Friday, November 30, 2007

Encouragement from a friend

"Hey jacob,may you con't to search and find out more abt God(:press on in finding out e answers to ur questions!"

This was a text message my friend, Sin Yi gave me...was like thinking about How we function and in relation to GOD. Questioned like "prayer being something that psychologically psyched you up?"
Well, i have worried in vain..God's still there to guide me(:
Have been asking GOd to guide me, to listen to him...What is prayer? have been learning to pray at every opporunity and keeping faithful to the pryaer, as in closing in, cos i have this tendency to doze into sleep during prayer before sleeping and while walking or on the bus praying, i get distracted..perhaps i allow it to distract me.(:

Thank God for prayer to seek him(:

Thursday, November 29, 2007

happy Birthday Jacob! part 1

This is one of the cakes that i had, from, the rum in this is high, I love it, Eoin and Phebe cited taht this is an Adult's birthday cake, that's why, well 18 already so yea,cool...haha Glad that eveyrone could share it and enjoy the taste(:
some of the messages who were sent by sms
Heyzslamat hari jadi! Semoga sukses slalu. Kamu istimewa! happy bdae boy!

It means all d best in ur future endevours. ure special n im glad our path crossed!happy bdae

"Happy birthday jacob korkor!(:
-Wynne MeiMei, My dear little cousin-

Blessed bday jacob biscuit!
-sin yi-

HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY Mr big w___! MAy u grow in stature n favour of the Lord n man...N children :)

Sheng ri kuai le PUTTU! Xi wang ni de wei lai neng dai ge ni kuai lexin fu! Don't pray pray ah. My mandrain damn pro =? HAHAHAHAHA
-1 piece...Yummy!-
There was Reuben, Yong Zheng, Tiac Woo, Azhar,Geraldine, Farahana, yenyi, My class of BO1, who else ar...I thank God for the people that he has placed in my life, not jsut because they wished happy birthday, but for who they are(:
I'm 19 already...haha, children at church calling me uncle Jacob, i'm fine with that.Enjoy te previlage to be their uncle that they can look up to(:
Anyone to call me Jacob korkor?haha

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Lord my Sherpherd

We were suppose to have cell group on saturday as usual...turns out josh messaged that we will proceed for Uncle Micheal's dad's funeral mind was like "why not?"

It's a little inappropriate for me, cos i was in like shorts, and a green shirt that remined people aobut cambodia having land mines..Of course you go there not to be concern about's to support the family, to gather as God' family and strengthen everyone..God use the weak to lead the strong, and Jesus comforts the weak too(:

Psalms 23 : The Lord's my sherpherd....

SAng and read it the song, these words are really meaningful..Thank GOd for his wise words..Speaking to people through his word

It was encouraging to hear the daughter, Sam and the daughter, Veronica sharing about their dad's life..I mean it's really brave to stand their and speak and keep your composure in front of people..he was person who sold bread at Hong Lim Park, waking up at 3am(which i think most people just goes to sleep) and sold till about 10 am before going home to rest...saving up money to start is own small business in dentistry...and saving up more money to buy a nice house...which he sold to let the daughter to go for further study..WOW, what an advocate for my Maternal side, where my Big Aunt went to take her degree in something that had to do with chemistry i think...I think they braved away from social stigma of females not able to go school, let alone till university...Taught me about being thankful for the opportunity to study! and the courage for the son, Sam to share his faith with the dad, i mean that's brave right...he said ," I mean, you want your love ones to join you in heaven right?" Yeah, you want the people that you love, care for, treasure to believe and be saved right?
Do we have to be afraid?NO!

Well, I also learnt and got reminded, why do people wait till the person leave the world and then you tell the person?Well, my mum says "then what do you call a memorial service for?" Cos i watched Tuesdays with Morrie...reminded me of his 'Live Funeral' before he got worse.
We need not wait for people to be going home to the Lord then we start to think about the nice things he/ she does...we can do it now(:

Well the wife, Ah MA, which i usually call grandmas that, she was a nice ah ma(:
i think she wil be quite sad,Your spouse, life partner for i think it was 66 years! i went over to talk to her, in my own Jaocb way, which was to take the sweet and give one to her, then just sit there and listen to her..well half of the time I'm like trying to understand what she's trying to say...I think Pamela said she's hainaniness....which i don't speak..and you know older generation, they can speak everything and anything, from hokkien, teochew(which i'm suppose to learn more,haha),malay, cantonese..hmm oh, chinese!

i think she was trying to speak hokkien, until she asked me waht dialect group i'm from..."wa xi teo chew nang" means 'I'm Teochew"
You teochew?nowadays young people can't speak ar!"
"yaaa, learning learning"
The conversation of chinese, teochew, hokien..Ah Ma's trying to impress me that most of her granchildren are in University, with Pamela observing how I use broken dialect and with my 'orrhh's and '"what did you say?"...I had a good laugh..haha(:

Which i have been, my paternal ah ma like going to go/:Should learn more and talk to her in that, sharing with her the good news?

It took place when Amanda just left for AME. Personally, I would be like scratching my head ovre this one...How will I react?Well , the decision lies in the heart, God speaks to your heart(:

Thank God for the Time spent to bless people and be blessed(:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

22 November 2007

-Gieraffas Glore!-
My classmate YuPei had a gieraffe!haha, this shirt is really quite appropriate I must say...
oh my i don't kno how to spell that animal!haha, anyone to help me?

I think i should be more off the internet(which i did!) Thank God for that. AM learning to focus better, me and getting distracted,haha..

Oh my my wrist hurts, was like loosening the joint, left side is silent, but the other I hear the sounds of me loosening the joints. Ouch,..hmm, need to look after it more, msut the way i rest the wrist while on the computer/:

-Learning early to drive a car!-
Shadrach's like sick too...haha he's like 10 months...shall read up on my infant/toddler book with insights from this lady called Magda Gerber. He's like 10 months old!so fast...Thank God for thsi marvellous creation and gift (:

Another great day that I had...I have a sister that just went to Cambodia,so exciting, and all the people that you meet when you are there! sorbets at the soup dragon, blue pumpkin bread, Fruit shakes from the stall, I ahve this favourite one that i went every night with the peeps at night(:

Received an email about someone's dad's sister's grandpa, remineded that I hve my ah mas and a grand dad...Should spend time with them..Should i one thing, are you willing?

Thank God for teh reminder..Praying!(:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November the 21st 2007

Today Daniel(Mr Woon), Farhana, Sarah and Mornique and myslef, helped out at the Red Camp for the seondary school people. Sure had fun laughing at Daniel's never ending antics that make everyone laugh...Peach tea, 2 for 2 dollars, looked out for the sale of that. Drank mine, nice, but i had to make this accident of drinking farhana's,'s like i drank it, i tasted peach tea, with my mind saying, wait a minute, this is not mine..oops,yep:p

KFC for lunch...FastFood has that salty taste that numbs my tongues, that tells me that the food seem to be salt fortified! Still have to Thank God for the food, not everyone gets to eat food yea(:
Well i went back to the stall that I got some free food,
Not more food, but to eat the tasty "lei cha fan" a.k.a grain tea rice.

Aunty not there, there's the son at the left hand side, with his son i think somewhere, whom is very fillial too-

- now you see it-

- now you don't:) -

These are yesterday, cos it's like 2am approaching 3am in the morning...oops

My Dear friend and friends should be sleeping...after a long day in Cambodia! Great to see that everyone is enjoying, blessing others, and being blessed by them(:

I Thank God for the time I had with the children from the Cove, they remembered my name!really touches my heart when someone remembers your name...

And i now have not 1, not 2 but 3 daughters!haha...Amazing, was like talking to this girl from P6, she's like going to receive her results today, so nervous, then i was there like an uncle, reminding her to sleep, to rest and felt that I, a christian should pray for people...the easiest and most meaningful way of helping she was like i sound like a dad, and many dads which she has in church, its' like people taht she look up to. cool, so i became daddy,dad, 'biscuit dad' i think...Cheeky people sia..alright. Another blessed day(:

I Thank God for his wisdom, his peace, his love (:

Listening to the Lord (Part 2)

What is God speaking to me? how do i listen?
How do I reflect?Hmmm...I think it was a honest and appreciated reply..I Thank God for that(: while walking there yesterday(not this picture,haha), I prayed, and I kinda walked away from the wrong direction and walked on the right road while doing that, amazing. Amazing(:

Well, My friend has gone on a trip to be used as a blessing to other people(:
When you do tht, usually the people that you were suppose to bless, returns you with an even greater blessing,Wow!
Take Care friend and the friends! God's gonna use everyone as an instrument to bless others.

Listening to the Lord

Today's 21th November, well yesterday early morning, this group of young people from the churches of Christ left for a 2 week Asian Mission Exposure cool, well, I can't go for such a trip now cos this is not the time. But I always get excited when people fly off, especially to the Asian countries.Hope I can go up and experience what many have always talked about when they return.It's ok..Perhaps next year after my school ends and I re-take my napfa to not go into the army too early!haha

I want to be reminded of God's blessing(:
As I made up my mind to get dinner from the stall at the cofffee shop, a serving of "grain-tea" rice or "Lei-cha Fan", which is really nice, with a bowl of tea soup with other ingredients, i think.acquired taste for mayn people..

So i went up, asked her, hmmm,apparently she is about to, opps alittle too late.."arhh?mai wan le ar?" (means ahh?all sold for the night?)
so i saw 2 styrofoam boxes on the table near her stall, so i pointed there and in my broken chinese..this is how the rest follows.....

ME: Pointing to the 2 boxes, is that for sale?how much for that?
Aunty: the reply was, "well, you needed to pay jsut now, but now i offer it to you free"

Wow!I kinda was very nice of her,
I mean i got to pay right?
Me: "I insist on paying"
Aunty: "When you come tomrrow morning, I will tell you how much it cost."
"it's ok, please accept it, added her fillial son.

Went back and cooked it a little while more...oh, it's not something on her daily menu...
just leftover ingredienst aht she cooked with some egg and lots of garlic..The taste is alright i must say, But the taste wasn't the thing.
It was the act of giving...Wow, feel so blessed(:

ehh, this is a late picture of my ah ma's birthday!Shall post this 1st, will make time during this week to do the rest!
Tall, Taller, Tallest! And my Dear Ah Ma from Ang Mo Kio(:

Friday, November 2, 2007

Work Attachment: ( Monday - Next Wed)

1st day;
We had the most boring-ever briefing which lasted for an hour about the company! Man.. and we signed a contract which had many many words and conditions, but the bottomline is that we aren't supposed to reveal any confidential info. Hahaha, luckily I'm not a blabbermouth. Then, I got shipped off to the lib and it's such a sucky job. :( Okay, all I did that day was 'familiarising' myself with the books (wow), and possibly breathing in most of the dust in the room. Worst of all, lunchtime is 1-2, which is pretty crazy considering that I get hungry all the time. Sigh, but good thing we can bring our own stuff to eat anytime (:
My workplace is pretty cool actually, cos of the wonderful view of Shenton! Hahaha, which are high rise buildings and the blue blue sky.

2nd day;
I re-arranged all the books, ticked off the present books, coughed a whole lot, got hungry and ended the day with a 'high note'. :(
Hahaha, I hate my working hours, really LONG. Of course, the worst part is that I don't even get paid, fricking paid! How bad is that.
Oh and the chief executive visited me! How cool is that (:
He's apparantly the boss there? yup, should be. He was awfully nice.

3rd day;
Today, my supervisor treated me to sakae sushi and yami yoghurt! woahhh, my fave treat ever.
(: but the texture wasn't good at all. Nov yami yog's the best! Hahaha, I visited my friend at the hotel and we didn't listen to the conference at all and I ate alot alot during teatime! :D

4th day;
I must say today was FUN. I went all around collecting books and I found out that this person working there was one of the parents helping out at the games stall during the mgfunfair. How cool is that! && I talked with the secretary who was telling me abt the steel in her leg and all.. pretty interesting (: Hahaha, I HAVE FRIENDS NOW.

5th day;
Deanna and I saw this ginomous grasshopper on the starbucks wall outside. EW. :p
I love starbucks and all but. yeah. Hahaha, felt so sian to go to work. Mrs Seetoh came by and she was so funny! When the person was showing us around, she was like ' ooh, so that's what they're doing... interesting!' And then when we were left alone, she was all 'very boring is it??'
Hahaha funny change. Today, I did much typing and since there was internet connection on the laptop, obviously I went to ... yeah... surf. (: Yeah, bad me.

Hm, I'll update more and possibly more detailed posts.