Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Church Camp :D

Our speaker was really good, so i'll share some of what he shared to us at the camp (:
actually i didnt really take notes, the ones i wrote got lost along the way and so i'll try my best to recall! He has this ability to capture peoples' attentions for a long while with his speech and includes people of all ages.. quite cool :p

first lesson; at the ballroom (nite)

main thing he was talking about was CHILDREN.
the example he used was that if 30,000 people were killed every hour, in america or britain or wherever, everyone would do everything to try to stop the killings. BUT, what about if 30,000 children were dying of starvation every hour, would EVERYONE try their best to stop it?
its happening right now, but has this starvation among african children or poverty-stricken countries stopped? there are people who are helping, but how many actually are doing something about it?

the answer, although people will not like it, is that we aren't INTERESTED.
there's no interest, why?
a few points he said was that children aren't adults
they cant vote yet, they are not the ones who maintain the economic status of the countries..
stuff like that..

i think im forgetting what he said already :/

and he brought up this time when he asked the church(i think) a trick question.
in the bible, where was the only time where it was mentioned Jesus was irate?
it was actually the time when he saw his disciples were pushing away the children.

Don also said that you cant be like ' I don't do children'
because it would indirectly mean you don't do God.
he mentioned it was kinda like a package deal.

so, the lesson ended by thinking of ways where u could encourage or take time to get to know the children in church or wherever. Then, they would know that you care.

i think thats about it, cos thats all i remember :p

I'm trying to recall the rest..
just wait and see :D