Friday, March 27, 2009


Food, Food , Food!
i'm like eating lots of it, but my exercise regime has like not been lots of it...

especially when the aunty at the cookhouse asks me after scooping a ladle of rice onto my plate," Boy, enough?" first look at it doesn't seem much and I end up asking for the "abit more please?"

This week I went on a involuntary fast from dinner, cos people at my building left late. As duty personal with my duty buddy, we waited. First thought was, "huhh, no dinner ar?"
Pondering over it, decided to ask someone to get like a bottle of milk tea before gastric juices start churning in my tummy.
didn't come to pass.

Been reminded of that one day past week that I was called to fast, to just want to hunger for the God's word more.

SO that evening, instead of hungering for food(realising just how many advertisements there were on food that one night), I feasted on HIS word instead.
I thank GOd for the opportunity to do so.
in my days, I want to begin to 'fast' away from things that seem to ever easily distract like FOOD and feast on things that HE want to share with me, MORE & MORE

Monday, March 23, 2009

We come from OCS.....

The OCS Song
"We come from many places, all across the land,
of many different races, together hand in hand,
united we stand, divided we fall,
ready to serve our nation's call.

We come from OCS, we are the very best, l
eading with dignity and pride,
wherever we go, we will always know,
that our spirit lives forevermore

Loyalty to country, that's what we all believe,
to lead, excel and overcome, is what we must achieve,
forever strong and valiant, we'll give our lives and more,
never ceasing to serve Singapore"

The past saturday was over for a group of people getting commisioned to be officers..i'm had this wonderful feeling like their parents again watching their children finally done with their training, and becoming full fledge officers.
and the excitement that we are the last group to march out.

-Shadrach's praying-

This is the second time i'm witnessing him praying, phebe and eoin must have got him started on praying. That earnest position, makes me want to be mindful of how I go to the father in prayer(:

Am thankful for the time i had to rest at home today. 'OFF' i got from doing the parade on sat.

I pray that you have a great week ahead my friends&that you spend time with HIM(:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What does it speak to your heart?

This past week it was time to '吃饭了' again.
As I listen to the scripture, read the scripture, think about what was happening there & how does it speak to us. It's always refreshing to be reminded how he has placed people and things in my life that encourage me of his promises. In Mark 2: 1-17 talk abouts the healing of the paralytic and also Jesus calling Levi.

-some sharings for the day-
  1. The times that you really depend on God is not in times of calm but actually in your times of when you struggle with stuff.
  2. you could be 1 of those 4 people who are bringing someone to Jesus, and helping him to get past obstacles(the people in the room) to be with HIM.
  3. everyone is actually 'sick' in the sense of sin, how are we any different from other 'sick' people?We acknowledge our 'sickness' and we look for our 'doctor', who has the right stuff.
-no ticket, no dinner:p-
Am thankful to be home today for day of rest. Had the Band's annual dinner and dance at teh SAF yacht club. it was enjoyable to see people eating their food, watching fellow people putting up their performances in SAF bands got talent. light heartening, lots of laughs..

And we had a lucky draw in the form of 'The Price is Right'.
The whole evening was filled with prizes that were exciting.
Bicycle to ride in camp, which is not very near from my bunk, ipod shuffle, ipod touch, home theatre system, top prize-PS3!

I was called for the PS3 with 3 others !
had to guess the price of this piano that was a replica of one a century ago.
I was like doubting when my friend said $250,000..
and last minute, was influenced by one of them to lower in down a little. I was like "how much can this replica be?" so down to $190,000.
Revealing the price, it was 1 million! and guess what,
1 of us had placed 250,000 and was the highest. and ta dar, She went back with the PS 3...

My mates were like "haiyoooo", I just smiled, shoulders up

ALL in the name of fun. shall not think too much about it
I took it upon as learning thing for me. I don't need it yea,getting it I would need 1 more controller perhaps&discs to play games.
BUT it was a fun day(:

2nd week is ending already
Hope to be basking in his sun rays daily as I go about in camp. & to have the attitude like 1 of those 4 people who were helping the paralytic to see Jesus, persisting our way.

Have a blessed week ahead my friends(:

Monday, March 2, 2009



-thanks to Jordan-

Red, orange,yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
That was 1 part of the lesson shared at Kaboom Kids on sunday talking about the convenant or Promise made with Noah & us. that the r.a.i.n.b.o.w is a reminder of that promise in Genesis 9:8-17

This past week was at a parade. Watching the graduates from the day before rehearsing and rehearsing their steps sometime missing it, to the following day doing it well was quite cool. loved ones were there to watch their graduation just like when I completed basic training on the sunny island of Tekong. I felt like those loved ones, I don't know why, happy that my friend/son has finally graduated.

Returning back to camp, there was the biggest rainbow I have seen in a long while after the moderate rain we had in the afternoon. Really excited me was on the bus, like a child watching his 1st rainbow& reminding me of the text I read in the morning in lieu with what Kaboom was teaching on Sunday-God's convenant with Noah, through that rainbow.

Remembering the promises HE made to us & promises that i tell HIM I want to commit that were reflected in the morning.

Encouraged me for the week. In your daily walk, When you might question or ponder sometime, He will show you a peek into how much bigger HE is than you thought.


Have a blessed week ahead(: