Sunday, December 30, 2007

A yummy treat! :D

-Peace, serenity, as he rest in the bus , the calmness in his heart to rest-

Just like us, we can be calm, we seek refuge with the Lord, ALways going back to him as your source...Thank GOd for moments like these(:
Having many things to juggle is challenging, sometimes stressful, I am going to do this not by myself, I will look to him for widsom as I do my daily things..

WE had dinner at Phebe's house, Thank the Yankaya family, Eoin, Phebe, Shadrach for hosting us
My Bro, Joel trying to eat the chilli crab, good effort, he's trying to crack the shell open, and kinda squirted the juices all over the place:P

After the dinner, packing up, 4 people gathered at the mahjong table to exercise their fingers...
-Yankaya Jr watching attentively, a pro in the making, out to beat my bro!:P-

-My Bro, Joel is Mahjong pro, cos you see he does things like these...
The 13th Wonder, shi san yao,, i'll just stand there and watch today(:-

And i have signed up for GEN 12 2008, I pray that GOd use me in his way that i will follow, Do I go to an overseas community project?or the local one?

Thank God for this day that we could fellowship and enjoy(:

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rejoice in all circumstances!

How true...In good times, Of course! What about the not so good times?the harder times?

When you fall down and only your left side is hurt, leaving your right side of your body functioning quite when you are 2 weeks from competition, Wow....God's GOod

When things don't go so well..God's still Good, better still he becomes your comfort(:

I almost signed up GEN 12, missions projects organised by Campus crusade just now.
as i read the whole form, i saw the last question,
"How did God lead you to sign up for this project?"
Wow, it's not Me who's going, i partner with GOD, Amen(:
Asked Ron, Docras
(1)Fun wasn't my 1st priority,(2) To bless the children that I meet, (3)to share the GOspel, that there's this person who really loves you and he's Jesus, (4)thinking of signing up to go malaysia, cos it' our neighbour, I didn't feel the need to go so far away, cos poeple who live quite near have not heared of it yet! "Your will to serve GOD" as shared by Docras, thank you oh Queen:D

Docras moves on to say, "He's brought you so far!"How true, this year has been a great year!tonight's not the night yet, for i have more pressing issues, my homework!

May everyone have a great holiday as we share this time with people close to our hearts! Take care(:

Friday, December 28, 2007


"I can do greatly more through HIM"....which part of the bible?I think it's 1st TIM thats' right...I ahve this thing with FOCUSING !oh my,...learning to be better at it...I pray for strength, courage and wisdom as I walk daily, looking to him as my listener, comfort...shall make an effort to focus, and a treat to trat myself is that dinner at Phebe's place on saturday for cell, for new year celebrations!:D

Just learnt this icon..makes me smilee more too:D

have a great day! and happy holidays to all!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas hapenings

Wow, I had this Conversation with my friend, i should say childhood friend, Bernice, well she's at Pasir Panjang Church of Christ now..reminise the time Josh, Li Min, Bernice and I were in teh class and the 'vampire' games that we play in the dark with josh being vampire...
I'm really confused by the deep thought that she shared with me about the whole thing about Christmas....Pray for wisdom as I ask GOd the questions in my heart about Christmas, that i speak to him and he will also speak to me(:

Couldn't wake up this morning to accompany my mum to the market, slept too late while trying to connect with Bernice on the discussion of Christmas, It's like I know what i want to tell her, but when i comes to explaining, I struggle a little. Had like lots of help from my friends, Ron, Veron, Henry...

After watching the final performance at the Fullerton hotel by Han and the Hwa Chong voices...Went for lunch at Swesens!Than you Phebe for blessing us with a great lunch!(:
I still owe her 2 cards!

Discussed things to be done for the year 2008 for children's worship, Listening to the goals, dreams, determination in the faces, I will do my best to lead and bless the children that we are teaching!(:

went on to pack the youth class, primarily was to pack music scores. My role as librarian not doing very well, haha...Thank God for people like Joel my younger bro, JOsh & Eoin who were all sorting out scores from those that we deemed rough paper...

Had dinner, steam boat! and the honour to have guest over at my house- Joshua, Shadrach, Phebe, Eoin....with Joshua eating 3 1/2 bowls of rice!

It was a great Christmas, with evening chats on MSN that were good time to fellewoship with brothers and sisters?(:

Thank God for the experience that i have in LIFE!

"you are child like, you have actually a lot of wisdom" an encouragement from my mentor(:


merry Christmas to all fore(for) Jesus was born!

It's Christmas Day...I went for 2 parties, One at the childcare centre-The Caterpillar's Cove & the other at Constance's church..

It was a great time interacting with the teachers, staff from RTRC to bond. we had this game " do yo love your neighbour?" simply hilarious if you said yes, people that are standing next to you will have to exchange places. During that ordeal, the person who was asking you that question in the middle of the circle will attempt to squeeze him/herself in so to sabotage the people who are swoping out of their places. An even higher level was if you said 'no!',which most did to make the game more interesting, the next question will be "then who's partner do you love?" then you mention someone's name and the 2 people standing beside that person will run over to your side and stand beside you and vice-versa, person will be attempting to squeeze in and sabotage the people exchanging!

and then we had to dramatise christmas songs. group that took '12 days of Christmas was hilarious' with "and the patriarch in a pear tree" with the principal,, carrying a board with a drawing of that, running up and down....

At constance's church party, there were games, the emcees were trying their best to crack jokes, which I think they did put in effort, haha....there was this slogan that they spray-painted with the snow effect thing on the mirror, "JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON". How true

The sermon, this guy called Pastor Glenn shared his testimony, about the purpose of christmas...that with the glitz and glamour of presents, why did we celebrate his birth? It was God's Grace, as he grew up, led a blameless life and died for our sins to redeem us.
How wonderful is he(:

Went to attend a carolling session at the Fullerton hotel where HAN was performing. Very blessed by the singing, makes me want to do better in choir and also understand why Han gets pissed at us during choir. Their 1st piece, joy to the World, made me jumped a little, the 'JOY" had this 'uhm' in it that made me jump/startle a!
The next few sets of songs were wonderful notes, her conductors funny, with smiley face on the performing scene, she actually changes expression as soon as she was away from the public eye for a while..haha, i manage to witness that after the testimonies from Han about that experience of which i always asked and wonder of.

Cool Quote from ym friend Henry:
Remember we are celebrating Christmas. Not Xmas

remind your frenz. not let them cross out jesus in the season

how wise my friend henry, Thank GOd for this brother of mine(:

Monday, December 24, 2007


A time to spread Joy and encouragement to all that are close and not that close to you...

Wow, apart from the presents that people have blessed me with-Thank you everyone at church who gave me a something to bless me even more greatly..

Joshua, Eoin, Phebe, Shadrach, Tab, Beverly, Han, Xiang, Yao, Kun, Cailin...I think i did not forget anyone...oh and there was sparkling wine where everyone had a great time 'yum-seng'ing! It really needs stamina to do that!

Besides the presents, shops having sales, What was actually the real meaning of Christmas? On this day, Jesus, a King, God sent his son to Earth to be born with Mary who was virgin at that point in time, and gonna married to Joseph. He was born in manger cos there was no room in the rest house in Bethlehem. Wow, a King to be born in the manger? How unfit it was for the King, but that was not the point. The point was that he was born and he gave us a gift, free for us, Salvation....Thank God(:

As we celebrate with Food, joy, laughter, It is in hope that we really draw out the very true, at it's origins of the point of Christmas!God bless!(:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am never alone-Young People's camp 2007 (PART 1)

WOW, i'm back from camp! and family chalet that my mum's side has every year...I can't really find my camera, but its' ok, make do with the best in every situation.

The morning of 14th dec started out quite well, I manage to wake up to sent my brothers off to camp.Belssing 1 of the day

In my heart I was having this conflict between going in the morning and going in the evening. Morning I go, there will be more time to interact with campers and not missing the afternoon of ice-breakers and evening lesson BUT there was the possibility of meeting for project.
My mistake, I did not confirm the night before...So i messaged Farhana, my classmate that morning to ask about the details of when and where we will be meeting. After I reached home shortly, Thank God she woke up to reply, there was NO meeting that day, means i will be kinda free and also not doing anything for school.

I called Phebe to check if i can squeeze into the with Eoin, herself, Shadrach and my brother,and also which i managed to cos they had to wait at the Immigrations and checkpoints Authority(ICA) to get joel's new passport before setting off to Seremban. blessing 2 of the day

Thank GOd for safe trip there and back-blessing 3

As i get really excited and overly enthusiastic at camps and from past experiences, I feel disappoint at camp cos of expectations. I remind myself to manage my expectations so I that i focus on the right things with right attitudes.

I shall continue with part 2 soon! I better rest because i want to adopt a healthier lifestyle with time management, something that I got reminded of on thursday having ice-cream(:

Merry Christmas Eve to all!(:
IT's one of the more special ocassions to tell the people you love and care for how much you appreciate them(:

Friday, December 14, 2007

Are you late today?:P

Yesterday was the last lecture for the year 2007!yay!Really Thank God for the week, Thank him for his strength, his wisdom, his love, his blessing that most classes start at 11am(:
Will be leaving for The Young People's Camp 2007 in Seremban, themed
" I am never alone"
May everyone have a great weekend as you are blessed with the weeekends to rest, to play, to hav fun!

Are you late today?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Work/ Rest/celebrate

Happy Birthday to Xiang, Han & TAB! to people in december!(:
To the someone who bought the cake, Thank you!It's a really yummy cake(:
-the 3 birthday ladies-

-From a friend a.k.a mum, Cheryl, from mission trip-
-looks quite at rest!:P-

":Dput it this way.u are abviously occupied,men weren't created to be superhumans who don't need rest.u're still going why feel bad about it?"

How true it is...just a snippet of what's I will be focused to do this week...there are many things to accomplish. My strength will never enough to do all the work, With so much I do so much, with God's strength, i do much more! After putting in effort, I will rest(:

Pray that as this week goes and nearing the Young People's camp, I will be focused and do my best in everything that i do! That God strengthen me with his wisdom and courage(:

May everyone be a light to others as they walk daily with GOD..Take care everyone..Have a blessed week

Friday, December 7, 2007


RED BUll gives you's a different one, cos this is made in as the lady said

Daniel, Mr woon, had too many at one time...into his 3rd bottle!

Going back for more?

what makes a person go back for more?not only red bull, thinking in terms of objects in the person's life, experiences ...

Thank God for the different experiences that he bless me with..
May everyone have the strength and courage as we walk with him. Sometimes, there are sad experiences, for a depend on HIM(:

Monday, December 3, 2007

Great Bible Reef_Vaction Bible School (30thNov- 1st Dec)

Here we are at teh Great Bible Reef, with ym sisters and brothers and the new friends that i'll meet, where Jesus Loves all of us as we love each other it's a G-R-E-A-T...B-I-B-L-E..
Great Bible!(:
Joel the song master, so now it's games time, he's free to cover anywhere he needs to be, so he joined the children who were 9-10 years old, the caring crabs!my group for 1/2 a day!

Say cheese!

what do you call this game? it had something to do with trust, caring for others...Naty and Sean partnered with Joel my 2nd brother who was walking around...i enjoy taking the pictures..

So now we switch roles, blindfolded person is now the i just had to take this shot after role reversal, it's only fair and it's really fun when you do this comparison of the 2 pictures...

Helping one another..
These games really build people up, simple but good and meaningful...every child tries really hard to make sure his/her friend don't get hurt and also to make it to the end....

Spectacles galore!haha..Buy 1 get one free1
when the children are blindfolded, as you see, many children watch too much TV, play too much computer, gameboy, PSP, Nitendo DS, name it they have it!..well, i think girls is more of reading too many books and the TV...haha, these specs were the girls, not many guys wearing specs in this group..
well, the guys were after this picture, I think they can be more participative, everytime girls are in front, then these boys grow up not taking initiative in daily activities that actually need their initiative...I see the need, no wonder more males for teachers and mentors(:

more happy faces!(:
I love this picture....They go well together, haha..okok, shall not matchmake children at such a tender young age...but they are so comfortable with one another, good buddies!hao peng you,haha..
I have more pictures!that's in uncle Alan's camera to share, from a DSLR!cool That's one thing i want!not a need?heh
I really enjoyed myself at VBS, though i went there on the 2nd day which was the 1/2 day only, now i really know why children's lives are transformed. I could see children singing after songs sooo well, just 2 days(not to forget the worship on sundays)
The food was great, I would have put on weight if i was there for the 2 days..haha& Joel said we should stay over at church...I was like that will be cool!(wonder what my mum says about this?haha
Thank God for being able to see the wonderful work that the childrne's ministry is doing(:
VBS 2008 anyone? Hearing people asking about it already!(: