Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In walking everyday, there are actually so many windows of learning, even up to the simplest learning or re-learning of
placing Him 1st,
patience while queuing instead of sulking
embracing the silence in the wilds travelling,
give thanks & look positive instead of whining about what couldn't be done
actively finding time set aside for my Maker
Intercessory prayers,
preparing ahead,
thinking before speaking,

this year is coming to a close, so what have we done with the life we had this year?
How have we seen the goodness of the Lord working amongst us, not necessarily on us this year?

Have a blessed week counting down to the thanksgivings my friends(:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

walking how far?

counting the days from the last entry,
17 days just whizzed by, like how time passed setting up the things at my new school these few days.

Yesterday was day 1 at Holland Drive officially after 2 months odd at Jurong West. leaving missing these children who gave me joy that comes with the anger&frustration that taught me as a teacher to manage their child-like nature.

watching very hard God moving in the midst though i'm blinded/distracted a lot from the physical fatigue, things on my mind to hold on that I have this fear of fading if I took it off too long.
just the lack of discipline to pen down my thoughts that I have with my Father
cos I realised the memory of mine is very temporary.
Was walking home monday night without a flat phone,
thinking back what I saw in the
Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader past friday.

Apart from 'WAH's & other sound effects that accompanied my seat in all movies so far:X

It struck me when they began the voyage, where they were forewarn of temptations, portrayed in smoky green things that slowly seek to engulf you,buzzing around you.
I was like, don't you just want these things to just not appear in the first place and all the struggle to stay strong need not take place, but that's actually what we encounter in life walking the journey isn't it?
with perseverance & 'Aslan' revealing Himself to steer you back.

And when Aslan, dug the claws into the sand, roared at Eustace disintegrating the 'dragon scales' on the outside
reminded me of the time when Corney saw sharing from Isaiah 53:5 in his summary that
" by his stripes, impossible is nothing." from the 3 stripes in the sand.

which actually had the description of the moment Aslan ws brought to the stone to be killed by the ice queen in the 1st movie before he was resurrected.

the next part of thougts
revolved around relationships with people dear to me,

the significance/purpose of the trip to Cambodia, taking myself out of being like this
'I know what's it like to be there' mindset and clearly seeking what He's saying to me.
before it continued, prayer followed in& I reached the lift for an interruption.

My heart to quieten with my Maker
Blessed week my dear friends(: