Tuesday, July 21, 2009


-Observation tower @ ubin-

This morning as I did my reflection, this song popped into my mind
"I just want to be where you are, dwelling daily in you prescene Take me to a place where you are, I just want to be with you"
How many things seem to get in my way as I focus on God.
To rely on HIM for my decisions & for HIM to be present in my conversations & actions towards others.

I thank God for the past week to have been able to return to Mindchamps Pre-school for a visit, watching the children 1 year on maturing. The beauty of children growing, learning to hone their social skills, becoming independent. Couldn't describe it but 'stand there in awe of the what the teachers & children ahve achieve so far(:
-Team Photo!-

Plenty of fellowship with band mates to Pulau Ubin with my Band,seeing differnt people who don't talk on an average suddenly coming up with ideas & giving everyone a big laugh.

an eat out at JB with my aunty and my mum, to return to JB for some proper seafood Hawker style.

For the close conversation I had, which I thank God was made possible.
Appreciated meeting you my friend!(:

Have a blessed week ahead my friends

May your morning bring you word of God's unfailing love, for you have put your trust in God. God will show you the way you should go, for to God you lift up my soul.