Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let's do better things.

This week returning back to camp on a Monday,
having slept not very long the last evening after a late night with
extrinsic motivation of a cup of drink awaiting the person who drops the tower of JENGA,
which I personally had to manage 4 of it.
Its amazing how high the tower doubles itself with such 'motivation' dished out at us. Our never quit approach to looking for the next possible piece to continue on, hoping we manage to 'allow' everybody an opportunity to taste the drink.

the beginning of a 2000 piece puzzle whose frame was completed,
MTV videos are energising me for some reason with humming tunes from Foo Fighters,Miley Cyrus & Michael Bluble for the memory. Just a little sleepy as we colour coded the pieces.

I lied on that bed, finally calling it a night.

Refreshed after a cold shower before setting off to camp,
it was PT after a very long time
not stepping out of the house on a morning to embrace the breeze.
Reminder to get that butt of mine of my house and into the field to travel and soak in the warmth of the Sun.

And returning to find out that I have more Offs than I actually had for the BMT's Passing out Parade(POP) 2 weeks back led me back home again before I return on Thursday morning.

With the time that I had, its really easy to get submerged in my Sofa/chair,
reading away at newspapers, sitting around staring blankly,
setting off to do something, but walking up and down everywhere, trying to accomplish more, than what you can focus on.

Let me do better things with what HE's given me and I will(:
*Right after I say such things, Satan began thinking of ways to quench such aspiring fire.
-For the Lord is the stronghold of my Life-

Thursday, December 17, 2009


-To see the Doctor we are-

This week began with an accompanying trip to NUH for my granddad's Blood test,
which spilled over to a need to be warded because of
white &
platelet counters being too low.

an agonising 3 hours and another 3 hour thereafter, because the supply exceed the demand for beds.
Granddad and I whining ocassionally about the slow pace but he's a calm sage
I keeping a look out for him while he sits on the chair.

Sitting at the waiting area, looking around, don't know what thoughts are whizzing through his mind. The sea of teochew vocabulary when I ask a question which I faintly understand half and he repeats the rest in mandrin.
His favourite past time is actually to count money & play mahjong with the pros who have money.
Him laughing quietly to himself when my face points blank after being bombarded with teochew.
He directing me where to push him while he sits on the wheelchair.

Having the previlage of the afternoon with him, topics begin.
His roots, his journey to Singapore from the Sounthern province of this place Swatou in China, to Hongkong, back to China then to Thailand before arriving at the age of 25 in Singapore.

The question of christianity I asked which bore a hardened heart after the brunt of so many year(he's 87), working and fighting to protect and raise his family.
Toiling his trade once as a painter, fending for himeself alone in Singapore.
How do I begin sharing about Jesus's story to this man? But I need to begin sharing.

Pray that he gets better, he should be getting home to recuperate tomrrow and the quality time to share on the story(:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Where is heaven bound?

This is one of the many quotes my dear friend, Amanda shared the other night.

"Heaven's not a place."
"I didn't say it had map coordinates..."
"If it was in the sky, then birds would get there before you.
If it was under the sea, fish would be first."

"Then where is it?" I asked.
"It's inside you,"
Shay said,"and outside too."

I want to look with an eternal perspective(:

Monday, December 14, 2009

So far?

Walking the past month, and I write this today....what has been taking place in my life
My birthday celebration with people in my life,
the romanates retreat,
BMT parade,
worships on Sunday...
thankful for it all...

-Safra Retreat with a birthday gathering at bungalow 9-
It was as always wonderful to be able to gather with cousins on my maternal side for annual gatherings. With members putting in effort, not easy with the children growing up and different phases in life..and the surprises I got that day..
.from milk,sarsi and 7-up into a sunday's outfit
a Big welcome banner,
seeing my mates from my life..
getting drench in water and cream at my 'thank-you' speech,
very appropriate blessings I received in gifts and text greetings
to move ahead with my walk in God

-Sharing in the song 'Everytime I see a cross' inspired the sand work-

Over at the Retreat,
East Coast Parkway by the beach was humbling.
To stand at the sea, in the calmness of night, or the breaking of morning.
just open your ears, close your eyes, be still,let the heart start singing with the right heart & spirit...
the wind just passes by your face & ears and my heart aches as I faintly hear and feel something speaking to me.

Each morning when I see the Sun, any morning now practically after having a sharing from
Ecclesiastes 11:7
"Light is sweet and it pleases the eye to see the Sun."
to remember my Creator, to remember that what I prayed and asked HIM,
he has shown and delivered me, in HIS time.
And when I was confused, I just have to focus on HIM
a sense of release.

the praise when the young people lead in worship. A similar selection of songs, but with a group of true worshippers, you know it when its not the mind getting notes right, but the heart touching heart, spirit touching spirit.
Was talking to Joseph, and he shared," very long never hear such singing le"
Beauty in an offering of true praise(:

Laughing as hard as they could, light hearted talk drawing the relaxed person in each of them was a previlage to witness.

And the sharing of Burning bush that Moses saw.
Answering that call...will you answer it? do you see it? I'm still trying to piece my logic into God's will, which doesn't fit! Listen to you...
Why am I not answering the call?
I seem to lack something to move my stubborn legs that are 'cemented' on the position. But I pray to not be double-mindedness when I pray, I pray that what I pray is not of me, but you lead me

From all these,
worships on Sundays just become even more powerful..
i see it again about 'its not the song, its the heart.

Being back on the sunny Island of Tekong just brings back memories of how I once was there.
People saying 'POP loh', others are yelling, "ORD Lo!"
My Enciks or warrant officers are posted to other units.
Remember this particular one personally after all the nonsense he twists at the circumstance of stuff and 'nagging' at me for not clinching 6 pull-ups. Shall push for Gold and send him a note to thank him for the initial motivation, adding colours, lots of colour to my BMT life.
Next round I get back to Tekong I shall do just that which coincides with my ORD date:)

The month of November just ended..and ahead stands new sights I'm gonna see on my journey. Set sail I should.
my Friends we shall see each other on our journey and wave hello.
Have a blessed week ahead(: