Saturday, September 29, 2007


While wriing the rest of my entries that I just place, I had the 'previlage' to witness my dad catch 2 cockroaches in my house. First at the cupboard at my kitchen sink, second in my Toliet! arhhhh, I pray that it doe not end up in my room, better do some cleaning before they breed(a reminder to clean my rom before school starts). But how come I fear them?My dad scared me with it?But God's here with me...I do kill it once or twice & i really pray hard la...I remind myself, what's a cockroach when God's here?(:

-to all people scared of cockroach, God's with us, I just pray that we become less afraid of it-

but when you ask for the courage, God might just make the occurances more often..hmmmm

Friday, September 28, 2007

Handprints-leaving your Mark on others

My first experiment with the paints on my hands
Many hands sprouted, can you guess where's my hand?There's another nice person's hand print somewhere there in the picture..
I started the ball rolling by painting my right hand, people painted my right hand, i dabbed people's hand and vice-versa of course.haha...great fun!The feeling of paint on your hands feels great..If there's was a person just taking pictures of our whole process, that would have been great! this is just the product of our fun time!Soon, everyone had paint on their hands!Arms, hmmm, few of them...Well, Joanna shared with us that I was like 'leaving' my mark on other people..Which i felt happy, cos I gave them a moment to remember of the session when I started dabbing people with paint! It's like us going about in our daily lives, we leave our marks on people that we meet. My question is do we want to leave a nice mark that encourages others to be blessed by you?Ready to do that(:

End of Art Therapy Workshop

Tuesday, 25 September 2007 marked the end of my 8 sessions of Art Therapy titled "The Art of Being"
I had a really good time just using the paint, my favourite is the paints!which i use every session..The music was 'umbrella' by Rihanna, wierd though, but we got into th thing, just took the brush, the paints and sat around a canvas that had no one yet to form groups of 3 -4.
Guess which one i painted with my 2 team mates(:

I said a Hello

I remember greeting an old man on Monday whom people don't greet him at all...want to know why?Because he's like covered with sores, Picture a man with lepeorsy..A hello from me could make his why not? It did make him say hello to me, bring a smile to his face(:
I shall talk to my neighbours more often,get to know them better...

Hahaha, my sister did that okayy. Not me(:
Wentworth Miller and Amanda;
Okay okay,
I was just daydreaming.
Back to reality.
Exams in 3 days and counting down, wish me all the luck and prayers and all (:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

- My maid smses me too! hahaha, she calls once every blue moon (: I miss her alot and she's called YAATI. hehehe, I used to be such an ass to her.

hahaha, ironically I'm down with a really bad cold and cough and what-nots.
:( my desk partner passed it to me, so we're sick together and we eat lozengeses together!
But i still love her of course. Hahaha, I haven't been having the same crazzy ass days but the unseen pressure's still being felt by all of us. Sleeping late, waking early, annoying lectures on exam formats... Seems so near yet so far.

On the bright side, I've got High School Musical 2 and Simpsons stored in the depths of my computer! Hahaha, I might watch it soon.. too tempting :)
And I've planned what to do after my crazy ass exams.
I'm going to bake and bake and bake and eat eat eat and play play play!!
(: Tab and I can bake stuffs like maybe for youth people's birthdays and crepes and nutella cupcakes and all other yummy stuffsssszz.

Doesn't that sound wonderful.

Well, that is if I last through my crazy ass exams which are so crazy assly near!! :(
But I guess I shouldn't worry and all cos God wouldn't want me to.
I'm sure!

Zai Jian!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Teacher's Mission

I received this encouraging text message from my friend, Wendy, on Teacher's Day..Thanks Wendy once again(:

was thinking of how to clear my handphone, so why not imprint this wise saying on my blog!(and i free a space of 1 sms on my phone,heh)

"To teach, is to touch lives forever. Happy Teacher's Day, my lovelies!(:"

The wise and meaningful things yo get in smses...Thank God for the people who encourage me..

Lani, MY DA Yi's Maid

Hi Jacob! This is Lanie, maid of ma'am irene. I'm going home already,2morrow 2b exact.Well wish u all d best in ur future&life,i'll miss i guys!u all hd been great.ill miss d food here as wel.give my regards 2ur family&hope 2 c u again!take care&GOD BLESS!

Got this message from my on the 15th Septemer 2007 at 19.04pm..
Lanie is gonna be missed by all of us...especially when we go over to my Da yi's house for chinese new year dinner or at ah ma house when she comes, or at our annual Safra Chalet that we have eveyr year.....Love our family domestic helpers(:

Friday, September 14, 2007

I had a really bad weeek :(
Tests and homework piling up everydayyyyy.
It's crazy ass killing me!
hahaha, anyway friday was a killer day.
Had a History test which you have to ans one [12m] and one [13m] question,
all in 40 stingy minutes!
hahahaha, it was crazy.
I wrote out like 2+ pages which probably was very intelligible. ( i think that means difficult to read)
yup, and thereafter was an english compre test.
after that, was bio which was crazy cos its about plants and if you know plants... they are sooo complicated.
hmm, yes and i had to copy alot of homework due to the fact that teachers tell us about last minute tests. and other teachers give us last min homework.


does that justify my copying thing??
well, whatever, it was more writing.
& my hand started to turn red.
and my head started throbbing as welll.
Then, i got a headache by the time it was Values Ed, but it was changed to Math cos we're so slowww. :(
More writing and thinking.

Stupid ass day.

But, i must say i did feel very accomplished (:

Now... wasn't that a long story?
hee hee.

Thanks for listening to me; lucky you cos u dont get to hear my whiny voice.


Thanks whoever who prayed for me!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

DAY 3 at Children Ministries' Conference

Well, this post was not done on the day I ended the conference. i shall reflect upon my 1st session today.

!st session: Creative Gospel Illusion
Speaker: Patrick Phoon with presentation from Darren Ho

Hmm, there were cool and interesting tricks what they did, such as the one with adding iodine into a beaker of water, which symbolised the sins in our lives, then using a cross which had 'anti-chlorine tablets', that with Jesus in our lives, he washed our sins and we are free! I felt that this was a very good way for children to understand the gospel mesage, and you can even use for dault, why not...the most important thing is that your focus is on the Gospel truth taht you want ot each in mind, the illusion is just a tool for you. i feel this illusions are like object lessons that compliment what you are doing for the main lesson in teaching the Gospel truths...the iodine experiment is quite a good one, but you can do it once i think....maybe this can be tool as outreach in places that you go, when you have children's special event.

2nd session: Developing Passionate & powerful Children Prayer Intercessors
Speaker: David Leong

David Leong has a nice session to be attending. There were tips on how to cultivate children as powerful prayer and intercessor. If we do this from young, then we are able to root their faith deeper. Children realised that their world are not just confine to Singapore, but people around the world. "Talking to daddy God"-keeping it simple for the children.Giving the childrne opportunities to pray. I should start it like this coming week or next week!

3rd session : Leading All-Age Family/Intergenerational Worship
Speaker: David Leong

I decided to sit in the front to make sure i am ale to concentrate better, kaisu la..haha. But the key to promote intergenrational worship is for the tall people to sit in front and the taller people[like myself(:] to sit at the corners of at the back...After that we had a song, 'Nothing, Nothing, Absolutely Nothing".....extremely fun to do, but a pity was that i didn't take a video of the actions, the next song was "Every Move i make" also high energy song, the adults were enjoying it. Well, you got to be careful about the song turning into a karaokae session...that would the last thing i want to happen..I got reminded that teachers need to 'WOW', me with my short term memory- i think it stands for 'worship', 'obedience', and the last one i really forgot...madness..What is the overall effectiveness of the intergenerational worship?hmmm...

Session 4: Leading children to Christ
Speaker: Winnie Phoon

There were lots of copying of slides, cos it's like quite important that you have a gained a learning point from the session. I'm so blessed, Winnie gave a copy of her dvd trainig material that she was intending to sell for 20 dollars free to me!Thank God! Before we set forth to bring in kids into our church, are our kids in church spiritually 'fit'?Are the children's ministry people 'spiritually fit'?Personally, I ahve to be sure! I would ahve to pray, assurance of salvation? The tips to brings a child to salvation was the word S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N, behind S-L-A-I-N, there is the word J-E-S-U-S...It's like a simpl[e but effective tool to convey the meaing of the gospel to the children.....


I thank God for the opportunity to attend the conference, to equip me with things i can do back at church....I hope i can do it..I believe with my team, We would continue to strive to serve children as though they were faces of Jesus, and I want to continue teh walk with God down this ROAD!Take care my readers(:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

DAY 2 at Children Minitries' Conference

Today, i made my self wake up earlier...yay!but I walked down 6 stories down my block, realised i didn't bring my wallet & glasses. So by thte time I took the train, it was about 8.05am. This time i looked out for the Queue at Bedok for bus 14, short queue, so the bus must have left, I will have to wait for a long time..I quickly went over to take 196 or 197....I was a little earlier, well 9.30am, so was in time for the devotion that started at 9am...The group from the City Harvert Children's Church led worship. There was this song,I think it went, "and forever i wil ...."It helped me remember about GOd being eternal for us..Thank GOD(:

Thank you Constance for reminding me that i should more on the things i wrote on my blog...Hmm, I think

Session 1: Creative Teaching & Curriculum
Speaker: Patrick Phoon
Adapting the Basic Framework of a Sunday School Curriculum was the objective of this workshop session. What were learning points in this workshop? The teaching methods the HBLT process, was very good and made sense. Apart from using God's Word, The Holy Bible as the main thing to share with children, we will hve to bring the truth to life, that is applying leraning points derive from the verses that we study.

Session 2: Clown & Puppets: they do mix
Speaker: June Previtt
Ms June was not there..hmm, strange...because StarBurst was there....well the confusing thing that I'm about to tell you is that StarBurst is June & June is StarBurst. When you are 'in-character', you are 'out-of-yourself' and 'into character'. That's the amazing..Don't ruin it for the children, this is about "The reality and illusion". Seeing the clown, I wonder, will I be able to do that? I got to try right?
-Finding the Hidden Clown in you-

Session 3: Growing you Children's Ministry
Speaker: Eileen Toh

This lady is from City Harvest Church..we had a worship session before we started. I think that was good in a way she makes it a point to have worship before we go into worship, very different from the other speakers so far, different personalities. P. Eileen was introducing to us that vistation to te children on a weekly basis had helped in growing the children's church!
The thing i could do now is to know my children better, and the older ones, get their MSN and talk to them about spiritual things, encouraging them. That would be a good start at least....

Session 4: Creative Object Lessons
Speaker: Patrick Phoon

For te last woorshop today, I decided to sit in front, way in front...Using objects to teach biblical truths and the lessons behind those objects. Uncle Patrick used simploe things like an unsharpened pencil, 2 people facing each other, and one person holds on to the pencil above the other person's head. that person with the pencil had to drop it and the person had to catch it. Te lesson was about God knowing our strengths & weaknesses & with Jesus, he will remove our doubts & catch it with connfidence. That was 1 of the examples th he gave...hmm , but for this one i still odn't quite understnad...maybe i will ask him again tomrrow..This workshop is interesting in a way that we use daily objects to teach biblical truths. The main thing is the turth, not the object....Must remember that. Finally , we broker into groups, then i got to know other people from other churches(though did't ask for their churches though). Another learning point was that to work as a team is better in coming up with the ideas for out objects to use...which is quite true. IWth one person, you can only do so much, wouldn't it be better that a dedicated team of people came together, communicated with one another and did it?
I have to learn about that.
After the conference, i went to Parkway Parade to meet Constance's mum, who is the overseeer for the children's ministry at World Revival Prayer Fellowship church. Was telling her my plans, wanted her to know, and ask her for any feedback that she had regarding my plans....Things to prepare tomrrow for sunday!

Will make an effort to be early,(giving respect to God & yourself too), take pictures with the speakers! perhaps buy something that will benefit the children's minitstry at my church!

- This is the Day that the Lord Made- (:

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

DAY 1 at Children Ministries' Conference 2007

I had the honour of attending the annual children Minitries' Conference at Emmauel Asssembly of God at Upper East Coast Road....So far away! Then i woke up too late, like at 7.45am, I think i will sleep earlier tonight and wake up on the 1st time i wake up because i tend to go back to 'rest' for a while more before finally waking up...ok, i will do that tomrrow morning. Referred to the public transport book that i had at home to make my way there...the Nearer bus stop had bus service 14 from Bedok interchange....I waited, apparently, 14 just left...and I did not courageously go and take buses 197 0r 196 that will alight me further away, but i think that would have been faster...why? Because i counted FOUR 196s came, then bus 14 came....maybe i too kan choing, was late on my first day of conference....

Got there....quite a tall building, 4 stories, I think talking about my church, Moulmein Church Of Christ, when the building wil be rebuilt, i think it will look something like this Emmanuel Assembly of God Church Building.

First session -Opening the Bible with Children in Life-Changing Ways
Speaker: Patrick Phoon from Scripture Union
I think i lost the 1st 10 minutes of this talk, it was teaching the children about how to read the bible, like readng it more often, not forced but children really want to do it...The very conference way, we were given NOTES, and additional things to take down too..It's how to encourage the children to read the bible? there's was this abbreveation- EAR, Encourage your child, Assist your cihld & Respond to your child. At the back of my brain, there was this thought about the speaker trying to tell us that you can get this book and that book, perhaps the books really helped him, that's why.....well i think the books do look helpful, have not gone to check it out yet.

There were many stalls that were seeling things, puppets to books to curriculum....quite cool, but pricy, so i thin i will get one, but will have to decide which one i would like to get.

Second session- Kids EE- Evangelisim by Kids Anytime....Anywhere...
Speaker: Winnie Phoon
I didn't realise that this is the wife of the 1st speaker, until she referred to the speaker as 'my husband' and further more 'dear' haha....she's like quite a motivational speaker, tleling us the harsh realities of the world, what is happening in the south east Asian nations....lots of children being sold to the Sex industry, i gasp....but that was a true fact, that's quite sad though. the 2nd half of it was this speaker, forogt her name though....Kids EE stands for Evangelism Explosion. so it's a 14 unit class that their church teaches, using simple crafts and stories for our cuhrch kids to understand and they can explain it to their friends too. she covered 2 of the 14 units...A little confusing becasue i ran out for 3 misnutes to find Xiang who came from her school, Jurong Junior College(JJC)

Xiang was like calling me, i couldn't answer the phone, sorry Xiang, , i was sitting right in front, not very nice to take out phone, disrespectful i think.I ran out and she was there alrady, thuoght she lost her

Third session- Finding the Clown in You
Speaker: June Previtt
Clowns galore....quite cool, this lady had a character, 'StarBurst, her personal character taht she personally knew..that's about finding your personal clown in yourself. StarBurst had an age, 6years old. so you need to keep all the details in mind, who is this character that you take up? There are like 3 types that were in the notes. (1) WhiteFace (2) Aguste (3)Tramp. The Tramp is the hardest to do...was giggling to myself, sounded like tramps as in mistresses...haha, wanted to volunteer for her to paint my face, but not brave sia...wah piang, once in how many chances do you get this...i shall be more gun ho in the days to come, will sit in front and listen more attentively....Then i didn't take pictures!Arhhhh, am bringing my camera tomrrow....quite technical but i mange to talk to her at teh end, her clothes for StarBurst were so pretty,it's white shirt that was dyed and decorated shoes were pretty(handmade too).and she shared about her experiences in like not wanting people to have a fear of clowns, you can play with bubbles in the courtyard before going in, don't force them to like you, might scare them further....
-Finding the Inner Clown in you-

4th session: Giant Puppets for stage & Street
Speaker: Dave Previtt

This guy is really good with his construction work....June, his wife said, " it's really scary, whatever he can think of, he can make."Cool.Dave made this fish for the story Jonah & the big fish....that's the only one so far, but it's cool. The point was to inspire the kids, like something that they will remember even after they grow up when they rethink of their childhood, something significant to them....many materials to use...not very. Using the giant puppets to put it on the streets, like a parade, which we don't usually have here....huge flags that they use...

Was jsut thinking of my close lecturer words, Geraldine about American lecturers' notes are not as important as what they are speaking...which was quite true...notes were like ok, what they had to share was like 'cool!' Didn't mange to take many picture with a flat phone, not brave enough again! I had to opportunity to talk to him after class, so helpful, it's like he had lots to share and wanted to tell the whole world about this great thing he had. he had this belief about using what God blessed you with to bless others...i think that was the phrase...

Tomorrow is DAY 2...shall bring my camera, be thick-skinned a bit and pray that whatever choices i picked for conference will speak to me in deeper words!(:

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Reflections of the art therapy class & me starting working at The Caterpillar's Cove

This 2 days i had started work at The Caterpillar's Cove...It's really fulfilling that i interact with the children, It's a 'previlage' from God to be given the opportunity to work there. I love the children, the children never fail to express their affection for you. The challenge is to perform as a teacher, as in, you just completed Field Practicum(FP), so i think I should be more alert as a teacher to inspire the children.....

Am having Art therapy workshop, I think it's titled "The Art of Being", Being in the sense of coming to terms with who you really are, weaknesses, strengths.....i love the paints, i usually use crayons, soft pastels which are chalk material in a square rod.

Today, Joanna the instructor let us draw a 'MADANLA', mapping about the centre of your life, your joy, your greatest disappointment, your motivation, your epitagh, which meant how would you want people to remember you after you die? The founder of psychology, Karl Young i think, that's the name did 1 of these everyday...which was very meaningful, you think through what are you going through, what have you done,what do you intend to do after this....

So i was drawing....My friends that i made there are like so profoundly wise....the pictures, meaning....I'm very amazed at the way we used different things to symbolise the things....want to learn more and express how we feel with the group, trusting one another with secrets or weaknesses that we will portray in the paintings.

ThenAfter, we were asked to look at out MANDALA, choose something form there &use clay, air-dry clay i think, to make something which symbolises that thing i identified fomr the MANDALA...i made many things...Wonder should I take pictures...Maybe i should...

AT this point when M(coded to protect the person's interest), my another friend shared in class, -"the greatest joy is also greatest disappointment."-
quite true...
the concluding phrase was -"with the disappointment, the joy is much greater"-

When my friend, Farhana ask me what i learnt from class today, it's like i have some difficulty to retell her what learnt, every session i discover something, it's like finding treasure..I should write out more explicitly what are the significant things that happen on my notebook, so i can reflect on it and learn more so I can benefit others too.

Today's main tagline was, "1 Thing that i learnt from today's session is __________", give a 1 word answer. i shared honesty. I went on to explaining. I felt that in a group, you shre weaknesses, you want people to know who you are, you wnat yourself to come to terms with what you are facing....then we can do somethiinga bout it, overcome it, rather then put a facade on and you just wasted your time at the art-therapy session....There's a journal that i need to write too...i shall go write it now, a little i will write after class& talk with Joanna more!

At the end of the day, i left the Cove (worked there after my art-thearpy class) to make my way home....walked to the bus stop, and i met Natasha & Uncle Wee, Tasha's Daddy...such a heart warming sight to see them together...Natasha's smile really makes you want to smile too?haha, Wonder if i could take a picture of them...
-perhaps i should be more alert about these things-(:

Monday, September 3, 2007

Greetings to my Dear Adminstrator

I shall add this in for my administrator...Thank God for the administrator for this blog (:

Congrats you, who finally blogged! (: so I shall too.

Well, I must say, it was a hella-of a bad hair day (: most of our hairstyles are just.. weird right?

hehehe, but 3e's still having fun being mad scientists.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

My DIm Sum Lunch with my cousins, Ah Ma, Da Yi, Big Uncle & Big Uncle's wife and my MUM!

This is what happens when you get too excited ordering, the waitress will get confused. I think we came in a throng, so the resturant had a board meeting to make sure that they blacklist my cousins and I who are famous for making buffet places lose money! haha
Hmmm....1 set = 3 egg tarts so if you tell the lady,"Hi Miss, ke yi gei wo shi long dan tar ma?" which directly means 10 sets of egg tarts, that gives you 30 egg tarts!
15 people at the table, 1 GuilingGao(powder from the turtle's shell) for a person plus additional servings for exciting people like myself....makes about 18 bowls! these are just some of the bowls