Sunday, May 27, 2012


While the contemplating for a course of study rages on....

Sharing from a link Luke sent,

"Of course, it is being way too optimistic to talk about changing the entire system. Too much time, money, and effort would be needed. Rather, we should change gradually it by changing ourselves. Take charge of your own education. Don't live only by the school system. Learning what is taught in school is important, but what is more important is what we take away from it, after we finish schooling. Grades are important to get you the school/job you want, but your own interest and passion is what will keep you going. Find your passion in life, and take action to pursue it. Choose the path that best further your passion and interest, for it is passion that will keep that fire burning within you"

Giving up our idols

Forgoing our creature comforts or symbols that we chase in particular communication devices personally shall get me fasting on something...for the better;)

here we go...

The next few posts are a culmination (learnt a new word:p) of sights my physical eyes get to see or think about..Its always refreshing to come in to pen down God' grace in His time & remember His grace as we move ahead.

attended a fundraising dinner for Radion International back i April & was challenged by the passion Eugene who heads Radion's efforts in Thailand. From the time I first met him back on a mission trip in '08, I saw this man who labouriously pressed on by God's strength, day in and day out serving the Hmong community up in Thailand.

Tonight was a blessing to watch him share the work and vision that was forged to reach out to these people, just by a simple gesture of  "Somebody greater actually loves you"