Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeding time

This past week, i had the opportunity to learn more HIS word at Sue Ann's place with a few,reading the word, I told myself, "it's been a while God" to really sit there and spent some time with HIM. to remember to intercede for others, as a genuine encouragement for people as they walk along daily.
Named 吃饭了..for us to be fed on the word, just like a kid about to eat the Chicken Wing at IKEA...

I understood a larger glimpse of what our children in church need if we want them having '1st generation christian' faith/ mustard seed. to know who this GOD is and what HE has done throughout the generations.

And i've graduated from training Wing in the SAF bands, gonna start with lots of parades coming up, practising my trombone, not forgetting to keep Fit as a National serviceman. and remeber to spent quality time with our creator. It's so easy to miss HIM out especially when what you're doing is not so physically-demanding. It's might get intellectually challenging, which often I take a longer while to feel it's ill effect compared to the Physical.

Gonna be packing my bags and off to Nee soon camp for the week. though the luxury of booking out nightly, perhaps shall do it sparingly. The catch phrase is, "wait till I complete my 1 month stay in"..see everyone at the end of week!

Pray for spritual protection as I begin my stay in a new environment.

Take care guys(: