Monday, December 23, 2013

See you soon!

As I got drawn here and reread posts, I smiled, giggled(just in case my family looked at me like a crazy dude), reflected

Reading quotes, words of wisdom, notes from friends, long lost post helps pause, connect dots to things.

Well, I happen to be reading obituaries on and off, where what you put in that section is an invitation to all about your demise. It also demonstrates a little piece of where your faith holds. I don't read enough of the Bible that these sections gives me a dose of wisdom, recollection of memory verses, verses that I once hold onto deeply. Apart from the verses, I managed to stumble upon one guy, who actually quoted himself, definitely an avid angler with his picture of him in one of those small yachts for a weekend escapade for fishing. There wrote his quote, which went along the lines of, "Gone fishing, see you soon!"

Well, I look at the words, " see you soon!" and reflect what does that mean for me?
I get away on a sabbatical, A retreat (silent ones), A getaway and then return?

Well, till I'm given that privilege to meet my Creator in heaven or when its time for Him to return,
"See you soon" for me as a living person carries on the message that "I'm going to go somewhere" but its all necessary because when getting away(not too long), you are more receptive to new ideas, new people, new ways of thinking(good ones), it 'deepens' my sense of life.

Well, this space that seeks to glorify God's amazing grace 'in His Time' will come to a 'see you soon', 
 I leave this refuge to grow in my willingness to walk on oceans floor that are deep, unknown, definitely scary, unstable, but I know He will be there with me, with us.
to grow in His likeness even more, and walk less waywardly but on His path where He straightens it for me
I look forward to coming back perhaps not on this platform but definitely leaning more on His heart, His voice, His ways. and shine not like stars in what Paul writes in Philippians only but remember His glory that glows like a million suns in our lives.

A  Million Suns(Acoustic) / Hillsongs United

You stand eternal 
The uncreated One 
Who knows no end 
The starry wonders 
The vast expanses 
Bound to Your command 

You shine like a million suns ablaze 
Wrapped in eternal light and praise 
Jesus the First the Last 
The Bright and Morning Star 

You spoke creation 
Into existence 
Life and all we are 
Beyond all measure 
The universe 
An echo of Your power 

You shine like a million suns ablaze 
Wrapped in eternal light and praise 
Jesus the First the Last 
The Bright and Morning Star 

Never ending 
You will reign forevermore 
You are holy 
You are worthy 
Lord of all

Sunday, May 27, 2012


While the contemplating for a course of study rages on....

Sharing from a link Luke sent,

"Of course, it is being way too optimistic to talk about changing the entire system. Too much time, money, and effort would be needed. Rather, we should change gradually it by changing ourselves. Take charge of your own education. Don't live only by the school system. Learning what is taught in school is important, but what is more important is what we take away from it, after we finish schooling. Grades are important to get you the school/job you want, but your own interest and passion is what will keep you going. Find your passion in life, and take action to pursue it. Choose the path that best further your passion and interest, for it is passion that will keep that fire burning within you"

Giving up our idols

Forgoing our creature comforts or symbols that we chase in particular communication devices personally shall get me fasting on something...for the better;)

here we go...

The next few posts are a culmination (learnt a new word:p) of sights my physical eyes get to see or think about..Its always refreshing to come in to pen down God' grace in His time & remember His grace as we move ahead.

attended a fundraising dinner for Radion International back i April & was challenged by the passion Eugene who heads Radion's efforts in Thailand. From the time I first met him back on a mission trip in '08, I saw this man who labouriously pressed on by God's strength, day in and day out serving the Hmong community up in Thailand.

Tonight was a blessing to watch him share the work and vision that was forged to reach out to these people, just by a simple gesture of  "Somebody greater actually loves you"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Mediocre work Vs Smart Work

My brother's spirit and voice seem to appear
whenever i'm taunted with the decision to lean to the first, though that's how close I can get close to him these times while he's still in the States.

Thinking about my crusade days where faith building was challenged*. School days always bring back nostalgia good or bad(: Re-looking towards HIM in the Marketplace*

Monday, February 6, 2012

passing thought

In school this term, we're doing a series of "I can..."s with what our body parts can accomplished to a '4' year child.
Having 'I thinks' which align with the same convention and lots of presumptions/doubts/processes floating in the sea of cells in my head.
-settle your doubts with answers-
Looking forward to the sessions of such with people(:

Monday, November 7, 2011

What can I do?

There is a longing only You can fill....

My deliverer, I will wait for you oh Lord, for Your mighty hand to save...

When all crumbles in, when all fails, where can I go? what can I do? but to look to You...

I hope I run to You straight away rather than lean on my strength