Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let's do better things.

This week returning back to camp on a Monday,
having slept not very long the last evening after a late night with
extrinsic motivation of a cup of drink awaiting the person who drops the tower of JENGA,
which I personally had to manage 4 of it.
Its amazing how high the tower doubles itself with such 'motivation' dished out at us. Our never quit approach to looking for the next possible piece to continue on, hoping we manage to 'allow' everybody an opportunity to taste the drink.

the beginning of a 2000 piece puzzle whose frame was completed,
MTV videos are energising me for some reason with humming tunes from Foo Fighters,Miley Cyrus & Michael Bluble for the memory. Just a little sleepy as we colour coded the pieces.

I lied on that bed, finally calling it a night.

Refreshed after a cold shower before setting off to camp,
it was PT after a very long time
not stepping out of the house on a morning to embrace the breeze.
Reminder to get that butt of mine of my house and into the field to travel and soak in the warmth of the Sun.

And returning to find out that I have more Offs than I actually had for the BMT's Passing out Parade(POP) 2 weeks back led me back home again before I return on Thursday morning.

With the time that I had, its really easy to get submerged in my Sofa/chair,
reading away at newspapers, sitting around staring blankly,
setting off to do something, but walking up and down everywhere, trying to accomplish more, than what you can focus on.

Let me do better things with what HE's given me and I will(:
*Right after I say such things, Satan began thinking of ways to quench such aspiring fire.
-For the Lord is the stronghold of my Life-

Thursday, December 17, 2009


-To see the Doctor we are-

This week began with an accompanying trip to NUH for my granddad's Blood test,
which spilled over to a need to be warded because of
white &
platelet counters being too low.

an agonising 3 hours and another 3 hour thereafter, because the supply exceed the demand for beds.
Granddad and I whining ocassionally about the slow pace but he's a calm sage
I keeping a look out for him while he sits on the chair.

Sitting at the waiting area, looking around, don't know what thoughts are whizzing through his mind. The sea of teochew vocabulary when I ask a question which I faintly understand half and he repeats the rest in mandrin.
His favourite past time is actually to count money & play mahjong with the pros who have money.
Him laughing quietly to himself when my face points blank after being bombarded with teochew.
He directing me where to push him while he sits on the wheelchair.

Having the previlage of the afternoon with him, topics begin.
His roots, his journey to Singapore from the Sounthern province of this place Swatou in China, to Hongkong, back to China then to Thailand before arriving at the age of 25 in Singapore.

The question of christianity I asked which bore a hardened heart after the brunt of so many year(he's 87), working and fighting to protect and raise his family.
Toiling his trade once as a painter, fending for himeself alone in Singapore.
How do I begin sharing about Jesus's story to this man? But I need to begin sharing.

Pray that he gets better, he should be getting home to recuperate tomrrow and the quality time to share on the story(:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Where is heaven bound?

This is one of the many quotes my dear friend, Amanda shared the other night.

"Heaven's not a place."
"I didn't say it had map coordinates..."
"If it was in the sky, then birds would get there before you.
If it was under the sea, fish would be first."

"Then where is it?" I asked.
"It's inside you,"
Shay said,"and outside too."

I want to look with an eternal perspective(:

Monday, December 14, 2009

So far?

Walking the past month, and I write this today....what has been taking place in my life
My birthday celebration with people in my life,
the romanates retreat,
BMT parade,
worships on Sunday...
thankful for it all...

-Safra Retreat with a birthday gathering at bungalow 9-
It was as always wonderful to be able to gather with cousins on my maternal side for annual gatherings. With members putting in effort, not easy with the children growing up and different phases in life..and the surprises I got that day..
.from milk,sarsi and 7-up into a sunday's outfit
a Big welcome banner,
seeing my mates from my life..
getting drench in water and cream at my 'thank-you' speech,
very appropriate blessings I received in gifts and text greetings
to move ahead with my walk in God

-Sharing in the song 'Everytime I see a cross' inspired the sand work-

Over at the Retreat,
East Coast Parkway by the beach was humbling.
To stand at the sea, in the calmness of night, or the breaking of morning.
just open your ears, close your eyes, be still,let the heart start singing with the right heart & spirit...
the wind just passes by your face & ears and my heart aches as I faintly hear and feel something speaking to me.

Each morning when I see the Sun, any morning now practically after having a sharing from
Ecclesiastes 11:7
"Light is sweet and it pleases the eye to see the Sun."
to remember my Creator, to remember that what I prayed and asked HIM,
he has shown and delivered me, in HIS time.
And when I was confused, I just have to focus on HIM
a sense of release.

the praise when the young people lead in worship. A similar selection of songs, but with a group of true worshippers, you know it when its not the mind getting notes right, but the heart touching heart, spirit touching spirit.
Was talking to Joseph, and he shared," very long never hear such singing le"
Beauty in an offering of true praise(:

Laughing as hard as they could, light hearted talk drawing the relaxed person in each of them was a previlage to witness.

And the sharing of Burning bush that Moses saw.
Answering that call...will you answer it? do you see it? I'm still trying to piece my logic into God's will, which doesn't fit! Listen to you...
Why am I not answering the call?
I seem to lack something to move my stubborn legs that are 'cemented' on the position. But I pray to not be double-mindedness when I pray, I pray that what I pray is not of me, but you lead me

From all these,
worships on Sundays just become even more powerful..
i see it again about 'its not the song, its the heart.

Being back on the sunny Island of Tekong just brings back memories of how I once was there.
People saying 'POP loh', others are yelling, "ORD Lo!"
My Enciks or warrant officers are posted to other units.
Remember this particular one personally after all the nonsense he twists at the circumstance of stuff and 'nagging' at me for not clinching 6 pull-ups. Shall push for Gold and send him a note to thank him for the initial motivation, adding colours, lots of colour to my BMT life.
Next round I get back to Tekong I shall do just that which coincides with my ORD date:)

The month of November just ended..and ahead stands new sights I'm gonna see on my journey. Set sail I should.
my Friends we shall see each other on our journey and wave hello.
Have a blessed week ahead(:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heart Felt

How my heart moved when i saw my 3 year olds now are 5 year old, a particular one who had a developmental delay in speech, now communicating, presenting their chinese item on stage at their annual concert.
was a 'WOW',
Beautiful moments when you see these children from where they were and how the school's environment pushed limitations and gave what was best for children to be nurtured.
How when people gather together and songs sang with an earnest heart seek to honour HIM the most high before themselves, makes my heart feel.
Children using their voice in unision as they echo resoundingly.
Children listening attentively to a teacher's lesson and learning from it with their imgaination.

some of the many beautiful moments in a life of mine that were given.

Thank God for that(:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Woken Up

The past weeks, making decisions were scratching head moments. Answers of "don't you think of it?" kept popping up going about in the daily matters and planning of things. I
t was good awakening, I thank God for using brother&sisters to remind me

On top of MY struggles, MY inequities... It was MY relationship with God that mattered in ALL the situations. No relationship, don't know HIM well, I find it all the more harder to listen out to what HE has for me. Humble myself in God's presence.

It's all about You before me.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Will you take the lead?

A quick moment to say 'Yes! I will follow HIM& HIS ways' and the next moment you stumble and fall flat to the ground. How quick that happens. :/
It a vicious cycle if I'm not going to do anything about it.
A mind of Christ keeps me alert so that instead of walking and falling flat, I would miss falling narrowly, not falling becomes 2nd nature.

Being in Kaboom, I get real questions & statements from people.
"Is this your where you wanna be doing, your purpose?"
"If something's your purpose, you are gonna think of it, sleep on it, eat with it"
which also means that you commit to it, in prayer & in actions.
Changing those 'IT's to Kaboom you get the picture.
Will I take a lead?

Outpour all of Me before YOU fill and overflow in my life...

Have a blessed week my friends(:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How have you been?

So far How for me? Sorry ar, putting things off just seem to conveinent sometimes...

The month of August was working towards NATIONAL DAY. My 1st time participating in it. I thank God that I was able to go for the PREVIEW which marked the 1st time of the long awaited city March after weekends after weekends of rehearsing at the F1 Paddock, playing the blame game to who's fault is it when sound waves proven by science takes time to travel.
The unavoidable time arrived on the 9th of August, when there was space for 6 trombonists in the city march when there 9 trombonists. do the math
9 - 6 = 3 trombonists who are not going for the city march

which I was part of the 3.
And me overlooking that I'll still have the previlage of bringing the Guard of Honour to the entrance of the floating platform, the other guy & I(1 was elsewhere needed in the earlier part of the parade) just stoned & sat out for the entire thing.
How foolish of me looking back.

I wouldn't say unlucky, I still thank God for my Sunday spent there.
Missing the afternoon sessions playing chinese chess, sharing with my band mates, Helman, Kai Chuan,Brenden about Christianity as they question parts of my faith,having a mini brass quintet playing before parade rehearsal,taking walks to the old chang kee lorry, Milo Van.
watching the actual fireworks on 9th august
Thinking of the these thanksgivings, don't you think you should be thankful?

This past month of September with Concert style Dining-in for officers, all of them from my BMT batch who are going to commission.
BMT passing out, bringing me back the nostalgia of the sunny island of Tekong(:

On top of the fun & laughter we have in band,
I thank God to have fellow christian brothers who keep your faith in check. The 'hard' questions that I seemingly wonder how come I don't have much of that self directed thinking. The 'are-you-sure' thoughts, the greener grass on the other side syndrome & taking things for granted.

The reminder that "Jacob, before you begin asking asking asking, do you think you've been offering your best in the prescene in front of our Creator?"

Reminded me of the time in '08 when I was in Thailand,where the same question was asked. We get so focused on the problem that all you want is the answer to be delivered instead of the relationship with God.

So as I live my life daily, take it deeper with HIM. Meditate upon HIS word. Allow HIS spirit to flow as I spend moments with HIM. I hope you my friend have take time to sit down in HIS prescene to let HIM flow in. Time to empty our wants and let HIM fill it up with HIS(:

Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


-Observation tower @ ubin-

This morning as I did my reflection, this song popped into my mind
"I just want to be where you are, dwelling daily in you prescene Take me to a place where you are, I just want to be with you"
How many things seem to get in my way as I focus on God.
To rely on HIM for my decisions & for HIM to be present in my conversations & actions towards others.

I thank God for the past week to have been able to return to Mindchamps Pre-school for a visit, watching the children 1 year on maturing. The beauty of children growing, learning to hone their social skills, becoming independent. Couldn't describe it but 'stand there in awe of the what the teachers & children ahve achieve so far(:
-Team Photo!-

Plenty of fellowship with band mates to Pulau Ubin with my Band,seeing differnt people who don't talk on an average suddenly coming up with ideas & giving everyone a big laugh.

an eat out at JB with my aunty and my mum, to return to JB for some proper seafood Hawker style.

For the close conversation I had, which I thank God was made possible.
Appreciated meeting you my friend!(:

Have a blessed week ahead my friends

May your morning bring you word of God's unfailing love, for you have put your trust in God. God will show you the way you should go, for to God you lift up my soul.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SAFRA Retreat '09

Safra Retreat '09
[19th-22 June]

I have been previlage to share with a few people's sentiments that the Annual church camp over at Malacca was just too short! Am Glad & thankful that people were blessed with the speaker Kent Smith's sharing & the fellowship moments over meals & walkabouts in the city(:

I thank God for the weekend I had at Changi. The commercial planes flying over the area, the sea breeze brings back memories of the BMT days on Pulau Tekong.
It's been a very long time since the 1st Safra Retreat get-together was initiated by my mum.

It warms my heart to watch cousins grow up together,
the funny moments when we play card games, to now mahjong, younger times we spend sleeping late,

trying to wake up early at the direction of older cousins who were Scouts that deemed waking up earlier masculine.
cramping up together on the mattresses in the living room instead of the comfort of rooms upstairs.Bowling, walking at the beach, swimming

Now we're a little older, more sensitive to lack of sleep.Personally I slept in at 3am after a friday & half saturday rehearsing for SAF day & NDP.Only got up at 11am, must get my 8 hours or else I know i'm gonna fall sick again.

The beauty is it takes everyone to put this retreat together, from my mum who coordinates everything, to ah ma who makes prawn rolls, to aunty who cooks laksa Uncle who buys extra sausages & another drinks.

Thank God for the weekend(:

School people are gearing back for school in the midst of the H1N1 influenza, people are going back to work, May we rely on God even more after recharge weeks at VBS ,church camp or chalet(:
Have a blessed week ahead!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Crocodile Dock '09

"I don't need to worry cos My God is always here"

That's just one phrase in a song that the kids had to remind them to FEAR NOT! for GOD is here with us.

The last week I was part of a team conducting children's camp/Vacation Bible School[VBS]..
I am thankful for the 2 1/2 days that i manage to spend there...

I was blessed with a group of workers who were dedicated to ensure the children's time was well spent safely(:
the relationships between the children, crew leaders just connected everywhere through the activities they were doing, the sleeping in dorms sure added to the excitement with lots of them spending their 1st nights out without parents.
of course the guardian in each dorm ensured orderly especially my bunk with younger children. need to make sure they are woken up to use the toilet before continuing their sleep:
All of it would not have been possible without HIS providence(:

This year I was tasked with games, I asked God and reminded myself, " make sure the game reinforces the learning point for the session."

With that in mind, Ryan, Vernon & myself implemented the games.
It as been a previlage for me to have worked with these 2 individuals, they used their talents & abilities to serve our children.
With Ryan having to leave us cos of classes on Monday and Tuesday, after the 1st session,
vernon & myself went on with the rest of the sessions

I thank God for the synergy of suggestions&Vernon staying up with me to run through what we need to do for the following day.It was tiring but what's tiring when you see the children having fun Completing, Competing themselves in friendlies(guys versus girls always seem to motivate them to move faster:p)

Just going back, listening to Jordan my brother, cousins talking about camp camp camp, the bonding games the crew leaders play before sleeping,singing the songs, refreshing my mind with scenes of children & crew leaders interacting with one another, friendships forge leaves me 'WOW'

are we game for next year?:P
rest up 1st and we shall debrief to share in preparation for next year!

Its chalet@Safra this weekend, another time to spend with family
Have a wonderful week my friends & people who are going up to Church Camp(:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Doing your best for whom?

"Even you are doing it for children, you must do your best." said my batch mate.

It hit me, "Jacob, what are you doing all these things for?"

Was preparing this gift for the Won Children, which i spent some time painting, and He walked over deciding to help me paint, and he went on painting it as he mentioned what I should be doing.

He's quite an observant person, recently conversations revolved around the topic of i being distracted & doing things halfway.
which was really true, I received feedback that I need focus things and get it moving.

Sitting there is not getting me anywhere & when you do it, do it well, don't be sloppy about it.
Whenever I do things, do my best for the Lord, who gave me this previlage to serve others & use my gifts in ways to be a blessing.
Learnt something(:

alright, time to rest up before the week begins, with VBS!

May the games that the children experience allow them to grasp what the concepts are sharing.
more rehearsals, continuing to rely on my Father for his strength.

Have a blessed week ahead my friends(:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Square 1

Thank God for the rain that showered this evening...

I have not been very consistent walking with HIM, so distracting...
how difficult is it to lay back and say,
" ahhh, that can wait"
time with God can wait,

cos there seem to be more pressing things that you thought you had to do. You Thought so...

F.O.C.U.S i will work towards
May the Love for my Creator each day be ever new...

Have a blessed week ahead!(:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


-time: 5.30am on a monday morning-

This past week Phebe's Grandma passed on.
I listened on to the sharing by uncle Danny & eulogy from Phebe's Uncle, Peter.

"just like our life,the tent that we are are housed upon for the next few days of the funeral are just but temporary...and we return to our Father's House."
how grandma tells her 5 children to be united like the fingers to a hand.

I have been shown that funerals are a time where you see the human become ever real again, where people come together, coming closer to one another,
edging their older folks to rest while the younger generation survives the task of watching the night shift at the wake.

On top of a person leaving this world, while we are filled with missing the person, the trademarks that repeatedly fly through our head, the face, the person's prescence. he/she has graduated in the Lord's Glory & we celebrate that(:

-something that you do while doing night shift, especially getting hungry-
-walking home in the morning-
-the earlier bird gets the worm-

Have a blessed week my friends(:

Saturday, May 9, 2009


-Is it gonna rain?-

The weather this past week has been WOW.
it's sunny and bright in the day, and next thing, clouds gather at night, cumulonimbus clouds(word taught from my younger brother, joel) ,
strong gusts of winds that slams your unsecured doors shut & blow the clothes that you hang outside down to the 1st floor.
the lightning seems like GOD wanted to take a picture of me half awake.
thank God for the cool weather and the Sun rising up with beautiful colours filled in the sky.

The moment I decided that i shall not be so distracted from GOD, the distractions start coming, sending me the message that 'it's ok, just take a break for a while'..
what a tough one.

Con't to pray,have faith in stading firm on my stronghold.

Have a blessed week ahead my friends(:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


the Last week was filled with different emotions.
with keen hoe's grandma who has gone to be with Lord,the stories of what your grandparents do that you remember, how can you forget them?
to interesting conversations that began because of being at that event that evening.

It was a week walking against the current of falling into my distractions, actively seek HIM, and defend my 'FORT'.And it continues on...

this week had me thinking about some people to be praying for instead of the mundane motion that I go through in my safe zone.

my mornings & nights in camp are always filled with GOD's paintings up in the sky.
May it be stars, wind, the rising sun, the lightning that i saw flash in front of my face this morning, his affirmation of how BIG my creator is. Thank you Lord

feeding on the word at my monday 吃饭了sessions.
we shared about Luke 8 :40-56 this week...
got me to rmbr that the points are not opportunities to see who had a quicker divinition from God, but experiences from your lives that were made real to encourage others in their struggles with you.
praying for others like you mean it(:
GOD make my days real,
not just a 'cover' for people to see a 'pious' jacob.

have a wonderful week ahead my friends and good rest over this weekend(:

Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's so easy that my eyes are off my Creator...
that I'm distracted over things that shouldn't actually be.
stepping out of distractions...

this past week, i didn't have my phone with me since sunday till wednesday.
GASP* you dont?then how do you stay connected?
thank God, through a series of 'borrowed' SMSes, phone & the email.
since we didn't have 吃饭了 on Monday, Sue Ann got us to be praying for 2 people in this group.
so instead of the hp, it turned out for me that emailing these prayers seem to fall in place so well.
I thank Him that these prayers encouraged people(:

Looking through Romans 2 with Eoin yesterday
talking about judging others and the law.
"who or what was this law that they were talking about?"
to follow the rules?or in the ways of this person whom is God's son?

-to know and believe is just simply not enough, but to walk in the ways of HIM-
faith without works,or works without faith, just don't add up.

Isaiah 40:21-31

28 Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
The LORD is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary,
and his understanding no one can fathom. 29 He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak. 30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;

31 but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

Have a blessed week towards Good Friday(:

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Especially after falling sick and the aftermath of that intial flu.
I noticed myself constantly praying that i recover, give me strength, that it's not one of those 'shortness of breathe' again that I have to go through, realising not being disciplined in resting allowed the flu to come easily

Reading parts of JOB, parts of the bible that saw God giving his people the strength that they needed,
re looking at what was shared at 吃饭了, how God is there for me, closer than i think.
I remembered someone once asked my mission team up in Thailand,
"what will be your 1st love?"
"Has that thing you been praying about instead distracted you from your 1st love?"

"I praise you Lord, for who you are
And all the mighty things you done,
you saved my soul,you made me whole
And I sing my praise to YOU"

So instead of saying, heal me, I said You are God, in control,
and told myself what my mum told me the other time in BMT

"do not be anxious...

but with Thanksgiving present it to God "[Phil 4:6]

Thank God, i do feel better after being patient, remembering who's my 1st love again, and the medicine.

This is the song at cell tonight.

"And when the winds blow, He is my shelter
And when i'm lost and alone, He rescue me
And when the lion comes, He is my victory
Constantly watching over me
He is constantly watching over me"

Thank GOd(:

Friday, March 27, 2009


Food, Food , Food!
i'm like eating lots of it, but my exercise regime has like not been lots of it...

especially when the aunty at the cookhouse asks me after scooping a ladle of rice onto my plate," Boy, enough?" first look at it doesn't seem much and I end up asking for the "abit more please?"

This week I went on a involuntary fast from dinner, cos people at my building left late. As duty personal with my duty buddy, we waited. First thought was, "huhh, no dinner ar?"
Pondering over it, decided to ask someone to get like a bottle of milk tea before gastric juices start churning in my tummy.
didn't come to pass.

Been reminded of that one day past week that I was called to fast, to just want to hunger for the God's word more.

SO that evening, instead of hungering for food(realising just how many advertisements there were on food that one night), I feasted on HIS word instead.
I thank GOd for the opportunity to do so.
in my days, I want to begin to 'fast' away from things that seem to ever easily distract like FOOD and feast on things that HE want to share with me, MORE & MORE

Monday, March 23, 2009

We come from OCS.....

The OCS Song
"We come from many places, all across the land,
of many different races, together hand in hand,
united we stand, divided we fall,
ready to serve our nation's call.

We come from OCS, we are the very best, l
eading with dignity and pride,
wherever we go, we will always know,
that our spirit lives forevermore

Loyalty to country, that's what we all believe,
to lead, excel and overcome, is what we must achieve,
forever strong and valiant, we'll give our lives and more,
never ceasing to serve Singapore"

The past saturday was over for a group of people getting commisioned to be officers..i'm had this wonderful feeling like their parents again watching their children finally done with their training, and becoming full fledge officers.
and the excitement that we are the last group to march out.

-Shadrach's praying-

This is the second time i'm witnessing him praying, phebe and eoin must have got him started on praying. That earnest position, makes me want to be mindful of how I go to the father in prayer(:

Am thankful for the time i had to rest at home today. 'OFF' i got from doing the parade on sat.

I pray that you have a great week ahead my friends&that you spend time with HIM(:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What does it speak to your heart?

This past week it was time to '吃饭了' again.
As I listen to the scripture, read the scripture, think about what was happening there & how does it speak to us. It's always refreshing to be reminded how he has placed people and things in my life that encourage me of his promises. In Mark 2: 1-17 talk abouts the healing of the paralytic and also Jesus calling Levi.

-some sharings for the day-
  1. The times that you really depend on God is not in times of calm but actually in your times of when you struggle with stuff.
  2. you could be 1 of those 4 people who are bringing someone to Jesus, and helping him to get past obstacles(the people in the room) to be with HIM.
  3. everyone is actually 'sick' in the sense of sin, how are we any different from other 'sick' people?We acknowledge our 'sickness' and we look for our 'doctor', who has the right stuff.
-no ticket, no dinner:p-
Am thankful to be home today for day of rest. Had the Band's annual dinner and dance at teh SAF yacht club. it was enjoyable to see people eating their food, watching fellow people putting up their performances in SAF bands got talent. light heartening, lots of laughs..

And we had a lucky draw in the form of 'The Price is Right'.
The whole evening was filled with prizes that were exciting.
Bicycle to ride in camp, which is not very near from my bunk, ipod shuffle, ipod touch, home theatre system, top prize-PS3!

I was called for the PS3 with 3 others !
had to guess the price of this piano that was a replica of one a century ago.
I was like doubting when my friend said $250,000..
and last minute, was influenced by one of them to lower in down a little. I was like "how much can this replica be?" so down to $190,000.
Revealing the price, it was 1 million! and guess what,
1 of us had placed 250,000 and was the highest. and ta dar, She went back with the PS 3...

My mates were like "haiyoooo", I just smiled, shoulders up

ALL in the name of fun. shall not think too much about it
I took it upon as learning thing for me. I don't need it yea,getting it I would need 1 more controller perhaps&discs to play games.
BUT it was a fun day(:

2nd week is ending already
Hope to be basking in his sun rays daily as I go about in camp. & to have the attitude like 1 of those 4 people who were helping the paralytic to see Jesus, persisting our way.

Have a blessed week ahead my friends(:

Monday, March 2, 2009



-thanks to Jordan-

Red, orange,yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
That was 1 part of the lesson shared at Kaboom Kids on sunday talking about the convenant or Promise made with Noah & us. that the r.a.i.n.b.o.w is a reminder of that promise in Genesis 9:8-17

This past week was at a parade. Watching the graduates from the day before rehearsing and rehearsing their steps sometime missing it, to the following day doing it well was quite cool. loved ones were there to watch their graduation just like when I completed basic training on the sunny island of Tekong. I felt like those loved ones, I don't know why, happy that my friend/son has finally graduated.

Returning back to camp, there was the biggest rainbow I have seen in a long while after the moderate rain we had in the afternoon. Really excited me was on the bus, like a child watching his 1st rainbow& reminding me of the text I read in the morning in lieu with what Kaboom was teaching on Sunday-God's convenant with Noah, through that rainbow.

Remembering the promises HE made to us & promises that i tell HIM I want to commit that were reflected in the morning.

Encouraged me for the week. In your daily walk, When you might question or ponder sometime, He will show you a peek into how much bigger HE is than you thought.


Have a blessed week ahead(:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeding time

This past week, i had the opportunity to learn more HIS word at Sue Ann's place with a few,reading the word, I told myself, "it's been a while God" to really sit there and spent some time with HIM. to remember to intercede for others, as a genuine encouragement for people as they walk along daily.
Named 吃饭了..for us to be fed on the word, just like a kid about to eat the Chicken Wing at IKEA...

I understood a larger glimpse of what our children in church need if we want them having '1st generation christian' faith/ mustard seed. to know who this GOD is and what HE has done throughout the generations.

And i've graduated from training Wing in the SAF bands, gonna start with lots of parades coming up, practising my trombone, not forgetting to keep Fit as a National serviceman. and remeber to spent quality time with our creator. It's so easy to miss HIM out especially when what you're doing is not so physically-demanding. It's might get intellectually challenging, which often I take a longer while to feel it's ill effect compared to the Physical.

Gonna be packing my bags and off to Nee soon camp for the week. though the luxury of booking out nightly, perhaps shall do it sparingly. The catch phrase is, "wait till I complete my 1 month stay in"..see everyone at the end of week!

Pray for spritual protection as I begin my stay in a new environment.

Take care guys(:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve

-on our way there with Jordan providing a little comic relief-

-Getting the Lo Hey Ready--sisters-

Tonight we gathered at my ah ma's for the tuan yuan fan. It's like once or twice that my paternal side really meet up.must treasure the moments we have.
I have a new cousin in law
,cousin Sylvia
(i think that's how you spell her name)
who has taken quite alright to our family, especially with the older cousins.

Ah ma & ye ye still going ok. Seems like they might be entering 2nd childhood, getting angry that they can't eat lots of their fav unhealhtier foods laced with lots of sugars, salt and oil.
never eat something really yummy in front of my ah ma unless you're prepared to feed her some of it:p

watching IP man this afternoon was like wowwww, coool. Inspiring story

Apart from new year, wow, things are moving fast around all the time....
gotta be ahead of it or else will be trapped in this race to be ahead...

Have a wonderful CHINESE New Year ahead!MAY it be well spent time with family and friends(:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pre Chinese New year peep

-My dad-

The objective today was to make sure the house has gone past some soap, water, not to mention sweat .

Here's my dad cleaning the windows, He's a real technical person, so he has his soap, then using the window cleaners that people use at petrol kiosks to clean it off.
I had to clean my room of course, which was filled with dust, things shrewn all over the place...finally a little order in my room.

this past week has been practising and practising. being more conscious with my breathing&lipping on the trombone.
With questions running through my head about me being a person after GOd's heart, how has it set myself apart from the world, & how do I not be away from the world but embracing it as it will be but responding with christ likenss, talk about being that light.

Have a great Chinese new year everyone!
lots of time to share, eat, lo heying,disturbing cousins while they painstakingly sieve out abalone from the heap of veggies in yusheng

God Bless your week ahead!(:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

today today

-Joel, Andrew, Xiang, Han, Raymond, Me-
Wowww....Today marks my 4th week with the SAF bands...
Began playing my instrument, which I'm not really good at it, learning theory, with blasts of information, building my foundation in the scales, pushing for 3 pull ups from 1 and 2...

'O' levels out this past week, with wow, everyone that I know taking 'o's doing so well, tHank GOd!

So many instruments that my other mate are good at , the percussion, the flute, the oboe, the trumpet....better get my trombone right before moving to the

This past thursday, Han, Xiang, Raymond, Andrew, Joel with myself, we were having dinner...dinner bfore ray returns back to the down-under.
Those were the days with this small group and few others, while adults are cell grouping and then side tracking into other things, We are playing hide and seek, campfire with people's doubledecker beds
With the dessert stall closed, Bubble tea was next option where I had to absent mindedly call the lady 'aunty' when she was like only 20! The real Aunty, the boss said jokingly, "later you call properly, or else your drink not nice ar"
walk walk walk, to my void deck, it's really beautiful that people can sit and talk. after one topic, then you link to something else with interjects from Xiang.

Thank God for the weeks that I had in camp, it's a been a struggle to spend time with HIM.
Think You get too comfortable when it's alittle more relaxed.

Wanting to Fly with HIM-

P.s: hope your week's going well, GOD bless(: