Monday, April 25, 2011


Watching Good Friday presentations, being part of a Good Friday/Easter Presentation, remembering the death of Jesus & and the redemptive grace of His love was just rekindling my faith once again.
Thank you Lord,
thank you Jesus
for the pain you bore for a ransom for many so that we were able to receive this eternal gift of grace(:

Friday, April 15, 2011


A gleaning from Joel Loke

Don’t wait. Don’t wait to change the lives and communities around you significantly. Once you discover that you can visualize the next step society should take, and then you discover that you can lead others to turn your visions into reality, you can do anything. The only way to know you are a changemaker is to have been one- and the younger the better. If you changed the world in middle or high school, you will be changing it again and again throughout your life. Becoming a changemaker is quite like getting on a bicycle and mastering its Zen. You will not ‘get’ it by merely reading or thinking about it. If you start too late, it may indeed be too late. What is the key to making your first, life-defining commitment to changing your world? Just give yourself permission. Many will tell you that you cannot. Please ignore them- for those whose lives are limited because they never gave themselves permission, your stepping out stirs regret. That is what you are hearing. Far better to listen to your own imagination

thank God for the week(:

Friday, April 1, 2011

rememebr that time?

Having opened the quarterly newsletter from Radion, still penning my thoughts returning from Angkor of Faith. Its sometimes I put it so mammoth that I feel this computer screen is just too small to concise what the Lord has done in the week.
The follow up actions/steps just seem like treading water having to return to the bustle of work life, focusing on working with 'your' children' at the centres that the children you met in Siem Reap seem to be compartmentalised into a section of your head. the rejoices and thanksgiving at each corner whenever a few of us just sit down and start with a
'Remember that time in Cambodia..."

Praise the Lord!(: