Thursday, September 10, 2009

How have you been?

So far How for me? Sorry ar, putting things off just seem to conveinent sometimes...

The month of August was working towards NATIONAL DAY. My 1st time participating in it. I thank God that I was able to go for the PREVIEW which marked the 1st time of the long awaited city March after weekends after weekends of rehearsing at the F1 Paddock, playing the blame game to who's fault is it when sound waves proven by science takes time to travel.
The unavoidable time arrived on the 9th of August, when there was space for 6 trombonists in the city march when there 9 trombonists. do the math
9 - 6 = 3 trombonists who are not going for the city march

which I was part of the 3.
And me overlooking that I'll still have the previlage of bringing the Guard of Honour to the entrance of the floating platform, the other guy & I(1 was elsewhere needed in the earlier part of the parade) just stoned & sat out for the entire thing.
How foolish of me looking back.

I wouldn't say unlucky, I still thank God for my Sunday spent there.
Missing the afternoon sessions playing chinese chess, sharing with my band mates, Helman, Kai Chuan,Brenden about Christianity as they question parts of my faith,having a mini brass quintet playing before parade rehearsal,taking walks to the old chang kee lorry, Milo Van.
watching the actual fireworks on 9th august
Thinking of the these thanksgivings, don't you think you should be thankful?

This past month of September with Concert style Dining-in for officers, all of them from my BMT batch who are going to commission.
BMT passing out, bringing me back the nostalgia of the sunny island of Tekong(:

On top of the fun & laughter we have in band,
I thank God to have fellow christian brothers who keep your faith in check. The 'hard' questions that I seemingly wonder how come I don't have much of that self directed thinking. The 'are-you-sure' thoughts, the greener grass on the other side syndrome & taking things for granted.

The reminder that "Jacob, before you begin asking asking asking, do you think you've been offering your best in the prescene in front of our Creator?"

Reminded me of the time in '08 when I was in Thailand,where the same question was asked. We get so focused on the problem that all you want is the answer to be delivered instead of the relationship with God.

So as I live my life daily, take it deeper with HIM. Meditate upon HIS word. Allow HIS spirit to flow as I spend moments with HIM. I hope you my friend have take time to sit down in HIS prescene to let HIM flow in. Time to empty our wants and let HIM fill it up with HIS(:

Have a blessed week!