Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feeling Tired?

Coming on the computer after 3 days of absence, was reading on the mission team blog's and already something's taking place back in Thailand again. It's how sudden things can change for the better or the worst sometimes.
Let's help praying for the Hmong Laos, who are going through another time of struggle
Read on @

and www.newlifeoutreach.blogspot.com
Praying for the Hmong people, God will deliver his people(:

Today was Graduation Day, a day to meet with classmates. It was an afternoon that whizzed by before i knew it, was up on stage to receive the prize, and standing ovation for our golden graduate, lots of photo-taking...lots( will get the pictures up in a jiffy)
was great to see eveyrone again, friends, lecturers..Let this be the beginning of a journey as we move into the workforce, and walk our journeys of life. Meet up soon!

A week working with Mindchamps Pre-sch begins here.

With Kaboom Kids slated for a launch this sunday the 1st of June, wowww....many things to get ready before we launch.If i relied on my strength, definite burn-out...

Where does your source of strength comes from?(:

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mind Champs

Wow, it's already friday..what have you accomplished so far?

Today i begun a 1 day temp job, packing kits for their seminar that is taking place on sunday. I must say to not underestimate the work that is involved in preparing all these documents. Instead of just today, I am returning next monday for another day with the adminstrative side.
After ending work, the HR personnel got me to sit with the Principal of their pre-sch arm for an interview, impromptu man..Through the questions it did get me to think again, why am I in the early childhood field? what do I intend to do?
It serves as a reminder for me if I am walking towards the primary school path or the earlychildhood path?

Thank God they for his providence, I have received a job as a teacher assistant i think.
Well, if you started comparing it with relief teaching, of course it
s different! Let's not compare it monetarily.Think about it, tis' gonna be a new expereince. worrying about it being far?of course you will
on top of that, maybe I need to consult with an organisation regarding some procedures matters on this, pray it works out...
but take courage my friend(:
It's not gonna be smooth path, let's keep focusing on HIM

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

beyond the fence

Today woke up later compared to typical days when i relief teach, something like 9am before i finally got out of bed. went running and took a walk to my school, for my 2 P.6 classes were competing against one another in a captain's ball tournament.
just stood by the fence and watch them as the girls were playing and the guys were standing around rooting for their classes. shall not be attracting attention from outside, don't think it's appropriate.
That's what i'm talking about team work.(:

looking over the fence, i seem to remember what i saw in Phetchabun, Thailand from the Gen12ii mission trip. the Hmong Lao people who are behind the fence. Just a tiny thought that flew by "Wonder how are they doing?"

back home i actually received a call from the school.They needed people for the afternoon session, which i was not able to go. was still out running&also watching the children playing their captain's ball. Oh well, it's alright,
or the thais will say it(MaipenRai)
Mr tan would need to sleep earlier, wake up earlier(:

oh well, today's day could have been spent more on doing waht i needed to do, time don't just come back and let you use it again.
Making the best of my days(:

Teacher your last day ar?

Today marks the last day of relief teaching at Pioneer Primary School..
With the kids running to me, in singlish " teacher you last day ar?"

Was with the P.3s for chinese periods for a brief story telling (remember GreenPeace?)until the teacher assistant came and informed me of work that has been allocated for them. They are hardworking, admire their determination, had one of them carrying this book with the Chinese words. Thank God the work they had was manageable besides some more difficult words and clarification of meanings. Mr Tan had some difficulty with speaking and writing, oh my. It was quite a time for me as I spoke some mandarin and helped them wherever i could in the Chinese piece of work.

the P.6s that I took were sporting, did forming the longest line with them which they did at such fast speeds. Amazing children. before we left, had to break to them that today was my last day with them. Got them 'hello pandas' as a simple something for them. that came with a story of course.kids being kids, trying to siphon out and extra pack, but usually they return it cos i happened to see it or their classmates do great policing of this matter.

Wanted them to be like this biscuit. It taste good right? but before this ingredients need to be harvested, combined together & placed through the fire to be baked before we can enjoy the fruits of our labour.
Just like them, you are going to face challenges as you prepare for your PSLE, but don't give up, for the things you enjoy after completing it is much better, like the biscuit(:
hope this relief teacher struck something in them.

So the day ends here,saying my byebyes as they lined up for their school buses, or walking out to the gate
.the least I could is to pray for these children. hope to contact with them to encourage them to work hard and pass them bands that i'm gonna start making before i enter National service in September. lots to do, something like 3 classes of 35-40 children.

But Thank God for this experience of working with the primary school peeps, an eye opener, should it be his will, I might return in July or September right before my enlistment.

This is the day that the Lord has made!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today was another wonderful day at school.
My 1st class for the day was with the P.5 class. The children were all hard at work, working on their project work stuff. Project was concerning the mock scenario of Singapore being able to host the Olympics in the future after the successful attempt with the Youth Olympics.
-Very different atmosphere indeed(:-
So they were discussion, approaching me for help to what possible problems might face if Singapore were to host, what solutions, identifying a prominent problem statement. it's so tempting to just provide them with answers, but decided to just prompt them, get them to think, negotiate with their team mates.
This girl even thought I resembled this actor, Nathanial Ho from Channel 5's En bloc series. So i gave a 'huhh' look and a amusing time confirming that I'm not him and neither a twin brother of his(quite obvious from the surnames)

Took the p.6 classes for P.E today. Having their 1.6 KM Napfa Run. had the opportunity to stand there and to spur them on as they ran even if it was 3 rounds, my my they run really fast.
got some recess break in the staff room, and back to P.4 class.

The whole week has been health check up week, so P6s were taking their jabs & the P4s having their routine checkup. It's a usual thing for everyone to ask " need to take injection ar?" which i reiterate to the P4s that it's the check up that they are going for this time, that will till P6.
Took some time to start learning the names of the girls, know them more personally than just their face. Every child wants to be acknowledge by someone(:
Read to some of the girls a book "Dear Greenpeace" by Simon James while the rest of the girls quietly sitting & talking softly with one another. We were waiting for the boys to come out from check up instead of keeping say, "keep quiet keep quiet". It's a interesting book cos there are envelope flaps in the book itself with notes in there, telling of a story of Emily thinking that there's a whale in her pond and asking Greenpeace the necessary steps of caring for it. Managed to link the book to their assembly talk on protecting the environment on Thursday & sharing a little about what Greenpeace was all about.

Thought I had anther class, which turned out to be a free period for a break. However, I ended outside the library and met 7 P.6 children who didn't take the jab with the class that day, cos one of them was sobbing-fear of the jabs. So I used that time to share tips with them on how to overcome the jab, talk about their school schedule, sooth her a little, distracting the girl from the phobia of needles that she has
Took the book again, this time get them to read!cos P.6s are into the age of having the idea "wanting to come up to speak is embarrassing" so made everyone person read a section of it. the opening the flap of envelopes in the book was quite attractive I must say:p

was great to see them one by one coming up to read even if it's a small section of it.

Had to affirm them especially more for that girl to be brave & off i went to another P.6 class where I did an activity with them.
I manage to have them divide themselves into groups. Their task was to work together to use 10 straws, 1 wire cleaner, 1 piece of given masking tape & a piece of recycled paper to make the tallest & the strongest tower.
Initially they were 'lamenting about i don't want to join this person and that person'. From there the noise lowered and everyone was working on their tower. Lots of creative ideas from everyone, brainstorming to build it, strengthen it. Was a heartening to watch the kids making the effort to work on hands-on stuff, instead of just yelling at one another over simple matters or wandering around should there be nothing to do.
Have to mediate sometimes, for simple scuffles build up to spark off a near outbreak.

The final class was with a P.4 class, which challenging behaviours were many. Had to firm on this one, lots of energy in their bodies to be used. started with a 'pass the message' game before the girls went in for check up. Had to be very firm & know that for every action there is a consequence that Mr Tan has warned you about prior to taking action. Thank God for helping me through(:

But I will only be teaching till next tuesday,informed that they have enough teachers to cover for the rest of the week i guess/:
I miss all the children already.

Thank God for allowing my to come to this school for a relief teaching assignment! though the journey is ending as soon as it started, I enjoyed walking this journey.
Hope as I meet them on Tuesday, I give them an experience that they carry with them even as they move on from primary school.
Shall work planning on a writing activity/team-building game(longest line anyone?) for them to take turns writing 1 word to describe each of their friends&personal notes for each one of them.
praying for ways to carry on the relationship as a mentor in their lives even as I might not see them again
Thank God for the encouragement verse from Galatians 6:9 that Joelle blessed me with(:
Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we wil reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Letting my light shine

Am reflecting the way i take the approach towards teaching...theoritically it should happen this way, but the personality of the class just changes that direction...hmm,let's see what can be done...relying on God on this one(:
Today's Napfa were with the P.6s,maths class with P.4s...let's do a better job at engaging the children in class without any need for increment of sound level.

it's really heartening outside of class, after school waiting for their school buses that children still remember you. maybe i'm new. I hope to build the relationships with the children i meet, not to mention remembering the many names...
Let your light shine!
P.s: Keep on relying!

Monday, May 12, 2008

!st Day of school

Thank God that I have begun work. Am a relief teacher at Pioneer Primary school for this week, & the administrator informed that she would need me to relief for another week.

Pioneer Primary is now in my primary school's old building, which brought back much nostalgia of the whole environment.
Entered my Primary 6 & Primary 1 classroom, recognised my seat, now from a teacher's point of view. It was good to return and look at all these things.

The children today varied in their personalities. Come classes were more calm than others, had to raise my voice a little, looking at other teachers, the inside of me I was thinking (is this the monster that is manifesting?Do i need to react this way?)

Was with a P.4 class for their napfa test, asking them about how did they fair was a good way to break the ice amongst them. Logistically challenging as you bring them from place to place, 2 lines usually become snakey, haha.
Learning from my first day of relief teaching, I want to make my time with the children a memorable one for them. Since exams just ended last week, why not play some games with them:p
A friend shared this with me:
"Learn about the kids, tap on their strengths and give them opportuniies to use those gifts that they have."
Indeed I will!Thanks Shron:D

Lots of people's week are mentions lots of stress, lots of work,wann encourage everyone with this simple verse from Nehimiah
"for the joy of the Lord is my strength"
Thank God for the week ahead!Take care everyone(:

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Labour Day - VBS OutRigger Island Recceing

CAMP Christine- Girl Guides Camp Site
On Labour Day, a group of us laboured to recce for a campsite for the OutRigger Island Vacation Bible School programme taking place at the end of the year.
Driving to Camp Chrisitne all the way in Lim Chu Kang, smacked right after the sarimbun scouts camp & MOE Jalan Bathera campsite where lots of us have been there.
I went round taking the pictures for the location shooot, walking around

-discussing about the the pros-, cons, what needs to be arranged-

-40 Beds for the children to sleep-

-The view from the 2nd floor, you can see a tinge of the sea at the top left hand corner-
-Extra toilets just to make sure everyone can have some time to bath-
-The VBS 2008 recce team once again-
-Onward we push to NACLI[National Community Leadership Institute]-
NACLI- National Community Leadership Institute

It's located over at South Buno Vista Road. Over at NACLI, it's this facility that they have with rooms and halls and also outdoor equipment which has a great potential for games and fun. The pricing wise does go a little steep,but that's for the comfort that you pay for.
Too comfortable for the children I think, Camp Christine should do some wonders toughening them up!=p

-Say Cheese! the wooden table with chairs and it's red umbrella brought back memories for the Ladies, they wanted a shot with it-
Onward we went All the way to Pasir Ris, the People's Association CampSite

-checking the fesibility of the hall-
-Looking at the dormitory rooms, which can house 40 people, 20 males & 20 females-

After 3 places, we were done with Famous Xiao Long Bao @ Khaki Bukit, in the heart of the industrial estate, near Aunty May's(pink tank top) office at Paya Lebar Airbase. It was a great time listening to the stories that are shared about their lives, slices of their lives that never fail to lighten your heart.

Thank God for the day for the time spent, and for everyone's effort in taking time to look for a space for the camp at the end of year.
People who are having exams& also feeling drained out at school, Jia you!rely on God's strength as you take on any challenge, exams are almost over for some(: