Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Square 1

Thank God for the rain that showered this evening...

I have not been very consistent walking with HIM, so distracting...
how difficult is it to lay back and say,
" ahhh, that can wait"
time with God can wait,

cos there seem to be more pressing things that you thought you had to do. You Thought so...

F.O.C.U.S i will work towards
May the Love for my Creator each day be ever new...

Have a blessed week ahead!(:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


-time: 5.30am on a monday morning-

This past week Phebe's Grandma passed on.
I listened on to the sharing by uncle Danny & eulogy from Phebe's Uncle, Peter.

"just like our life,the tent that we are are housed upon for the next few days of the funeral are just but temporary...and we return to our Father's House."
how grandma tells her 5 children to be united like the fingers to a hand.

I have been shown that funerals are a time where you see the human become ever real again, where people come together, coming closer to one another,
edging their older folks to rest while the younger generation survives the task of watching the night shift at the wake.

On top of a person leaving this world, while we are filled with missing the person, the trademarks that repeatedly fly through our head, the face, the person's prescence. he/she has graduated in the Lord's Glory & we celebrate that(:

-something that you do while doing night shift, especially getting hungry-
-walking home in the morning-
-the earlier bird gets the worm-

Have a blessed week my friends(:

Saturday, May 9, 2009


-Is it gonna rain?-

The weather this past week has been WOW.
it's sunny and bright in the day, and next thing, clouds gather at night, cumulonimbus clouds(word taught from my younger brother, joel) ,
strong gusts of winds that slams your unsecured doors shut & blow the clothes that you hang outside down to the 1st floor.
the lightning seems like GOD wanted to take a picture of me half awake.
thank God for the cool weather and the Sun rising up with beautiful colours filled in the sky.

The moment I decided that i shall not be so distracted from GOD, the distractions start coming, sending me the message that 'it's ok, just take a break for a while'..
what a tough one.

Con't to pray,have faith in stading firm on my stronghold.

Have a blessed week ahead my friends(: