Sunday, November 9, 2008

Days in Army

WOw, it has been i think close to 60days since i began my time with the army. Just recently completed my fieldcamp, with chilly sleeps. With the cold nights I began to make sense of an army song that we sing all the time on routemarches. "when the cold wind blows, I know I know" literally. THe beautiful sunrise and sunsets that greet us each day, the songs of teh night when the frogs, toads, crickets come out to play, the countless stars at night with the moon brightly shining at us. spending some time with HIM in the night while staying doing some du
sometimes roughing it out, with hands filled with dirt from the ground.

the past month have been sick, beginning with shortness of breath, which I think was a littel exertion to my lungs from carrying heavy stuff.Went to do checks, a lung function test, things came out normal. Mum felt that I was too kan-chiong, that made the symtoms appear, and perahps watching all my mates going on with training while I could only observe them made me think like," wow everyone is getting fitter while I stagnate."
during that 2 weeks was reflecting on it, asking GOD,"what do you exactly want me to be in the army?" con't in BMT or perhaps you ahve another calling elsewhere in the army.
Perhaps was that I focusing on myself too much
When I was allowed to particpate again, had to go for routemarches that I missed. TOld myself, relax relax, just focus & keep walking.
THank GOd I walked 2 marches, particpated in activities again.
While on status made new friends[other people who were sick for periods of time] too from otehr platoons in my company which turned out to be a blessing.

THe conclusion was no matter what happened, He is to be praised, He will show me. Just like what happened when I was in Thailand when there were some difficulty entering the campsite, the groups just dedicated the day, getting away from distractions and glorifying HIM.
You jsut had to focus on HIM

since then, the task that I undertook reminded me, ok Lord you're in control, and to RELAX! which I share with other people, cos sometimes, people are so caught up in accomplishing things[in a good way] that they get kan chiong. now I tell them to "relax".

another week into BMT, bringning in another attribute that I need to learn.
That is to be humble which I learnt at cell yesterday, giving GOd his due glory before.
Placing Him 1st.

on another note, it's my cousin Joechim or Joekim wedding today!went for the tea ceremony, meeting up with cousins & relatives. put pictures when i come out
Off I go to get ready for book in tonight...hope everyone is have a great week!(: