Saturday, March 13, 2010

Packing and checking

Packing my bag tonight for Siem Reap,
hoping parents don't jump out of their room and nag at me,
gathering my thoughts on the logistics of this team, remembering how the team was prepared in spirit during my time up to Thailand and what I could do with this team.

Thanking God for my brother, Joel's given grades,
watching over him as he walks the next phase of his journey even when he doesn't seem to be able to feel so.

thank God for the showers of blessing which quenched a little of the haze, or most of it!
it was WOW , my previlage to ask for rain & HE sent it and overflowing here.
-have to start praing for Philipines& I to eat less rice-

Thank God for feeding on HIS word in Luke 19:1-10. bullet training a little at sharing,but in hope that the group was able to soak in HIS word as I was used as a mouth piece.
and remembering Zaccheus, what Jesus did, how the crowds of people reacted to & remembering to put judgements of people on hold and find out before you 'box' them up.

Remembering to intercede for others, which you realised how many people in the world
He watches over,
how powerful prayer in faith and confidence of the Lord takes place,
putting my struggles in front of HIM,
giving thanks in all circumstances,
Remembering he gives and takes away.

a week ahead to allow HIM to flow in us as offerings to HIS people in Cambodia,
pray with me for the teams that congregate to serve with Love and passion for these people, as though we saw Jesus pouring in their lives.

I'll see you in a week's time!(:
and Indeed he Reigns!

Monday, March 8, 2010

where does it come from?

Beginning to run, dedicating it to God...
Feeling the movement in the wind that blows in my face occasionally,
and actually you never know where it specifically came from or where it stops.
Having some 'eco-siveness', if that's even a word,
that i think stirred up after helping twice with the Romanates' recycling project last year..,
feeling compelled to pick up plastic bottles,cans, and dropping it at the recycling bin in my vincinity.

Porridge Buffet for lunch with 2 Band Mates, Kelvin & Luke...
eating shocking amounts of oranges for dessert.
taking an after lunch stroll before we cathing a 4.30 movie.
Deciding with 'Alice in Wonderland' over
Jack Neo's local production of '做人' a.k.a how to behave as a human being.

Alice in wonderland, was intriguing,
filled with many underlying messages behind the characters involved.

Remebering the Red Queen's bad temper and executing everybody who was not up to mark with, "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!"
Alice's resolve to stand out as Alice who thought of impossible things, reminded by her father of doing 6 things.
and the amusing thing about the 'smartest people all are actaully mad' when Alice is panicking of her nightmares & her action of consoling the Hatter.
the quirkyness that happens in wonderland & cheshire cat.

Thank God for the Day(:


Instead of feeding on physical food which i'm no stranger to,
I will be feeding on spiritual food before I do anything else in my day.

At cell, an individual's resolve for the group to not live in a 'everything's good' world got the group discussing, sharing a slice of their life, deeper, which since shared are kept within the group to be interceded upon.

For us to be receiving in worship instead of just giving.
is for us to Outpour our SELF
and Let God fill our cups.

Praise The Lord!
Hope you are able to praise the Lord this week and eat well(:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Listen and work

Resting at home before the SAF Band Anniversary Dinner in the evening.
It was liberating to be spending good time quietly by the canal with God's word and HIS presence, to recall how he delivered me.
How easy was is to fall back into old self thereafter, just wallowing in 'just nice comfy' zone,
but the work goes on.
Psalms 27:1
The LORD is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?
The warm spell in the air reminds me of my time in Cambodia and Thailand.

was blessed by this video watching Channel 5.
watching the News yesterday of the Earthquake in Chile, my brother, Joel ask in jest,
"so what happened to Haiti?"
on top of the current disater, remember Haiti and do our part in efforts and prayer.
Music simply brought unspoken feelings across easily.
May you too exude similar emotions by it(:

Have a blessed week my friends(: