Monday, May 24, 2010

1,2,3 Secure!

that was 1 of the many phrases for the movement in the squares that we used for our band display. Completing Navy Open House with the daily trips to Changi Naval Base, taking a different habit of feeding from the book of Joshua, thinking about where's the kingdom of God in my life? and for once in a long while, reading a novel, the Kite Runner.

I just smile at the way they reply one another, my emotions racing a little at certain revelations of our main man Amir's life, though the outcome was just further down the page.
and the ending of feeling released as he began chasing the kite.
vivd descriptions of certain emotions and feelings in simplified analogies are really helpful.
can't remember all of them, perhaps a re-read will serve me well, before the National Library calls for its return.
I just love the way they way people reply sincerely,
"For you a thousand times over"
the extent of what one will do/sacrifice for another person that you cared for is just heart felt
Reminded of what Jesus did, imagining the love God had for us for the love sacrifice to happen, and we're made clean.
The way we should be responding towards others that we meet in our lives(:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Unity in Prayer

In unison the children and young people resounded in the song from Celine Dion's
"Because you Loved me"
as we said Happy Mother's Day to our Mothers at church.
The pureness of the children's voices, the 1 voice that gathered from all the many voices singing

" You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me "

No matter how old I get, remember my parents have done for all of us(:

In this past week, from what I understood,
Aunty Cassandra who has been battling cancer for the longest period of time
was about to leave to return to the Lord like really soon.

Personally, yes, I will rejoice that a daughter of God is returning to HIS arms,
but its just the thoughts of
children with the eventual absence of their mother,
a husband's loss of a soulmate that pushes me to say, "Lord, I ask for you to heal her?"

I'm just asking GOD to be GOD and do what HE needs to do,
and this son of yours to commit to prayer & fixing my eyes on Him through this process,
praising HIS name, thanking HIM.

I thank God for her presence, even before she had a relapse in the condition.
I remember the times when she is in Singapore for treatment,
and her youngest daughter comes to Kaboom Worship, with seperation anxiety concerns on some sundays right before we begin.
With the "see you later mummy", both mother and child move to their different venues, main auditorium & Kaboom Worship Hall, reuniting at the end of the session with smiles on their faces once again

Or when a group of us visited her when she became less mobile due to the swelling in the legs from the treatment, she still uplifted, doing her best to be a good host, laughing, maintaining that positive outlook.
Turning to her saying,
" I'm waiting for you to come pick Wesleigh up from Kaboom."

something along the lines of "sure, sure I will" she replied

Let's continue to pray & ask HIM for HIS will be passed(:
Have a blessed week my friends

Monday, May 3, 2010

He's right beside me

This past weekend was over at the St Andrew's village listening to David Leong or Uncle David and the Scripture Union Team sharing on how to organise Children's Camps.
its usually the case during seminars where everything is 'wahhhh, quite cool', but the real questions lies after you're done with the thing,"so what have you learnt?"

Some things that caught me by the eye,
was the potential depth of how our camps can be for our children&even for our adults,
*Quiet time for our children,
for the whole process of organising the camp & executing it to be filled with the people committing to pray, not just for lip-service
but sincerely as we petition for God's will to preside as the camp is runned.
-To pray like never before-

Its a timely reminder that the spiritual warfare that goes on in our christian lives everyday from Joshua&Han, from the Lord of the Rings' final installation of 'The Return of the King'
on Saturday night.
To not be just on the defense, but on the offense to drive Satan back.
Especially walking through potential valleys of darkness, the scenario of one side tempting me and the other side waiting to embrace me.
He's closer than I actually pictured it to be.

Asking to stand up strong with God's strength in the battles as I journey ahead.
Hope you draw yours from there too(: