Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How has the Year been for you?

-Thank you Tab!-
she's getting better at it, can't wait for christmas next year again!:p

ANd the year 2008 is going to pass in a flash a few hours from now.

Looking through the year, the trips I went to Thailand on a more real mission trip, where that focus on why you are there is so important, serving as your basis for you presence there. A trip to KL for a Children's Conference that gave me another perspective to Children's in church, coming to a realisation that children need to start owning this mustard seed of faith from young, you no need to wait for classes to teach you about faith.

OUTRigger Island was a blast, things the songs teach to the children. Watching people taking up more leadership roles, kids loving their Island guides(I/Cs), children cheering for one another in games, seems like something has been imprinted in the hearts of the children.
the major changes in my life from boy to army boy(hopefully army man:P). God blessed me with a wonderful company, really cool people in the bunk, the beauty of his creation in the jungles, and the sun rising every morning. I learnt about humility, especially when you start getting more fit, and your body starts showing a little hint & people walk past you with "woww, woww, somebody getting fitter ar" , How do you handle that...
You depend on HIM more, especially when you feel unwell, then you realised how weak you are in the midst of HIM, and on top of getting well by his Grace, is to continue to praise HIM, acknowledging he's 1st...

Fieldcamp, with the moon brightly lited, spending reflection time while on the night duty looking out into the field.

-"keep praying even in the ucky mud, in the quiet jungle and when you're super tired"-

I have been posted to the SAF band!
been learning things, trying to maintain the fitness level(wanting to pass my Fitness test la)
GOd must have HIS purpose for me being there.
perhaps to continue to serve as much to my abilities for HIM..
I hope you had a great Year, with thanksgivings that you can share.... May 2009 for each one of you be filled with another year that we give thanks to the Lord daily, with wisdom to remember that we need to depend on HIM(:

Thursday, December 18, 2008


-Gathering at bungalow 19-
my Mum's side had the annual retreat at the Changi Safra resort. Sunny island, blue skies, aeroplanes flying whizzing past over your head, smell of bbq smoke, knocking mahjong tiles as they shout 'Pong!", people jumping for joy as they out wit the banker in a game of blackjack.
The bungalows under went a revamp. it was 'wow' when I got there...the colours make it mroe like a chalet, with modern touches in the building itself, more mirrors[more people can tidy themselves when they wake up;p], toilets look more like toilets. BBQ pits, table top that now opens the kitchen & dinig area. NOW we're talking chalet.

It always great that we gather for such events. Am thankful to be blessed to have such a happening extended family, where the adults make it point to meet up on top of sundays, Chinese new year or my grandma's birthday.

Taking like lots of pictures, sleeping like really late. By the time the younger ones are lying on the beds&I finally find my space in the living room it's 3am!
Manage to gasp in the morning sun at the pool with the cousins& 1 more session on a sunday evening, were they tried wrestling me, for some reason. woke up with like aches all over, aging aging...haha

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He did it again

Yesterday Han, Xiang, Cailin, Ryan, Amanda, Joseph & myself
took on the task of painting the exterior walls of the back rooms. It was great to see everyone hard at work,having at the same time laughing their heads off, listening to music music & more music. English, Korean, japanese...
I think for once we were louder than our next door temple neighbour:D
It looked like it wanted to rained again, with the overcast skies. I looked at the sky & thought to my self, this is one of those moments where you say to HIM,"Lord if you're willing, you will hold the rain."
He did it again & we were blessed for the afternoon.
Amazing He is.

-Projecting the words on the wall--Ryan: "come give me the paper, will trace it"-
-Joseph with his ingenious idea to block the light while trying to project the words on the wall-
-Work work & more work to be done-
Note: more people came to help complete the thing
-A Fantastic job the team did--It's done!-

Thank GOd for the team & the day(:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

POP Loh!

-Your Son Graduated from BMT-
POP LOH! It's the common 'shout-out' in most recruits from BMT. it means you done your 24km March around Tekong & your Grad March a.k.a Pass-out Parade.

Waking at 4am, heared a voice telling us to get up. I opened my eyes to a room that was still dark. That was strange because, my mates will usually get up earlier than me to turn on the lights which signals my turn to wake up. SO i dashed to the switch, 'ra-ra' the guys to get up and change and that was the last time I saw my Bunk and room. Thank God, It was our officier's good intention of waking us up earlier so that we don't snowball time of moving out for the 24k.
Finally reaching the end point, it was adrenaline pumped into your blood again after the march as we saw landmarks. Marching into the parade square as someone in the contingent instead of the people in the band playing the music was indeed a First for me.

These 3 Months, God has shown me his Goodness, his promises, his wisdom & strength. He taught me to trust Him more. especially when rain seems to wanna fall anytime, but He holds the rain time after time. The relationship, when it comes to raining goes to a deeper level, don't know how to explain in technical terms but it does. Goes back to the days I spent in Thailand. Preparing for the Hmong Lao Refugee Outreach [], or spending the night with a campfire outreach for the Hmong Thai Children from the village.
That experiences made me grew a little microscopic bit with God, and there is this joy after I watch HIM move through the situation.

He showed me humility, not comparing yourselves to others especially physical fitness wise but instead focus on your training & help those who might be in need of the extra 'push' for training.

He Gave me the strength&courage to march on even if it was Heavy Rain pattering on my helmet, and lightning that seemingly makes me the most prominent conductor after trees in the field, when running seems to exhaust you already&the many days out in fieldcamp.

He Showed me the many stars in the sky at night in the forest that reminded me of how powerful HE was more than I thought.
Leopard 2 Section3
-Shao Yong & Me--Qi Fan& Me--Darrick & Me--Narrator says, "Presenting to you the Traaaaained Soldiers!"-

I am gonna miss my days in army. Especially 'with my rifle, & my buddy and Me".