht she look up to. cool, so i became daddy,dad, 'biscuit dad' i think...Cheeky people sia..alright. Another blessed day(:

I Thank God for his wisdom, his peace, his love (:

Listening to the Lord (Part 2)

What is God speaking to me? how do i listen?
How do I reflect?Hmmm...I think it was a honest and appreciated reply..I Thank God for that(: while walking there yesterday(not this picture,haha), I prayed, and I kinda walked away from the wrong direction and walked on the right road while doing that, amazing. Amazing(:

Well, My friend has gone on a trip to be used as a blessing to other people(:
When you do tht, usually the people that you were suppose to bless, returns you with an even greater blessing,Wow!
Take Care friend and the friends! God's gonna use everyone as an instrument to bless others.

Listening to the Lord

Today's 21th November, well yesterday early morning, this group of young people from the churches of Christ left for a 2 week Asian Mission Exposure cool, well, I can't go for such a trip now cos this is not the time. But I always get excited when people fly off, especially to the Asian countries.Hope I can go up and experience what many have always talked about when they return.It's ok..Perhaps next year after my school ends and I re-take my napfa to not go into the army too early!haha

I want to be reminded of God's blessing(:
As I made up my mind to get dinner from the stall at the cofffee shop, a serving of "grain-tea" rice or "Lei-cha Fan", which is really nice, with a bowl of tea soup with other ingredients, i think.acquired taste for mayn people..

So i went up, asked her, hmmm,apparently she is about to, opps alittle too late.."arhh?mai wan le ar?" (means ahh?all sold for the night?)
so i saw 2 styrofoam boxes on the table near her stall, so i pointed there and in my broken chinese..this is how the rest follows.....

ME: Pointing to the 2 boxes, is that for sale?how much for that?
Aunty: the reply was, "well, you needed to pay jsut now, but now i offer it to you free"

Wow!I kinda was very nice of her,
I mean i got to pay right?
Me: "I insist on paying"
Aunty: "When you come tomrrow morning, I will tell you how much it cost."
"it's ok, please accept it, added her fillial son.

Went back and cooked it a little while more...oh, it's not something on her daily menu...
just leftover ingredienst aht she cooked with some egg and lots of garlic..The taste is alright i must say, But the taste wasn't the thing.
It was the act of giving...Wow, feel so blessed(:

ehh, this is a late picture of my ah ma's birthday!Shall post this 1st, will make time during this week to do the rest!
Tall, Taller, Tallest! And my Dear Ah Ma from Ang Mo Kio(:

Friday, November 2, 2007

Work Attachment: ( Monday - Next Wed)

1st day;
We had the most boring-ever briefing which lasted for an hour about the company! Man.. and we signed a contract which had many many words and conditions, but the bottomline is that we aren't supposed to reveal any confidential info. Hahaha, luckily I'm not a blabbermouth. Then, I got shipped off to the lib and it's such a sucky job. :( Okay, all I did that day was 'familiarising' myself with the books (wow), and possibly breathing in most of the dust in the room. Worst of all, lunchtime is 1-2, which is pretty crazy considering that I get hungry all the time. Sigh, but good thing we can bring our own stuff to eat anytime (:
My workplace is pretty cool actually, cos of the wonderful view of Shenton! Hahaha, which are high rise buildings and the blue blue sky.

2nd day;
I re-arranged all the books, ticked off the present books, coughed a whole lot, got hungry and ended the day with a 'high note'. :(
Hahaha, I hate my working hours, really LONG. Of course, the worst part is that I don't even get paid, fricking paid! How bad is that.
Oh and the chief executive visited me! How cool is that (:
He's apparantly the boss there? yup, should be. He was awfully nice.

3rd day;
Today, my supervisor treated me to sakae sushi and yami yoghurt! woahhh, my fave treat ever.
(: but the texture wasn't good at all. Nov yami yog's the best! Hahaha, I visited my friend at the hotel and we didn't listen to the conference at all and I ate alot alot during teatime! :D

4th day;
I must say today was FUN. I went all around collecting books and I found out that this person working there was one of the parents helping out at the games stall during the mgfunfair. How cool is that! && I talked with the secretary who was telling me abt the steel in her leg and all.. pretty interesting (: Hahaha, I HAVE FRIENDS NOW.

5th day;
Deanna and I saw this ginomous grasshopper on the starbucks wall outside. EW. :p
I love starbucks and all but. yeah. Hahaha, felt so sian to go to work. Mrs Seetoh came by and she was so funny! When the person was showing us around, she was like ' ooh, so that's what they're doing... interesting!' And then when we were left alone, she was all 'very boring is it??'
Hahaha funny change. Today, I did much typing and since there was internet connection on the laptop, obviously I went to ... yeah... surf. (: Yeah, bad me.

Hm, I'll update more and possibly more detailed posts.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hahahaha, I haven't blogged in ages.

Anyway, I feel really green today, so let me tell you people how to stop harming our wonderful world! (:

1) Take SHORT showers.
2) Use plastic lunchboxes to carry your 'last min' breakfast, or your snacks. ( do not use plastic bags)
3) Use BOTH sides of the paper, or even better, take unwanted printed paper to write stuff.
4) OFF unnecessary lights ; ( eg. you do not need lights if you are bathing in daytime - you shd know this)
5) Take the MRT instead of asking your parents to fetch you lazy pig. ( unless its on the way )
6) Bring your own plastic bags to supermarkets unless you need more plastic bags for home use
7) OFF computer screen when not in use, don't wait till it goes into hibernation. ( hehe)
8) Buy refillers for your pens. ( I'm guilty of this.)
9) The back of receipts can be used to play tic tac toe.


I'm getting into the trying to save the world mode.
Recently I was walking with my sister back home. As you know, there is an electronic gate and an electronic door. As we were reaching, the gate was just shutting itself close... We could have obviously made it through but it would mean that the gate would start to open again right? Sigh, which would lead to a waste in electricty. HENCE, I stopped pammywammy from going through and I opened the door instead.

Pam: ' What is your problem?'
Me: ' I'm a tree hugger...... [pauses] Wait no, that would be saving paper... Well, you get the

Oh well, just do your bit in saving whatever you can and be happy!


You see.. it's a cheap thrill.... for me.

- By the way... iBooks are so not cool (: Hahaha, they are really hard to use. & everything in it's different from the normal stuff. It only looks good and can take pictures and has garage band.
THAT'S ALL. Don't make hasty decisions my friend.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Johnny Boy and David Boy

-Top from Left:Me, Li Xin, Farhana
Bottom from Left: Yu Pei, Yi En-
Credits: Yi En's iBook

Me and the ibook, I want to get an ibook, a WANT, not a have to decide carefully. I WANT a DSLR to take pictures and bless other people with the pictures i take, and be blessed by what God has placed in the lands...Is that a NEED? Let me weigh it out..
but Thank GOd for pictures!(:

Thank you sharing wise words from Constance who took down notes from her pastor during sermon, from 1 Samuel 18:1-4

Real friendships are made of:
1. common bond of faith(both of them believed in God)
2. taking time( to build the relationship)
3. committed relationship not networking (they made a convenant with each other)
4. express love by giving ( Vs 4-Jonny boy love david so much that he gave all his precious stuff taht he had to David, it's about giving, till up toe sacrificing)

"what a friend we have in Jesus" God wants to give us real friends!

be transformed by the renewing of our minds
-something for everyone to think about-

Monday, October 29, 2007

Peng you-Friends-Ka Wan[that's malay by the way]

-Beautiful Evening Sun!-
taken: Saturday,27/10/2007
Location: Road to my house
Hmm, I had the feeling of anger, which was normal...
Let me try to explain this, My friend seemed to have not come home yet, another friend call me to ask if i know where this friend is, so i'm not sure, so i call my friend who seemed to be Missing In Action(M.I.A)
My friend picked up, ok means that my friend is fine, but my friend sounded a little grounchy, which kinda affected me for that moment..
So was trying to control myself, how to get angry, it's like not really big, but like i feel that like not nice leh...reprimand like not right, reprimand like also not right,like petty, which I am.
so i needed some wise words, thank God for my mentor, Eoin, so i explined to him the scenario with the 'my friend this' 'my friend that'. he analysed it, so it was like,
I called my friend right?ya
so i am concern for my friend right?ya of course, out so late, concerned parents will be concerned.
well, if that's your friend you will be nice to your friend even when he's not nice to you. not only when your friend is nice only to you. If that's so how can you be a friend?

that's how David and jonathan functioned..Learning point from this(:

Thank God for this day!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

27 October 2007- TreeTop Walk

Today, I was with my GEN 12 Mission Trip group that went to Charis student care as part of our mission trip with campus crusade for Christ. We are walking to the TreeTop Walk..really enjoyed myself. I was a late, but they manage to engaged themselves with Prata at the cripsy prata place, which i saw, Prata were small, really small. We had a great time just hanging out, catching up with one another about their life..doind silly things, taking random picture which i don't have it here cos my handphone has so much space only, it's alright, i learnt that you take waht you need, not everything and anything!can't take everything, that's greed right?well, enjoy God's Creation, and you can go with your love ones to enjoy this great part of Singapore(:
-We made it, halfway at least...haha-
Hello everyone!I deicided to walk by another road, by the road where i could see the golf course of Island Country Club..just felt like it...haha, so it converges at this point....Glad to see thema gain(:

we are walking to the HSBC Tree Top Trail
Opens 9am -5pm(don't start walking there after 4.45pm)

The view from the Bridge....Enjoy,Admire the Creation of God(:

-View to bottom,way down!Well, i wasn't worried about me falling over, Thank God for blessing me with a safe trip(:

-jaywalking requires quite an amount of strength-
-look at the amount of strength exerted to cross the road
Rest upon the Lord!Sleep well children,Zzzzzz.....-

Thank You God for the time immerse with God' people and your Creation(:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jesus Loves You, Me, Everybody!

Look at the phones, there's my phone 3rd from the right, I arragned it from thinnest to thickest, but it's ok, cos all phone are usable and can make calls!not to forget smsing...

Speaking of SMSing, someone has been doing her best to control her smsing limit..haha, let me encourage you by telling you Great Job! Ice-Cream for you?Black Forest!(:

Was thinking of the song, 'Jesus Loves the Little Children'

JESUS Loves the little children, all the children of the world,
Red and yellow ,black and white, they are precious in his sight,
JESUS loves the little children of the world!(:

DG-DiscipleGroup @ Island Creamery

-Say 'Ice-Cream'!-
Wednesday,24 Octover 2007, wwe had dinner at Adam road food centre..then went to Isalnd Creamery to at ice-cream and have DG.It was a great time of sharing and hearding from my fellow brothers. The topic was about The New I.D, The Learning point was to understand the practical implications of the believer's identity with Christ and be encouraged to live them out. We talked about our old & new self, about us not being slaves to sin, sin is not our master, you are slave to righteousness, Sin has NO DOMininoN over you.
-What are you gonna do after you graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic?SHaring our insights-

-Reading from God's word, the passage James 1:13-15-
-After eating some black-forest ice-cream, where everyone commentd on the Rum-
Ron:"I want some, please?"
-After consuming some black forest ice-cream!haha, actually it was just us, i think me trying to understanding something,then Joshua got a little confused, i got a little confused,sometimes by the music in the store. me and music..had a great laugh!-

People at today's DG, still remebering ZhengBin and a few others who are not with us today
-Shao Wei-

Right:Jermiah, Left: Ron(our DGL a.k.a DiscipleGroup Leader)

-what happend to the picture?go check it out at Island Creamery!-

A verse for our take home,
-WHO I think I am, WHAT i believe in, AFFECTS my Identity!-

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

May My Steps....Cooling Down after the Run,watch the Sun

-Sunday,21October 2007-
The evening Sun after my jog, when i went doen with a bottle of ribena, exchanged shoes for Flip-Flops to cool down, This spot at the back of my house is windy! Whenever i feel drawn out during running especially, I sing this song

"May my steps be worship, may my thoughts be praise, may my words, bring honour to your name.May my steps be worship, may my thoughts be praise, may my words, bring honour to your name.May my steps be worship, may my thoughts be praise, may my words, bring honour to your name."
Thank God for the Day!(: