Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hahahaha, I haven't blogged in ages.

Anyway, I feel really green today, so let me tell you people how to stop harming our wonderful world! (:

1) Take SHORT showers.
2) Use plastic lunchboxes to carry your 'last min' breakfast, or your snacks. ( do not use plastic bags)
3) Use BOTH sides of the paper, or even better, take unwanted printed paper to write stuff.
4) OFF unnecessary lights ; ( eg. you do not need lights if you are bathing in daytime - you shd know this)
5) Take the MRT instead of asking your parents to fetch you lazy pig. ( unless its on the way )
6) Bring your own plastic bags to supermarkets unless you need more plastic bags for home use
7) OFF computer screen when not in use, don't wait till it goes into hibernation. ( hehe)
8) Buy refillers for your pens. ( I'm guilty of this.)
9) The back of receipts can be used to play tic tac toe.


I'm getting into the trying to save the world mode.
Recently I was walking with my sister back home. As you know, there is an electronic gate and an electronic door. As we were reaching, the gate was just shutting itself close... We could have obviously made it through but it would mean that the gate would start to open again right? Sigh, which would lead to a waste in electricty. HENCE, I stopped pammywammy from going through and I opened the door instead.

Pam: ' What is your problem?'
Me: ' I'm a tree hugger...... [pauses] Wait no, that would be saving paper... Well, you get the

Oh well, just do your bit in saving whatever you can and be happy!


You see.. it's a cheap thrill.... for me.

- By the way... iBooks are so not cool (: Hahaha, they are really hard to use. & everything in it's different from the normal stuff. It only looks good and can take pictures and has garage band.
THAT'S ALL. Don't make hasty decisions my friend.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Johnny Boy and David Boy

-Top from Left:Me, Li Xin, Farhana
Bottom from Left: Yu Pei, Yi En-
Credits: Yi En's iBook

Me and the ibook, I want to get an ibook, a WANT, not a have to decide carefully. I WANT a DSLR to take pictures and bless other people with the pictures i take, and be blessed by what God has placed in the lands...Is that a NEED? Let me weigh it out..
but Thank GOd for pictures!(:

Thank you sharing wise words from Constance who took down notes from her pastor during sermon, from 1 Samuel 18:1-4

Real friendships are made of:
1. common bond of faith(both of them believed in God)
2. taking time( to build the relationship)
3. committed relationship not networking (they made a convenant with each other)
4. express love by giving ( Vs 4-Jonny boy love david so much that he gave all his precious stuff taht he had to David, it's about giving, till up toe sacrificing)

"what a friend we have in Jesus" God wants to give us real friends!

be transformed by the renewing of our minds
-something for everyone to think about-

Monday, October 29, 2007

Peng you-Friends-Ka Wan[that's malay by the way]

-Beautiful Evening Sun!-
taken: Saturday,27/10/2007
Location: Road to my house
Hmm, I had the feeling of anger, which was normal...
Let me try to explain this, My friend seemed to have not come home yet, another friend call me to ask if i know where this friend is, so i'm not sure, so i call my friend who seemed to be Missing In Action(M.I.A)
My friend picked up, ok means that my friend is fine, but my friend sounded a little grounchy, which kinda affected me for that moment..
So was trying to control myself, how to get angry, it's like not really big, but like i feel that like not nice leh...reprimand like not right, reprimand like also not right,like petty, which I am.
so i needed some wise words, thank God for my mentor, Eoin, so i explined to him the scenario with the 'my friend this' 'my friend that'. he analysed it, so it was like,
I called my friend right?ya
so i am concern for my friend right?ya of course, out so late, concerned parents will be concerned.
well, if that's your friend you will be nice to your friend even when he's not nice to you. not only when your friend is nice only to you. If that's so how can you be a friend?

that's how David and jonathan functioned..Learning point from this(:

Thank God for this day!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

27 October 2007- TreeTop Walk

Today, I was with my GEN 12 Mission Trip group that went to Charis student care as part of our mission trip with campus crusade for Christ. We are walking to the TreeTop Walk..really enjoyed myself. I was a late, but they manage to engaged themselves with Prata at the cripsy prata place, which i saw, Prata were small, really small. We had a great time just hanging out, catching up with one another about their life..doind silly things, taking random picture which i don't have it here cos my handphone has so much space only, it's alright, i learnt that you take waht you need, not everything and anything!can't take everything, that's greed right?well, enjoy God's Creation, and you can go with your love ones to enjoy this great part of Singapore(:
-We made it, halfway at least...haha-
Hello everyone!I deicided to walk by another road, by the road where i could see the golf course of Island Country Club..just felt like it...haha, so it converges at this point....Glad to see thema gain(:

we are walking to the HSBC Tree Top Trail
Opens 9am -5pm(don't start walking there after 4.45pm)

The view from the Bridge....Enjoy,Admire the Creation of God(:

-View to bottom,way down!Well, i wasn't worried about me falling over, Thank God for blessing me with a safe trip(:

-jaywalking requires quite an amount of strength-
-look at the amount of strength exerted to cross the road
Rest upon the Lord!Sleep well children,Zzzzzz.....-

Thank You God for the time immerse with God' people and your Creation(:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jesus Loves You, Me, Everybody!

Look at the phones, there's my phone 3rd from the right, I arragned it from thinnest to thickest, but it's ok, cos all phone are usable and can make calls!not to forget smsing...

Speaking of SMSing, someone has been doing her best to control her smsing limit..haha, let me encourage you by telling you Great Job! Ice-Cream for you?Black Forest!(:

Was thinking of the song, 'Jesus Loves the Little Children'

JESUS Loves the little children, all the children of the world,
Red and yellow ,black and white, they are precious in his sight,
JESUS loves the little children of the world!(:

DG-DiscipleGroup @ Island Creamery

-Say 'Ice-Cream'!-
Wednesday,24 Octover 2007, wwe had dinner at Adam road food centre..then went to Isalnd Creamery to at ice-cream and have DG.It was a great time of sharing and hearding from my fellow brothers. The topic was about The New I.D, The Learning point was to understand the practical implications of the believer's identity with Christ and be encouraged to live them out. We talked about our old & new self, about us not being slaves to sin, sin is not our master, you are slave to righteousness, Sin has NO DOMininoN over you.
-What are you gonna do after you graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic?SHaring our insights-

-Reading from God's word, the passage James 1:13-15-
-After eating some black-forest ice-cream, where everyone commentd on the Rum-
Ron:"I want some, please?"
-After consuming some black forest ice-cream!haha, actually it was just us, i think me trying to understanding something,then Joshua got a little confused, i got a little confused,sometimes by the music in the store. me and music..had a great laugh!-

People at today's DG, still remebering ZhengBin and a few others who are not with us today
-Shao Wei-

Right:Jermiah, Left: Ron(our DGL a.k.a DiscipleGroup Leader)

-what happend to the picture?go check it out at Island Creamery!-

A verse for our take home,
-WHO I think I am, WHAT i believe in, AFFECTS my Identity!-

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

May My Steps....Cooling Down after the Run,watch the Sun

-Sunday,21October 2007-
The evening Sun after my jog, when i went doen with a bottle of ribena, exchanged shoes for Flip-Flops to cool down, This spot at the back of my house is windy! Whenever i feel drawn out during running especially, I sing this song

"May my steps be worship, may my thoughts be praise, may my words, bring honour to your name.May my steps be worship, may my thoughts be praise, may my words, bring honour to your name.May my steps be worship, may my thoughts be praise, may my words, bring honour to your name."
Thank God for the Day!(:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Chronicles of Farhana's Birthday

-Eeww.what's that smell?-
Left:Farhana(covered) Right:Daniel
-Happy Brithday to Farhana!-
This picture quite unglam for Daniel, my classmate..Farhana's like covered la,haha.That's Farhana & Daniel, with me as the photographer.We brought here to 'Botanical Gardens" which was actually WestMall, But she didn't have a clue where we were going..trying to stall some time for Yi En to get a table at Swensen's,Yummy!
This is Farhana,lol..with balloon flowers with compliment from Swesen's.Oh i forgot to take a picture of this, but we wrote a note on the serviette, to the waiter that served us!-Dessert Time!-
The meal i ordered was an executive lunch, means i had a soup of the day, coffee, tea or soft drink & ice creaM!
Thank God for the yummy Lunch(:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The 1st Week After Holidays -15-21 October 2007-

-Be a Fisher of Men/Women-
The week passed so fast!I had a short retreat from busy busy life and went for a Discovery Weekend camp organised by Campus Crusade.Didn't sleep over though, well, it's alright,the sleep at home was refreshing and dad was in Sri Lankan attending a Conference, he was nominated cos i think he's a life long learner-that i can vouch for, Great job DAD!(:
-My File.on the way back from Pasir Panjang, on bus 51-

-Look at God's Creation, "you were Lord of the Creation & Lord of my Life, Lord of the Land & the Sea, You were Lord of the Heavens before there was time, & Lord of Lords you Will be!"-

The first week at school was great, getting ready for the last semester before guys go army, girls can take the 2 year degree or work, or change career. I'm having mixed feelings about continuing on the journey with God. What do I do after this?You can't look into the future, You only can be led by the Shepherd,. Picture this from Psalms 23-"The Lord is my Shepherd..."TRUST God that he will deliver you...

-Praying for one another-
Had DG-Disciple Group with the year 3 guys, it's great to just gather and be encouraged by their faith, experiences of God blessing them & using them to bless others. Gonna have it on Wednesday Evenings, so to make time, I will do my homework consistently then can go out right?

I had LM-Life Meeting on Thursday, I was encouraged by the people, the years 1s and 2s that were the main bulk of the people in the room. I could feel the kind of zealousness that they had as they shared their experiences from the T.U.T camp. Thank God, I think it's gonna be soon when NP crusade begins to organise a concert at the Convention Centre!(:

Then came Friday,I had a wonderful time at Island Creamery that evening..Thank God that i was able to spend time with her, I shall not elaborate on the name as yet,heh..hope she enjoyed herself(: We were like colouring, then i strum the guitar while she doodled more, then when i doodled she also doodled,not guitar playing for a while,and kids met some kids coming over to the art corner to draw, figuring out the Rubik's Cube, which i forgot how to use the special method that i learnt that night,oops,heh...Person coming over to tell me that the guitar is out of tune!haha...the person who colours is very important,but the person who sketched it is even important!(:
The ice-cream was very yummy too, I had Black Forest, Chendol & Strawberry Cheese Cake,not too much Black Forest Flavour for the faint hearted,especially if you get high easily...haha, This month till 30th November i think, I will have 3 scoops of ice cream for 5 bucks, cos there's a promotion for people who flash their HSBC cards there!yay!Hope we will can go again soon!
Oh oh, Where are the pictures?hmmm......haha(:

My saturday had a great time at cell Group, doing on the book "The Road less Travelled" I have since stopped that book for Bible Study with Eoin, and will start on another book dealing with church history..

I have made a decision to start journalling about my thoughts with God, discovering WHO He Is instead of WHAT God Can do. I pray that i will draw strength from God as i walk with him(:

I pray that everyone will have a great week ahead too!Take care(:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bonjour (:
Haha, i'm in a french mood right now. Was reading my sister's blog, hmm, I suppose she's gotten over with her long-thought-of crush. Not that she told me anything, but after all, I'm her sis, what can she keep from me? :D
I have my sources.
I like the way she does those dotted lines.
Anyways, she taught me some words 'absofreakinglutely', 'absofreakingwhere' and all those random stuffs. Hahaha, she's a funny kid (most of the time).
I just got my allowance today! :D
Not that it means much, but it made me happy for that hour.
I turned the newspaper over to the 'deaths' page today, accidentally. Made me realise how blessed I was to not know anyone who has passed away since. It doesn't count when I don't remember you see. (:
So, cherish everyone you know now, don't regret it when it's too late.
I watched 'The Naked Chef' today. I love love love to watch him bake :)
Maybe it's his passion I see all the time, or maybe it's how he makes cooking look so absofreakinglutely easy but I love watching Jamie O.
It doesn't help that his eyes are baby blue either (:
I'm gonna go watch more vcds and spoil my eyes some more.
Au voir ! ( ? )
Ps: I suppose Friday's good(:
Till then.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

exams are over (:

Hahaha, I love my life now!
Feels great and all, but somehow mugging seems kinda like a habit.
Weird, but I feel funny not sitting at my table right now.
Anyway today we went out to eat at NYDC, and walked around and sat down at the lido area :p

Whatever, but I'm gonna go watch my High School Musical and Prison Break 3!
I miss them all.


Till tmr!

Friday, October 5, 2007

This week:
- eng paper one
- social studies
- chinese paper one
- chemistry paper one and two
- biology paper one and two
- emath paper one and two
- elect hist

that's pretty amazing aye?

It seems pretty good that all those are over [:
now all i have to do is make it through the next two days of mugging and three days of papers.
Well, I'm sure it'll be over fast and maybe unpainfulike.
I'm feeling the effects of freedom already. Man.
Plus, marking days are free days,
that means no school on thurs and fri!!


- the nearly happy girl

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Come to Think of it....

Title: BOYS of 4A

this is a picture of the boys who were there at the 4A chalet!i enjoyed the photo taking session with the people!Cheese!

"we see happy faces and we laugh all day, oh my what a wonderful day..." This is one of the songs that I have been working on at the Cove. Been composing songs in preparation for the year-end musical. Being a composer is quite cool, shall do that for fun more often !

Had been on the bus just now, today was the last day of T.U.T camp, TUT?it's The Unconfessed Truth, by Ngee Ann Campus Crusade.Wanted to go,Couldn't be there for the camp, was working, didn't notify the centre that there was camp, so not nice to inform late right?was thinking about what they do at the camp like Project X, where you go for Street Evangelism. There I was in the bus on my home from buying groceries with mum, this guy seated behind me was reading from a booklet, not jsut any booklet, I turned my head, to 'look' outside'(actaully to listen more carefully to what he reading) It was the 4SLs,4 spiritual laws booklet,Wow, cool. listening him read, I felt angry and sad, wanted to reprimand him.

Should I have turned around and defend ,my faith boldly?

He was reading it out aloud. one of the law was talking about we sinned and that Jesus dies on the cross for our sins, He being talking wierdly, to the point of cursing at that the fact there was this person Jesus that came down from heaven, to save us. And also about heaven not exsiting, because he quoted a song saying,"heaven is place on earth." I dot him ar./:

Haiya, i will not comment on this not very considerate behaviour, I think he's just not ready to accept Christ, hardened heart, but must remember, you can pray for him that as he continue to journey, that he will meet someone to share with him again and that he will come to know Christ.

Alighted, stopped to take a close look at him, walked home with my Mum, she couldn't take it too.
I was like, "haiya, did you hear that guy talk?"
She replied, "Ya, that's why happens when people don't have of in their lives."

Felt this sadness in my heart as I walked for that moment,but feeling that way will not help, What will I make out of the experience i just had?

-So many out there are have not heared of Christ..Will you or I be willing to share the message- with someone?
Pray that the guy will meet people who will be ready to share with him.
I commend the people who went out in faith to share their story with others today!and not to forget everyday people who share the good news with people they meet!

Monday, October 1, 2007

ho did I feel during Art Therapy?

How did I feel During art therapy? Great!

Are you Travelling Light?-Chapter 5, The Burden of Weariness

The Burden of Weariness- I Will Give you Rest by Max Lucado

Met up with Eoin on Saturday..I enjoy the way Eoin(my Mentor) questions me about the chapter at Bible Study. Been a while since i met him for bible study that happens on saturday mornings at the void deck of HDB Block 322A at Jurong East.

Weariness.Who has an idea of what weariness?to worry?hmm close but that will not be it, because worry and weary are different things. So what's weariness, How come people have this?How come it's a type of burden that people tend to have that has been identified in the book my Max Lucado?

It seems that people love to be in control.Who's in control?God's in control or you are in control?what's in your hands that's directly in your control? Nothing!People want to be in Control because 'They THINK they know"...shouldn't we be certain of what you are doing?But are you sure it's gonna happen the way you THOUGHT it will become?i think I take that things happen the way they happen, come to think of it, God can just change/switch the circumstances of the outcome if he wants, but usually he doesn't la..That's why we have more than many opportunities to Thank God for whatever we go through!Every beat you heart makes, every breathe you take,every Move you make...the list can just go on and on

You know that God's there, we follow his direction. Quite hard right, how to determine that's his reply to what you been asking about?God gives you wisdom..So Exciting!

I pray that God will continue to bless all of us to have wisdom to decern what he has planned for us, and that we continue to be really really Thankful for the simple things in life-being able to wake up from sleep, move,
things God bless us with that sometimes you see other people not having, and that you will belss that person with the Gift that you have(: