Friday, April 23, 2010

Time waits for no man

Indeed it doesn't...

The past 2 weeks, as I talk to certain people,
whose lives have such a desire to not be wasting time.

1 side reminding me,"think,think, how are you gonna lead this group of people?"
like a person from the corporate world.
Or am I thinking upon it with God?
Am I asking HIM to lead my life.
Am I even acknowledging him daily be my no.1 instead of myself or the other things 1st?

the other side, another friend,having a gift for accuracy, calculating that actually based on 24 hrs, you actually suppose to spend about 2hours with God, if your doing it on a 10% basis:X
How much time do I spend actually with HIM?

my eyes 'opened', whenever I walk in my day. I'm glad & thankful it did(:

These reminders just pop in my mind, especially when i'm free, like resting, perhaps laughing about stuff, poking fun at people for the moment, travelling to and fro destinations. and back to the thinking mode, praying mode, asking to be wise in my discernment.

have to fix my eyes on things that use my time meaningfully before Satan's does put his 'ideas' into my head. he almost did again.

Hope your week is going well by God's Grace(:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Byes

Its been 2 weeks returning from Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Had to re-ignite my engine for 'regimentation' reporting in various attires for different occassions after a week dorn in shorts and slippers for almost the whole time.

I'm looking at food in a different light each time its in front of me,
having spent 3 days for various reasons not having/ having little lunch.
For Aunty Cassandra, for the benefit of children at the Tonle Sap, for the benefit of the children at the lunch gatherings we had.
The thankfulness&appreciation of the abundance we have, the ability to afford such immediate needs,
The replies of 'good', laughing together as the children and adults sit together. Just reminds me of the children in Siem Reap, the memories of insisting 'feed the children' before i eat.

Living like a tourist or a tour guide was a challenge that Uncle Paul gave us at 1 of the devotions.

Going local roadside than resturants that does remind me of a Holland Village enclave.
No complaning of rusty water for bathing, of mosquitos, of the heat, of a lower standard of food hygiene, feet that will almost never be entirely clean with the sandy, eating a beetle that taste like ikan billis, eating a half formed duck egg as part of a devotional thought to live like street kid, dry season reminded me of the similar experience up in Phetchabun, Khek Noi Village in Thailand last year.

The morning devotions that our Japanese friend, Junichi gives daily.
The same question echoing with the accent, "How can we be friends with children?"

with our Hands,
Our Feet,
Our Ears,
Our Mouth,
and our Hearts.

No matter how childish children naturally are, approaching them with a sincere heart.
I listened to stories they share about their lives gives me a 'wow' and also how family units are not as intact compared to many of us here
I saw them rest in the common hall of the guesthouse sleeping soundly like angelic beings for a brief amount of time and up moving about again, the generosity of them giving you the bangles they make, paper wind mills, being your tour guide cycling along the cambodian road and the occassional tempers when they misunderstand your intentions in getting them lunch for that day.

For a land that needs God, in the bustling of a tourist area. For lives of children to be ministered to, for the hungry, for the misguided individuals.
So much to do for a relief worker/missionary placed there.
So much to be praying for each time instead of for yourselves 1st.

No matter how strange songs sequence, we sing with a grateful heart.
In perfecting our singing for singing class, a pure heart as you approach God.
As you sing that He's the Father of Mercies, Worthy is the Lamb, the darling of heaven that was crucified, the song of the redeemed that God's children because He Reigns.

Leaving a day earlier was not easy, with the children's face sadden, with invisible 'I will miss you' on it. Giving your hugs, reminders for some of them to start school, study hard and get a good education.
Knowing that MORE that we can do for these children on top of the fun stuff that was done each day. If i'm allowed to, it would be my previlage to return.

better get all of it down before I drift further away from the memories that formed this experience.

Surrendering to God in all of my situations(:
Have a blessed week my friends