Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grow Wiser with the Lord

In a flash, Christmas and ushering in the New Year is past...

was collecting newspapers with the guys at Braddle for the recycling for church on the 27th.
It is hard work I must say,
'selling' your smile, your patience, repeating the mini-speech, in
english/singlish/mandrin/broken dialect,
and my hand gestures of newspapers, plastic bottles & metal cans.
Slow and steady Joseph and I went off each wing of the block to kindly have their recycables.
Met a nice lady who waited the whole morning to pass you the recyclables.
People who kindly turn you down as they did their part in recycling
participating in their estate's bi-weekly collection just past Friday.
The few folks very cautious of another 'salesman' at their door with a not so realiable product.
Houses which were well re-renovated,
dark houses which exudes an aura,brrrrr.
Smell of one that reminded me of the children home in Seremban, of time not given to clean the house.
One of which seemingly looked like a home business of massage going on in the house. The other group of Joey, Benny & Jordan re-telling Joseph and I of a household for interrupting their very crucial Mahjong Session:p
The huge number of households which have not known of christ walking past their doors.

spending time in camp on New year's Eve was a first for me, catching some residue of fireworks, watching TV, calling to bid "see you later" to Xiang before she leaves us briefly for 4 years.

The movie of Avatar, watching the movie too noisily, making my own special effects of 'wow-ing' and 'ouch'. Need to restrain myself from those sounds. holding on to 2 boxes of nachos, half box of popcorn halfway into the show, when young cousins just nibble off some and you helm the rest automatically after. Avatar showed me the connectivity of each element on Pandora, how linked is everything, existing together, especially when your hair is the connection key in linking up with another being and when the Rhinos and Pather were called on. just Beautiful.

using what I have been given to share a little, though walking on the streets, you encounter the real people who needs some of this sharing.
So a friend of mine said and was greatly convicted to say, and I refer to saying, "its rather strange that we can enjoy sitting in the cosy seats in church, when I can't help but think of the people who has not received this news and are not with us yet."
while we go to church weekly, some people around us just can't fathom why we go each week, who is this God that we talk and profess, and claim as our Father, sometimes wondering "you christian?" or why are perceive people of good character and made fun of, just because its not realistic and world tells us to defend our needs 1st .
Something to think about and work on it.

and the 1st week of 2010 just ended.
More students on the trains,
an activity learnt not too late during my time in Band to do to fellowship with others
TT, or table tennis though its shortlived cos of the need to submit a report for a project.
Spins of ball just momentarily sets me in awe for that split second.
Prep talks that helped me in my thoughts, and reminders echoing in the background from the VBS CD resonating of
I will not be afraid
get down and HE lifts me up,
Faith to see beyond what I can see,

And the call to think further,when thoughts come into this mind of mine. Understanding the level of intensity that I should have. From the Body&mind, and the heart that houses my spirit, which should be at the core of every action I take. being wiser.

Another week lies ahead to grow deeper with God.
Have a blessed week my friends(: