Friday, February 29, 2008

29th of Feb

IT's really interesting today, as it is an another day instaed of the 28 days that Febuary usually has...Happy Leap Year..I love steam boats, I got to begin uploading pictures at a faster rate, cos this was dated 17 Feurary 2008!

Tihs day, the Angs, my aunty and uncle with the 3 cousins came over for dinner. What way to be in that festive mood and celebrate with a time of fellowship.

While preparation, there was the sea cucumber, a gift from my big aunt...Now I know what's is in my aunt's famous and delicious Stewed sea cucumber with leeks and roast meat that we get to relish every new year.
The avid on-looker
How many does it take to play a computer game?
1 player in the hot seat, with the many spectators

After the preparations, wala!
the Food is served, and people are enjoying the time.
Looking at all the food, I thnk GOd for teh food we get to eat, cos people in other countries, we need not refer to Africa all thet ime...even in Singapore, or neighbouring Asian countries, some people have not enough to eat somtimes.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunday-A lighter side

-Presenting the Bubble-Tea/PaoPao Cha Gang-
From bottom to top, left to right :
Sheryl(white specs), Sharmaine(white/red stripes), Shirley(Red), Jordan(only Guy!),Wynne(pink!), Beverly(Birthday Girl's in white top)
The photograhper, myself couldn't squeeze in,haha:p

I am thankful for being able to spend time at ah ma's house cos my cousin's birthday..My mum 'recalled' us to be present, or else we will be spending our time at choir...
Uncle was like patient, phew, my birthday cousin, Bevely(white blouse) telling him the order one by one, enjoyed that short walk to the shops, with the different coloured drinks, and to try new ones,
Passionfruit Milktea was one of them(:

Chilli crab, Sesame oil chicken, sour vegetables with sea cucumber, minced garlic and with other things, curry chicken, old cucumber soup.
oh for starters had stir-fry noodles with lime and home-made bleanchan..wonder why it taste a little better than my mum's, but at the end ALL still nice!
Had to be mindful to watch the heaty/oily things..just recoverd from a long cough that I dealt with since Chinse New year. So started with a cup of water & home-mad water chestnut water
P.s: couldn't take snapshots of food, too engrossed talking and eating(more of the latter,heh)

prior to that, the cousins had to put their brains together to discuss and brainstorm ways to solve 2 primary 'trail an error' questions..
too much/ too used to algebra, aha, but we finally solved it without using the algebra! using common sense, thinking it a little slower..

A ligther side of a sunday afternoon, Thank God for the time of fellowship(:

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I thank God for being able to have the courage to speak with people to partner with me in mission trip...Procrastination was like so easy cos it's soo easy to say in your heart, "will ask them another time, next week." Excuses..cos sometimes, that day will never take place...and people like me tend to forget!
so thank God for Uncle Mark sharing at cell about procrastination through the series of "GOd is closer than you think" by John Ortberg, encouraging me to as Nike will say, "Just do it"(:

Today at class we had the story about bowling...haha, I think i belong to that group after you drop the ball, you tilt left, right everywhere, with this low murmuring of "strike",or the direction you want the ball to roll, which with reference to laws of forces, it doesn't happen that way.

Teaching us to not be worrying, after you dropped it...drop it..and the key thinga bout meditation and do you manage reflecting over and over again?
with worries?with strength from GOD?

apart from finances, prayer is another important aspect of anything we do as christians..I thank God as we pray, that we partner with his will to enable his will to take place...

IT's Comissioning of the GEn12 Trippers...Wow, my little bits that i learnt from the sharing at apologetics class, or Shao Wei my friend would put it, "defense against the dark arts" came into action....
How do I explain it ?Worship with instruments or not?
With the Church that I grew up in...and what I see outside

Decided not to continue with the 'debate' as I would not be having the right heart to speak..Thank God for restrain to be wise in words(:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Quail Eggs!

Quail eggs Galore!
Yesterday was the last day of Chinese New was suggesting to mum to cook..Which she had no ingredients to do so...So i went from place to place, stall at the wet market were like closing..manage to get most of the things...NTUC had some things..a dinner well eaten.
Love peeling Quail eggs

And Singapore won the bid to host the Youth Olympics..It's the first ever yea?Am Glad for Singapore that we have the previlage to do so..It's really a nice sight to see people jumping for Joy!
As I prepare for Mission Trip, Thank God for preparations being done...Received news that there was some challenges faced by the team carrying out the MILK missions, cos of an oversight of a driver..pray that we find strength in praying and also as the coordinator speak to the peaonnal, that hearts will be soften
Pray that as we prepare ourselves, we shine GOd's love to the people we meet(:
Hope my application for relief teaching will be processed smoothly, application for relief teaching with Childcare too...
Pray for wisdom to discern to walk the journey of Childcare OR MOE

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is the day that the Lord has made!Rejoice and be Glad in it!

I woke up earlier this morning...Love the morning weather as the Sun gets ready to warm the Earth as I went down to do QT. It's like you want to do it but it's soo easy just to not do it...
Here were the sights of the area, Thank God for the time spent this morning(:
Today it covered about using your talents, remember the Master giving 3 of his servants 5,2,1 talents each..
Are you using your talents?

HOw have you been?

How has everyone been? Chinese New year...Am still down with the cough since the start of Chinese new Year..that happens when you don't watch the diet and sleep properly...

There's this Girl that is really trying her best to recite Psalms 23...Love that eagerness and nver give up spirit to continue(:

Reminds us as Christians to have a faith of a child...

Mattew 19:14
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

the decision to not go to Cambodia was kinda hard..will miss the times i had there, with the many people i met, the food that i tasted, the smiles on the people's faces..
Thank God and as he use for preparation as I go to Thailand on the 18th March..That I will be able to speak to people about the work that my team and I are going to do, to raise my funds, to be a prayerful prayer I/C too

A thought That i came across:
Do we ask God of his Will for us, or do we ask him to bless the will that we want?