Monday, June 30, 2008


Remebered, It was Chronicles of Narnia-The lion, the witch & the wardrobe on sunday night!
beautiful movie, though the times i watched it was on a dvd...
as the lion walks to the stone, the humiliation that he suffers, his giving his life because of what the boy did in a moment of rashness,the lion rising again,
reminds me of how Christ had to suffer before he laid his life even though he was blameless to begin with(:
The music simply moves, mannn, beautiful.

Today as I took the train to work, I thought I saw this person boarding the train at Buona vista, Looked simply like the chef on Hell's Kitchen, Gordan Ramsay. To add to the realness was his first comment, "packed like sardines yea?"...
Figuring here and there, everyone was like oblivious(it's extremely quiet in the train, with at least 30% of people sleeping) then I was like," oh well, then let it be." and 'Gordan Ramsay' left the train at Raffles place.

Realised after such a time(better late than never) that praying s such a easy thing to lose focus. doing so walking to the MRT station, halfway through my mind starts wondering off. Isnt' it easy to just fall away sometimes.

The old testement is such a rich text of God's providence with the land, and watching His people, falling away, GOd sends a foreign army to teach them a lesson & He still saves them in the end.

Thank GOd for the laminator, it's being sent for repair, phew....

GIve thanks for the beautiful days that we wake up daily to!(:

Ahead with the week

On saturday, there was a workshop conducted mainly for the young people who are serving in worship, from worship leader, to scripture I/C, to Lord's Supper i/cs, that to recognise themselves not as separate entities, but everyone working together to flow the whole worship for the congregation.
We are just mirrors that GOd use to reflect his Glory and prescene, we come to worship not to get something out of it, but to give our all to GOd. Coming unready means being like a cracked mirror, which only distracts instead of serving it's orginal purpose.
we gather together because of looking at 1st century churches, where persecution was rampant, that they gather together for strength & unity. Learning form that, people gather at church for such a purpose too.
I hope from here, as the youths better understand why we do the different things in worship, they lead the congregation with zeal & expression of their love for HIM.
-Strawberries Galore!-
The secret ingredient in making cheesecake. I wonder where mothers get their energy. She works, cleans, & cooks, and even bakes!. It is mentioned that daugthers help out mms more(from a dicussion with a friend)
guys, et's not follow that suit(:
Hope everyone have a blessed week ahead, gonna need HIM all the time, as i con't to work, labour on for HIM with the children.
May this week be yet another week we give thanks to HIM(:

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Thinking of Thailand..the children doing well in school, Mae & Phor of where i stayed,a.k.a mother & father who graciously hosted us for 9 days is doing well, there's work to be done i the land(:
P.S: thanks P.bee for this picture(:

Friday Friday Friday

Being a little taller than most people, i have to read on into another person's obok, tlaking about worship, someone seeing the quote from Mother Teresa
-Yesterday is past, Tomorrow has yet to come. You only have Today, use it well-
something along that line to tell met not procrastinate but do it.

Reflecting on Ezekiel, [think of the song these are the days of Elijah, where the 'dry bones becoming as flesh' which I am still finding] &Reading of a brother's thanksgiving of Isiah 53..
Reading his Word lifted me(:

I sometimes wonder how do I take soooo long to complete one task, it doesn't seem that long to take, but it is time consuming. Thank God the thing is completed, was tasked to make a collage for the GM who was speaking at the pre-school's meeting on friday evening. There will be a birthday celebration for June babies, followed by a surprise for him, with song(which he thought the 1st one was over until the trolley with his wife hidden under it came in, He was glad 7 telling us about not having such a unique celebration for him for a long long time)...
His sharing was very inspiring&hellpful personally, not just to excel as a professional in the organisation, but personally. There's the will& can chart, where you can divided people into 4 types,
(1) the will & can, (2) the will not & can (3) the will but cannot & (4) will not & cannot
-where are you in?-

Well, me and my butter fingers, lost a piece of laminating paper into the machine, it's kinda out of order, I hope to fix in when i come in monday, before creating the inconvenience out of everyone.

Give thanks to the Lord who gives me strength & grace(:
Something to wine down the week with(:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mid Week arrival

Thank you P.bee for the photo...
What a week it has been & in a flash, its' Wednesday! A time to meet P.bee for dinner, to catch up, claiming that i'm uncle, trying to be in the air-con environment all the time & when we return outside, it's smoke at every corner.
It's has been really a challenging week, as I remember what speaker shared at camp about more ocncerned about what we do with our lives when we returned after camp. Those are just 3 days where you discover or rediscover about something, it's the aftermath of the camps or courses that you that speaks more of how did you respond when GOD spoke to you in various ways.

Beginning to read his word on the train, spending that hour with HIM makes it the difference in aim to practise the presene of GOd & from there to Do God's work NOT hear of it only
P.S: What has He been speaking to you about?
GOD BLess you as you carry out daily with HIm(:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Intercongregational Soccer Tournament

-"i tell you ar, we steady, can one"-
-warming up a.k.a playing at the futsal court-

Ouch, as I am typing this entry, the both legs of mine are aching at strategic joints to ensure maximum ache with the already minimal movement trying to sit down or get up from a chair.
Why? Soccer you see.
From the lack of training up(like myself), people woke up this morning coming to church with exclaimations of 'ouh, ouh', with small swells and skin grazed.
Yesterday was the Inter-congregational tournament between sister congregations. Consisting of 3 teams (1) PPCOC(Pasir Pajang Church of Christ) (2) Bedok COC & (3) Moulmein COC.
people will go 'tsk, tsk' when they know about the score..
Moulmein Vs Bedok 12-1
Moulmein Vs PP 5-2
It's a good way to shake their hands and appreciate the planning that was done to make this event happen. The wind that blows is just wonderful to cool down, to encourage one another when we play, to keep going even when the score is discouraging.

Wearing a worn out pair of shoes wasn't the best idea, I think after the whole thing, i decided that it should be time that I threw the shoes away..Half of me did feel that should go home and glue it, which if i thought for a moment more, I would have brought it back...
was reading an article on children in africa, wow, you should see their shoes they wear to train for soccer. it's like hole in the front of the shoe, as i looked on, I thought to myslef. " what's my shoes compared to their?"
Wow, the way I'm taught to be thankful(;

To people who are having school/work tomrrow, may the week filled with joy & a time to meet up with friends again.
To people having breaks, enjoy it while you.
in all, rest upon the LOrd(:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome Home!Selamat Datang

I went for a week's conference [Enrichment week 2008] in Kl & i'm back...
I went for church camp and now i'm back already...
Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.
-Special birthday song service from across the rooms specially for the lady-

-Pulai Springs,Room 05-12 & 03-19-

It's been amazing how God uses these weeks,he like always there, but you gotta listen out to the voice or touch that comes around.
The spiritual Life you always wanted was what the speaker Mr Randy Harris talked about. Simple, amusing, and reminded me of things that i'm suppose to do, which I don't wish I will be doing, but to just do it
I love the children with them calling "Uncle Jacob" just makes me laugh sometimes. The things that they just do with sincerity just brings me a smile.
Amen to all that.
sharing how Enrichment week has blessed me.
Q: HOw am i suppose to pass this blessing on to the people that work directly with the children?
many more pictures to share!so which i have not posted of camp & Enrichment week 2008, graudation.....
God be your source of strength & he bless & keep you(: