Friday, September 12, 2008

See you later!

-Finally a Tai-lut[take picture in thai] with Shron-

mannn, was packing for NS a little frantic for me. I tend to put things all over the place la, Thank GOd I found all thethings I needed.
On top of the things that they get you to bring, there are pretty important things that I should be bringing, which I brought!
So it's not just to follow instruction, there is a degree of 'trying to be smart by yourself' or initiative to do sometimes. Kept that in my mind.
It's been encouraging to know that as I enter, God has blessed me a community of support, which I give HIM thanksgiving.

My times at Mindchamps Preschool, has been wonderful, and to end it off with a belated teacher's day bash was delightful. Pictures which I have will have to come after i come out. Hopefully I have energy left, it has been said that you come out every week so so tired. Let's see how I handle that, Do my best!

Take care my Friends, allow HIM to use you to bless others(: