Sunday, April 15, 2007

this is so deaddd.

anyway i think tab's song on her blog's really nice

What if I took my time to love you?
What if I put no one above you?
What if I did the things
That really mattered?
What if I ran throughHoops of disaster?
No one would care if
We never made it
We're in this alone
So why don't we face it
There is no room to
Blame one another
We just need time toForgive each other
What about love?
What about feeling?
What about all the things that make life worth living?
What about faith?
What about trust?
And tell me baby...what about us?
How can I give this
Love a new beginning?
How can I stop the rain?
It's never ending
How do I keep my soul believing?
Memories of how we
Should be keep calling
I'll take the rivers rise
I'll take the happy times
I'll take the moments of disaster

the lyrics are amazing(:
but i keep wondering if its a love song or christian song :/
go listen :D