Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WOW...The week!

Wow, there has been like a whole week of getting work ready to hand up homework...
Phew, it was poster presentation last friday, 2 assignments yesterday and a test today...
But i enjoyed every single bit of the experience...the setbacks sometimes, like me interpreting the quetsions wrongly, me not paying attention to the details properly
had to like focus to complete this post too...haha:P
having done this rush week of assignemnts,for the final one...this week I will do with focus, encouraging people in other groups to jia you, cos i think encouragement for otehrs is very simple but it goes along way...
On Sunday i will be the majority groups that are sleeping, not rushing work...
But really thank God for the strength that he blessed me...something i learnt from the new book that the church was embarking on.."God's closer than you think" by John Ortberg, quite an interesting writer I must say...but the main gist that i got this week was, God's actually here, on Rainbow days, rainy day...the thing i had to do this week is to remember that in all circumstances, God is here...
A song that i thought of while thinking of that thing about GOd's everywhere

God Is Here

God is here, dwelling in the praise of his people,

God is here, healing broken hearts with his touch...

As we gather to worship his name,

He is riding on the wings of our praise

i believe, I believe that GOd is here.

May I continue to draw strength from HIM, courage to face wahatever circumstance he gives, wisdom to handle the mental blcoks, for HE is closer than we think....He's everywhere(:

My friend, Laura a.k.a BakchorMee just reminded me of children while I related to her about something that happened/:

"they(children) help us to see the world in a new and entrancing angle - key word

you should try to make yourself available for him. like, don't force yourself unto him lah. but jsut be there in case he wants to talk to somemore.

this kind of mentor-mentee (?) roles are not defined. its like how we go childcare we teach the children but sometimes, they teach us too.

lol that's what i always write in my reflection report for FP
i always say in the end, i realise that the children are teachers in their own rights too.
they teach us how to look at the world in a new and entrancing angle.
an unbiased view

they help us to see the world in a new and entrancing angle - key word

okok continue. so like, bcos you've learnt alot of stuffs, you are conformed to the things you learn.. like an overdose kind.. when there is actually a much simpler way
but the things you learned clutter your way
like karang guni like that
so you can't see that way
She wants a discredit for the not so formal langauge, Singlish:P
WOW, pray that whatever takes place..I see God working, not just the circumstances(:

Anything I can be praying for you?(:

Friday, January 18, 2008


What a week I had...Well this post has been done like 3 times!technical glitch i think:p
Thank God as I focus on him for the next 2 weeks and more...
As he brought me through the week, I felt this burden on me lifted higher, someone's been carrying my load now...He has blessed me his wisdom to think properly and well to answer the questions, process faster and for critical thinking...For courage, that i dont' get overwhelm...For strength cos if I was replying on my strength, I drain out really fast

Dinner with Paternal grandpa

went out dineer with my granddad, 2 aunts and my mum...fish head steamboat, my xiao gu recommanded balestier, whcih as really nice, love the way they are using charcoal as the source of heat for the soup.
-The flame-
-salted egg yolk coated prawns--KangKong with cuttlefish--tofu?,yea last bit in my bowl, labelled a vacumcleaner that evening:p-
Grandpa's like super impatient, everyone stopped eating already except myself, haha, let them wait then(just for a while)
tried talkking to him in my broken teochew,"ought to be shot" as my bro, Joel will put it...but it was good, wanted him to talk about his past, how did he come to Singapore? his history..really important cos when he leaves us, no one can tell us the actual fact than the person who went through it himself.
My mum filled in about her history of being dad's girlfriend and daughter-in-law of knowing grandpa and it always links back to her and dad:p
but thank God for the time of fellowship, preparing for new year, with starting being focused on school work...
- got something for ah-ma who couldn't come, needed to give her incentive..haha, she still remember me though her memory fades a little, and speaking in more broken teochew
Of course not forget, got it for my bros and dad:P-

Had my first TEAM meeting with my GEn12 mates.
Have been blessed with the previlage to go on the trip to Chaign Mai Thailand, cos eralier when i signed up, there seemd to be an error in my registration, so I thuoght i will be in my second choice, GRACEHaven in Singapore. Wherever the place, God will prepare me for his works that I only boast with HIm as the head(:
I thank God for my team of men and women with a strong faith, which really encourages me
during devotion, it was asked by corney the guy leading
"who is Jesus to you?"," For whom are you doing this for?"
Wow, you reflect, it was a good reminder
Jesus Loved us first..and for my I love Him by being focused on what he ask of and not be distracted by earthly things(:

Thank GOd for my lecturer that shared with me something about MOE...describing it in terms of an underwater world setting.
As I con't to discern -to wheelock, to NIE?

P.S: anything that i can be praying for you?(:

Thank God for the week and for the many blessings in my life(:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy birthday to my dad

juice anyone?
J-O-Y juice, when 2 bottles at $1.60 were bought and I walked further down the street to 2 shops down wher Joel and Jordan were, guess what? J-O-Y juice was $1.30...haha,but it's fine, at least there's jucie to drink(:
Today's my dad's Birthday! He has come a long way, wow, being te Man of the house, leading the family...growing and encouraing us in his subtlely but wise ways on leading life
Mum was like " Old man Old Man, now i put soo many candels for you":P
dad's like ," what to do, who ask this girl to marry this old man"cheeky sia:P
This was how we had to take a family shot,
1 swesen's box. 1 dictionary, 2 Cd cases and 1 tupperware box

Happy birthday to my dad...he's like very near the age of er-hum , no age revealed:pHappily Married! 21 Years(:
As a couple, You see a fair share of highs and lows, How has God been part of this journey together>?
wow, how haave you placed God in your Life? walking close to him?
The person who took this(me) ask the birthday 'boy to give his wife a present because on birthdays, you don't just receive presents, you GIVE....ta dar
Everyone has great dads, you don't see it, He's sometimes back scene, sometimes, your dad's not really there, but that's alright, there's a dad , daddy around you-Daddy God(:

My dad has been the 'iron' man' doing 1 hand push-ups(impress people only:p),ironing clothes, person who mops the floor and folds the socks, kills croackroaches, teach people to kill croackroach, fixing the stuff in the house...
Thank God for this time of celebration and for my Dad((:

P.S: Drinks anyone?h2o plus some soild carbon dioxide= cold drink:P

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HAN's In chiang Mai

Time tells me that it's 5am in the morning! A call from Eoin woke me up at 4.40am...had to slept on the floor, me being me, a heavy sleepr knocks out quite well on any soft surface, especially my bed!We went to the BUDGET TERMINAL to send HAn off. Tiger airways...remember the time when i took the budget airline, Jet Star from T2...

Sisters-Awww(well Xiang was enjoying the hug treatment for her sister):P
-The Wong Family-Not so Similar Han

haha, I enjoyed the difference, the environment is different ,its' a bit different some places...but it's fine(:
And we left the airport, with Josh, Eoin and myself to changi village for breakfast, Joshua was like really hungry and had a 'uhh' expression when we decided that we will go eat something else, Jalan Kayu roti prata! yumyumm, it's interesting, 2 small pratas made me full
Waiting for 9am class with Joshua who was there too...Tnk God I was on time..My main lecturer came to brief on the 2nd assginment...a surprised 'attack', well this reminded me to be on time for my classes, not niec to be late for classess.(:
Tank GOd for this dAY!(: